Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am proud to be a citizen of Jerusalem

Zec 12:3
And in that day will I make Jerusalem
a burdensome stone for all people:
all that burden themselves with it
shall be cut in pieces, though all the
people of the earth be gathered
together against it.

This verse is translated perfectly, so I am
skipping the harmony of the Hebrew
comparisons. Burden is used for emphasis
both in adjective for a cutting sharp
stone, and in the burden that the world
faces due to their hatred and intolerance'
of Christians and jews, most blatantly
symbolized by Christ's signature city
of Jerusalem.

This verse is strictly fashioned for our
era. Today the maniacal leader of Iran
reiterated his vow to wipe out Israel.
This is the pledge of Islam, not to honor
Allah or their god, but, to wipe the Jews
Hindus, Buddhists and Christians off the
face of the Earth, the Jews and Christians

Having a shill Muslim President with an agenda
would certainly fit in nicely with the bold
vows of Ahmidinajab and the other mullahs
and terrorist leaders calling for our heads
to be hacked off. Isn't that the way the
antichrist handles those who will not
renounce Christ to accept the mark of the
beast in the Book of Revelations?

It's certainly at our front door, and
depending on whether this guy with the
Islamic name, who came from nowhere,
with no background or experience, can
sweep into the Presidency... we may be
easily facing the last 3.5 years. This is
the length of his honeymood period
of acting like a man of peace and a lamb.
That's what the antichrist does for the
first 3.5 years, bring people together,
act like a man of peace, etc., then it
falls apart and he makes Hitler look
like Albert Schweitzer.

If Obama's ARROGANT and horrible
wife has the unmitigated
hubris to exclaim that she had
no reason to have pride in America,
a place that gave her the opportunity
to reach her full potential as a female
and woman of color, then, how deeply
they must really despise the core
American values.... Yet, the groupies
cheer and follow blindly.

People swoon when this rock star with
the Islamic name speaks. Why? Because
he's cute and has good speech writers,
NOT because he's accomplished or will
lead us into a secure future. We get the
leaders we deserve. The future is scarier
than ever, except the worse it gets here,
the better it is for those of us whose eyes
are on the skies.

There is a stone in Jerusalem which will
crush this world system in the end and all
the world will fight against New Jerusalem
when she comes, yet they will never prevail.
We know this so we must accept our victory
in advance and try not to stress out about
ignorant mortals like the semi-black wife
of a propped up politician poised to speak for
the beast. We have to accept what this
insulting woman says because she is
half-black and we are no longer allowed
to violate political correctness without
being called racist, yet she can utter
blatantly racist crap about America being
a country she is ashamed of. It figures. I'm
disgusted but hopeful that this has two-sides.
With the end of America and the free world,
and with the treachory of an Islamic sympathizer
in office, we will see the glory of Christ
coming possibly less than 4 years, the
time of nearly one term of his ridiculous
presidency, if it comes to that. I still can't
believe people would be utterly blinded
and vote for this guy without one single
ounce of experience just because he's
movie star cute and half-black and because
his wife hates America, so that's what
the left really loves hearing. If they win,
something is so wrong imo.

We're here in history and we should be
exhilerated. Paul and Peter longed for
our day and they are with us in spirit.
We need to hold on to the words of
Zechariah when he encourages us with
the vision of the future we're inheriting.

Although there will be tribulation, every
weapon formed or aimed at Israel will
be met with seven times the destruction
back at the enemies of Jerusalem.

To be an enemy of Jerusalem is not just to fight
for the Palestinian cause, and believe me,
I am sympathetic to them because they're
oppressed, but, the real agenda is to
eliminate all traces of the Jew, Jesus
Christ, and eradicate his seed from the
Earth. There are Palestinians whose eyes
will see the LORD and they will praise
him, unlike the way of the western
world which is being indoctrinated to
simply hate all Christians and Jews.

Halleluyah for this verse, and as I watched
that infuriating arrogant candidates wife
speak great bold words against a free
nation where people are given opportunities
found nowhere else on Earth, it is easier for
me to recognize the spirit of who may be
behind her words and her husband's
sweep into the leadership of the most
powerful country in the world, and finally,
form a coalition of globalization with
those who hate Christians, Jews and

All I can do when faced with these grievously
sad things is remember these hopeful words:

Zec 12:3
And in that day will I make Jerusalem'
;a burdensome stone for all people:
all that burden themselves with it
shall be cut in pieces, though all the
people of the earth be gathered
together against it.

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