Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drugs are not all bad

I love hardcore. NOT THAT HARDCORE!
I love Hydroxycut Hardcore. I researched
which diet supplement would be the same
as the old ephedra standbys that fueled me
for the 90s, until they were outlawed.
Hardcore came the closest, and it was like
an old friend. I feel like running and
jumping. Not an ache and pain, or any
fatigue. it's 9:00 pm and I'm still pumped.

I needed something to get me through my
workouts. One of the worst side effects of
RDS and Fibromyalgia that is ubiquitous
with spinal chord damage is the fatigue.
7 months ago, a good day would be when
I could shower, brush my teeth and get
dressed with energy to go out for an hour.

With 34 pounds off my body and no stopping
me, I am now in possession of the key to
life. OK, that's Christ. Sorry LORD.

I know it seems hypocritical of me to constantly
preach and exhort spirit over flesh and then
be working diligently to get fit, but, the body
is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I've forced
Him to live in a slovenly heap.

Thank you LORD for ephedra, the elixer of
life. LOL- I'm joking of course, but, to feel
energy again, is a miracle.

I can't wait to go to Gold's Gym. While it
will be a heartache to not be able to pump
iron again, since weights are completely
off limits, I can't wait to get on the elliptical
and recumbant bikes. I want a spinning class
too! They have the best spinning classes
at Gold's. The fact that I can go back into
the gym is a dream come true. Last year
at this time, I worried that I'd be in a wheel
chair before long. Now I feel like I can conquer
my physical disability.

I can't wait to work again. While I may never
be able to work in healthcare, I hope I can
get strong enough to make a difference through
volunteer work with people in need, as well as
pursue my opportunity to be a jewelry designer.

I have to constantly give thanks to God for such
unexpected miracles. I hope I never give up hope
for we have the secret to eternal life in Jesus
Christ. Thanks so much Lord for giving me
back some life. I have every reason to believe
that by the summer, I'll be back to my petite
body, and with workouts on my legs and butt,
I know I'll feel like an attractive person again.
I already feel human again.

It's such a paradox of desires: To want Christ
above everything else, but, to still want to
participate in Earth's normal activities. I
know that's what is normal, and He wants us
to be involved with other people as beacons
and ambassadors of New Jerusalem.

Anyway, I'm not looking a gift horse in the
mouth. I'm so happy to find a diet product
that kicks! I needed the fuel. Now, I feel
like I can conquer my middle-aged spread
and turn back the clock on my metabolism.
Whew. I am stoked. I hope I can sleep
tonight, or in the next 24 hours, but, it
doesn't matter. Having energy infused into
this blah inert frame is like a blood transfusion
and a gift from God.

Thank you, thank you Jesus! (I realize Jesus
didn't make Hydroxycut.)

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