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Zec 12:6
In that day will I make the governors
of Judah like an hearth of fire among
the wood, and like a torch of fire in a
sheaf; and they shall devour all the
people round about, on the right
hand and on the left: and Jerusalem
shall be inhabited again in her own
place, [even] in Jerusalem.

In that day
[03117] yowm
will I make
[07760] suwm
the governors
[0441] alluwph
of Judah
[03063] Y@huwdah
like an hearth
[03595] kiyowr
of fire
[0784] esh
among the wood,
[06086] ets
and like a torch
[03940] lappiyd
of fire
[0784] esh
in a sheaf;
[05995] amiyr
and they shall devour
[0398] akal
all the people
[05971] am
round about,
[05439] cabiyb
on the right hand
[03225] yamiyn
and on the left:
[08040] s@mo'wl
and Jerusalem
[03389] Y@ruwshalaim
shall be inhabited
[03427] yashab
again in her own place, [even] in Jerusalem.
[03389] Y@ruwshalaim

Verse 6 reiterates how the "governors-alluwph"
(princes/dukes/gentlemen/CHRISTIANS) or
Jerusalem will be the instrument of judgement.
WHY? Because Christians are the ones who are
intended for the worldwide final solution and
slaughter. While physical national secular
Israel is despised and targeted for doom in
the screwed up world today, it is really a
spiritual condition related to Christ, his
blood relatives in the Jews, and spiritual
blood relatives in the Christians.

The blood relatives as Jewish blood, is ISRAEL,
and the spiritual blood is JUDAH. This is a
VITAL key in Zechariah, and one of the
most important subtleties.

Jews have always been hated because of
God's promises and the jealousy of the
nations for having the power that they
were imbued with. Christians have Christ's
immortal bloodline, and it is now we who
are his ambassadors and heirs to the world,
and who are being slaughtered in the Eastern
nations and African continent. It has begun
hundreds of years ago, but, picked up
momentum in the period of WWII and
afterwards. This is WWIII in every respect,
the only difference being that now the
allied nations represented by the UNITED
NATIONS are led by a confederation who
have plans for this "enlightenment" which
intend to finally eliminate Christ through
his followers. They believe that after we're
murdered and beheaded, they can then
forge ahead with their nightmare of
world slavery, even to the point of planting
robotic chips in people's heads, to control
them to the point of utter abomination
and confusion to the species.

This isn't going to succeed, not merely
because Christ will be a presence, but,
long before he sets foot on the planet
again, he will empower us. We will have
the sword of vengeance, and the world's
diabolical plan will be foiled by their
utter failure to recognize what we
represent. He will not only not allow
them to kill us in masses, but, the
world's destruction and their eternal
damnation will pivot on our role in
the judgment.

We should not apologize for a thing
like we are expected to do as Christians.
I hear so many preachers, even Billy
Graham make magnanimous excuses
for infidelity. I've heard Graham make
statements that Jews do not need to
even accept Christ as their Messiah.

Of course, in the ecumenical commands
of the one-world confederacy of the
antichrist, this plays nicely. Neutralize
even the most successful evangelist,
turning their authority into a means to
shut out millions of souls from the
kingdom, instead of imploring them
to embrace their Messiah, and for the
Islamic world to repent and stop
persecuting Jews and Christians,
along with women and children,
gays and all the poor souls suffering
the misery of their tyranny and evil.

Forget about us being the lame and
ineffective shrinking violets. WE ARE TO

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Lexicon Results for kiyowr (Strong's H3595)
Hebrew for H3595




kē·yore' (Key)

Part of Speech

masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

from the same as H3564

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

1) pot, basin, laver, pan

a) pot, caldron

b) fire-pot, brazier

c) basin, laver

d) platform, stage

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 23
AVlaver 20, scaffold 1, pan 1, hearth 1

Hearth as a laver/basin/container is used in
a powerful metaphor. This isn't just bombs
dropping. Jerusalem, this small region, is
like a cup of fire, where all the world will
be dropped into to be singed.

This word is exactly the same as the basin
where the burnt offerings of the ancient
temple were presented to God. Only now
do those archaic early rituals begin to have
their meaning in understanding the power
and purpose of God. These are directly
derivative of the early ritual Levitical

Exd 30:28 And the altar of burnt offering
with all his vessels , and the laver 03595
and his foot

Exd 38:8 And he made the laver 03595 [of] brass ,
and the foot of it [of] brass , of the lookingglasses
of [the women] assembling , which assembled
[at] the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

Notice how the altar and laver was made of
BRASS, and like other temple items, brass
has it's symbolic level of meaning. BRASS
is always used to represent JUDGEMENT
in biblical terms, and this prophecy of the
ultimate firey judgement, being linear to the
original Mosaic temple, truly brings it back
full circle to the mystery of our original

Fire (esh) always has a dual meaning of
both literal fire and judgment, or of
spiritual epiphany, and supernatural

Lexicon Results for 'esh (Strong's H784)
Hebrew for H784




āsh (Key)

Part of Speech

feminine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

a primitive word

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

1) fire

a) fire, flames

b) supernatural fire (accompanying theophany)

c) fire (for cooking, roasting, parching)

d) altar-fire

e) God's anger (fig.)

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 379
AVfire 373, burning 1, fiery 1, untranslated variant 1, fire + 0800 1, flaming 1, hot 1


Here are some alternate deeply spiritual uses
of fire:

Exd 3:2 And the angel of the LORD appeared
unto him in a flame of fire 0784 out of the midst
of a bush : and he looked , and, behold, the bush
burned with fire , and the bush[was] not consumed .

WE are to be the proxy for Christ, the Angel
of the LORD, who appeared to Moses, in this
role of representing Judah as its' PRINCES

Exd 9:23 And Moses stretched forth his rod
toward heaven : and the LORD sent thunder
and hail , and the fire 0784 ran along upon the
ground ; and the LORD rained hail upon the
land of Egypt

Christ refers to the world to St. John, the Beloved,
in the Book of Revelation, as EGYPT and SODOM,
both who are pronounced to be judged by fire.

In Zechariah, we are the instruments and vehicle
of destruction, the way Moses was to Egypt.

Exd 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day
in a pillar of a cloud , to lead them the way ; and by night
in a pillar of fire 0784, to give them light ; to go by day
and night :

Consider the complexity of this word fire - ESH.
It has many nuances and meaning, but, most
significantly is the importance of fire, in all forms.
God himself has manifested and disguised himself
in a form which symbolizes his awesome presence
in fire, and even the pre-incarnate Christ, who is
the Angel of the LORD, appeared to Moses in
the burning bush.

We are given that light and that power of illunination,
destruction, and even salvation. We will judge the
angels, meaning the fallen angels, and have power
over them. We are not weak in God, but, powerful.
The world may have devalued and corrupted
Christianity. Vain church fathers may have
embraced traditions and customs which weakened
the core, and even vanquished the essence of
salvation, but, the real power comes from God
to any who seize hold of Christ and obey HIS
COMMANDMENTS! This is a promise of God,
and here, he reveals HIS glory and strength
not only through his SON, Jesus Christ, but
through the firstfruits of Christ, the inheritors
of Jerusalem.

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