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Zechariah 12-14

Zec 12:1The burden of the word of the LORD
for Israel, saith the LORD, which
stretcheth forth the heavens, and
layeth the foundation of the earth,
and formeth the spirit of man within him.

Lexicon Results for massa' (Strong's H4853)
Hebrew for H4853




mas·sä' (Key)

Part of Speech

masculine noun
proper masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

from H5375

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

n m

1) load, bearing, tribute, burden, lifting

a) load, burden

b) lifting, uplifting, that to which the soul lifts itself up

c) bearing, carrying

d) tribute, that which is carried or brought or borne

2) utterance, oracle, burden


I always get jazzed over certain words
when I go indepth and decipher them.
Tonight 'massa' jumped out at me.

Burden is used conventionally to imply
workload, but not as drudgery or a
slavery sense. It is used to convey essential
work, like that of a priest and prophet,
as well as physical or intellectual and
emotional labor. It is implied duty and
responsibility as well as privilege and
purpose. In context with God's Word,
it is literally his utterance, like the
first utterance, from which our Universe,
our World and our own existences
emerged and are connected with.
Zechariah deliberately implies this
original meaning in "massa" as
divine purposeful utterance, more than our
concept of "burden" as in trouble,
or workload.

So when Zechariah states the "burden
of the word of the Lord" it is a curious
and unusual statement because usually
burden is associated with a specific
office. By using this phrase, he is
establishing its incontrovertible design.
This will be done because it is His Will,
it is His purpose and Plan for the ages.

The burden

[04853] massa
of the word

[01697] dabar
of the LORD

[03068] Y@hovah
for Israel,

[03478] Yisra'el
[05002] n@'um

the LORD,

[03068] Y@hovah
which stretcheth

[05186] natah

forth the heavens,

[08064] shamayim
and layeth the foundation

[03245] yacad

of the earth,

[0776] erets
and formeth

[03335] yatsar

the spirit

[07307] ruwach
of man

[0120] adam
[07130] qereb

I find it fascinating to study this opening
paragraph because it not only establishes
God's authorized WORD, but reminds the
reader of His omnipotence and authority.

We may recoil at the images of destruction
within Zechariah 12-14, but, it contains the
paradox of hope within it's terrifying and
dreadful images of destruction.

From the first paragraph, it reiterates
the genesis of order: (In the beginning
was the WORD and the WORD was with
God and the WORD was God)...

This is the burden of the word for Israel,
it's purpose and plan, which was stated
from the first book to the final book of
Revelation, no matter what the order
of our canon... the order is in the universe
and we are mystically connected to these
words, and once connected, we are
empowered by their power and truth.

It is God who formed the heavens and
laid the foundation of Earth, and it is
God who created man in his image for
His glory, lest we forget.

We're living in an age which is seeking
to eliminate all discussion about the
prime mover of Creation. The powers
that be act like evolution is scientifically
irrufutable and the allegory of Creation
from God's breath is indefensible as
nonsense. We who know God know they
are blind and that professing to be wise
they are fools because there is not and
has never been any proof of evolution
apart from God's design.

For some reason, this omnipotence of
Almighty God has always bothered those
who are carnal, and comforted those who
are spiritual. Christ phrased it accordingly,
for he said that those of spiritual darkness
cannot bear the light, and to remind the
reader of God's authority, Zechariah
sums up all with God's signature. He is.
He created the heavens, the Earth and
all who exist. It is his plan to make Zion
a stumblingblock for all nations to
accomplish HIS Plan, which was his
plan from the beginning of time.

It is God who gave man the spirit
(breath) of life. It is his to remove.
He is the life. It is HIS breath.
The Holy Spirit is the breath of life,

This opening paragraph gives hope
to those who rejoice in God's promise
to provide us with eternal life, but,
this entire chapter will enrage the
non-believer for it signifies the end
of man's sovereignty and abuse of
this planet. As kings, men have subjugated
and slaughtered all life-forms, bringing
everything, even the climate under
his submission, destroying everything
in his paths...

In Rev.9, the devil is given the code name
as Abadden, or the Destroyer, yet that
is the way mankind has behaved and
how men in their greed and lust have
destroyed women, animals, the Earth,
air, water, and all living creatures
when he was told to be a good husbandman
and keeper of the Earth. Instead, there's
a few men who control billions and
the suffering of the masses is
incomprehensible. The suffering of
animals is even louder to the compassionate
ears of God.


We were made in God's image, not to
treat the smaller creatures with treachory
and cruelty. We were not made for celebrity
prostitutes like Paris Hilton and Lindsay
Lohan to lead a generation of young girls
astray and into Hell and destruction,
to be subjugated and then cast off.
I can just see both Lohan and Hilton
in 10 years as they're treated like jokes,
like Pam Anderson at 40....

They at least have money and can laugh it
off. What about the generation of young
whores they are seducing? They are truly
and literally demonic. Look at the other
role models saturating the culture and
undermining the souls and minds of
this last generation. They are not merely
godless, but, truly truly soulless, catering
to a world conspiracy machine which
is constructed to make men disposable,
even more than they already are...

Women are already disposable by my age.
I laugh about it now, because I don't care
and know that I have a better hope than
this body and face, but, what about those
poor wretches who find themselves losing
the battle of time. The women who go into
debt to build pornographic bodies and faces
at 45... they are chasing demons and there
is no hope for them.

In God, there is eternal life. In Christ's
kingdom, there is a fountain of life that
proceeds from his throne, LITERALLY!
The water of life will be a real waterway,
and the Dead Sea will be healed, and the
TREE OF LIFE will be planted on each
side of the river. Each year, delegates
from each nation on Earth will come up
to Jerusalem to pay spiritual homage and
will receive leaves of the tree to heal their

Even neater, every month, the tree produces
different fruit. This is what we should be
developing in ourselves, this spiritual
connection to God and His kingdom, not
prostitution, pornography and greed.
Yet, the latter is what the world seems
to honor the most, and they do it

That's why the rest of the prophecy is
immutable and was pronounced hundreds
of years before Christ, and continues to
resonate stronger each year, especially for
us, because it can apply to our own sociopolitical
world as it really is today, unlike it was in
the Middle Ages or even 100 years ago!

It is coming, and we need to now turn away
from the darkness of man's creed to turn on
God's word. It's purpose is to give us life.

One of my favorite biblical Hebrew words
and studies has always been "Ruwach"
the word synonymous with life, breath
and spirit.

Hebrew for H7307




rü'·akh (Key)

Part of Speech

feminine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

from H7306

TWOT Reference

Outline of Biblical Usage

1) wind, breath, mind, spirit

a) breath

b) wind

1) of heaven

2) quarter (of wind), side

3) breath of air

4) air, gas

5) vain, empty thing

c) spirit (as that which breathes quickly in animation or agitation)

1) spirit, animation, vivacity, vigour

2) courage

3) temper, anger

4) impatience, patience

5) spirit, disposition (as troubled, bitter, discontented)

6) disposition (of various kinds), unaccountable or uncontrollable impulse

7) prophetic spirit

d) spirit (of the living, breathing being in man and animals)

1) as gift, preserved by God, God's spirit, departing at death, disembodied being

e) spirit (as seat of emotion)

1) desire

2) sorrow, trouble

f) spirit

1) as seat or organ of mental acts

2) rarely of the will

3) as seat especially of moral character

g) Spirit of God, the third person of the triune God, the Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal with the Father and the Son

1) as inspiring ecstatic state of prophecy

2) as impelling prophet to utter instruction or warning

3) imparting warlike energy and executive and administrative power

4) as endowing men with various gifts

5) as energy of life

6) as manifest in the Shekinah glory

7) never referred to as a depersonalised force

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 378

AVSpirit or spirit 232, wind 92, breath 27, side 6, mind 5, blast 4, vain 2, air 1, anger 1, cool 1, courage 1, misc 6

It is first used in Gen.1:2

Gen 1:2 And the earth was without form , and void ;
and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit ruwach of God Elohim moved upon
the face of the waters.

From the beginning, it was the breath/Spirit/Life
of God (Elohim) which stirred existence. This is
the message in the first paragraph of Zech 12
reiterated. It is God's utterance of the WORD
and the world into being, HIS SPIRIT and
breath which created man and all that is.
It is all HIM.

I always appreciate the first references to
God as in the plural, Elohim, the "im"
is the Hebrew suffix for multiples. When
God makes man, he makes him like
"THEM" or "US" not singular. This
establishes the Godhead from the first
words and lays the foundation for
our PLAN of salvation in Christ for
He is the physical manifestation of
God, the Father, and Holy Spirit,

It is through Christ which we are delivered
into life eternal. It is through Israel that
God accomplishes his plan of redemption
and tests the Earth.

His day is coming. The judgment is dreadful
and terrifying. Even now with all our deep
yearning for Him and to see Him return,
there is a natural dread of things like are
described to occur to those who oppose
Israel, because it truly sounds like a nuclear
war with everything disintegrating in a
flash of fire and in Revelation, it's even
more vivid with the survivors moaning
about envying the dead....

We have so much to rejoice in when we accept
the Lord's gracious gift of salvation in Christ,
but, there is always two sides to each aspect
of prophetic verse. If we feel pity towards
those who are doomed to suffer or perish in such
a horrendous manner, how much deeper is
God's distress, for he desired for all men to
grab hold of Christ's hem of salvation to
escape the wrath to come. It is our choice
but that choice is becoming harder to
obtain with the world being indoctrinated
against all that is holy, true, good and
geared towards pleasing and worshipping
God. Today, it is more fashionable to
be an antichrist and proud of it. Girls
gone wild is the standard for young girls,
so what hope is there for them? Young men
are saturated with porn and goals of
pursuing wealth, and disposable women.
What wealthy man has his original
wife, or come to think of it, what wealthy
man over 40 has a woman closer to his
age than the age of his young daughters?

This is the last generation of mankind, or
the last days, by virtue of countries racing
to perfect the weapons of destruction,
and never before in history has there
been as many slaves, particularly sex
slaves in young women and children.
Does God not care when all of these
events, not to mention the slaughter
of animals and worshipping of money
over human lives, obliterates all that
is decent and good?

This is truly an evil world. The powers
behind the wheels of this world are
diabolically evil and they must and
will be stopped.

This is why Zechariah, while hard to
read is also exultant and victorious.
Evil men and satan will not prevail.
God will return and there will be
Paradise restored to all who accept
his plan of redemption.

All of us are sinners and need to come
to his mercy seat and repent, and in his
eyes, none of us by our own goodness
can redeem ourselves. It is only through
Christ that we are promised eternal
life. There is no other future.

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