Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prayer for the vulnerable

Eek. It's the hottest day of the long hot winter
in Florida, with humidity at 110%, ok maybe
not that high, but, I am covered in sweat, and
I have the air on full blast, two fans, and light
clothing. There's a major power outage throughout
South Florida, and my heart goes out to the
4 million people suffering in this sweltering
swampy heat. I am so grateful that we were
spared, and I am very worried that this is

The Turkey Creek Nuclear Plant is shut off
and that's a real concern, because things can
go wrong with it going back up, especially
if it was sabotaged.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray for
all those in harm's way, especially the
elderly and sick who are now plunged
into darkness and heat. Sustain them
and have the technicians bring up the
power with speed. I pray that the children
in schools will get home safely, and that
no fatalities are due to the massive
traffic and confusion on the roads.

If this is terrorism, I pray that it is
flushed out by Homeland Security, and
that you deal with the terrorists, personally.

Since there is a ceiling of black on the
bright blue sky, I pray that any tornados
will elude human habitation, and no
people or animals suffer.

My heart and soul feels burdened with
the unexpected suffering of millions
right now. While I am comfortable and
without complaint, I pray that the outage
doesn't extend any further west to us,
and that the tornadoes elude us.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our LORD,

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