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He will save us

Zec 12:7 The LORD also shall save yasha the tents
of Judah first , that the glory of the house of David
and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem
do not magnify [themselves] against Judah .

Lexicon Results for yasha` (Strong's H3467)
Hebrew for H3467




·shah' (Key)

Part of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

a primitive root

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

1) to save, be saved, be delivered

a) (Niphal)

1) to be liberated, be saved, be delivered

2) to be saved (in battle), be victorious

b) (Hiphil)

1) to save, deliver

2) to save from moral troubles

3) to give victory to

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 205
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"Save" Yasha, is used in this form, 149
times in the OT. This is the last time it
is used.

One thing is clear when comparing the
passages where yasha is used, whether
as "deliver", "preserve" or "savior", it
is clearly a reference to God as savior.

Jesus Christ literally means "Savior"
and Messiah.

The first use of this word was in Exodus
when Moses is in the position of savior.
Moses, like David, is a figure of Christ.

Exd 2:17 And the shepherds came and drove them away
: but Moses stood up and helped yasha them, and watered
their flock .

Exd 14:30 Thus the LORD saved yasha Israel that day
out of the hand of the Egyptians ; and Israel saw
the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore .

Deu 33:29 Happy [art] thou, O Israel : who [is] like
unto thee, O people saved yasha by the LORD,
the shield of thy help , and who [is] the sword
of thy excellency and thine enemies shall be found
liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their
high places .

Our Savior, God, is literally Yehoshua HaMaschiach,
(Y'shua- YASHA). Yasha = Jesus (Greek name)

Our Lord, Jesus Y'shua, in ancient times appeared
to our ancestors and was designated by them,
as the Angel of the LORD.

This was how He appeared to Moses, to the
Prophets, and to us, He has given salvation by
the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Salvation is taken for granted, but, what does
it mean to us? Whether we are saved in this
world, or not, it is the power-mongers who
seize control. Less than 1 % of the world's
population controls 99% of all the wealth,
resources and power which dictates the quality
of life for the citizens of this world.

While the West experiences a high standard,
comparatively, the suffering of the world is

Think of those who are born into societies
where women are not even accredited with
having souls, like in most Islamic cultures.
Women are not allowed in the temples. It
is reminiscent of ancient Israel, which also
forbade women from learning, and kept them
in illiteracy, subjugation and hopelessness,
completely dependent on men. When the
men threw them out, or died, the women's
lives were those of horror. Even today, millions
of women and children suffer this fate.

They are forbidden from seeking a savior,
because they are cut off from knowing Christ
the LORD. This is satanic to the nth degree,
and the fact that Islam has swallowed continents
and is literally the beast rising out of the sea
of humanity to face a final death struggle
against the Jews and Christians is not
insignificant in relation to prophecy.

While the church failed to instill women
in an honored role, nevertheless, Christ
demonstrated his indifference to gender.
While the Apostles were 12 males, that
was to balance the 12 tribes and sons of
Jacob (Israel.) He also had a daughter,
Dinah. I believe Christ represented her
as well, even in his own meek service
to others.

We are told that in the world to come,
there will be no male or female, Jew
or Greek, rich or poor, and that goes
to show us how we are destined to one
day live in a place where all men and
women will finally be on an equal

We can see how Hillary was not given
a fair chance. The media jumped behind
the charismatic cool guy with the Islamic
name, even if his wife is a raging racist,
and his own experience and agenda is
lacking. The world hates women, and
that glass ceiling will only be broken
by Christ's return and the establishment
of a egalitarian world. No human socialism
or democracy can overcome the devil,
human pride, the need to control wealth
and power, and dominate women and
children. It's time for this world's
governments to yield to Christ. It will
finally happen, because people are being
led by increasingly solid blocks of Antichrist
leaders. As if Hitler and the tyrants of
WWII like Stalin and Mussolini weren't a clue,
the 21st C is awash in dictators, and finally
in formerly democratic places like England,
now a police state run by the Islamic money
mongers, and the USA, about to elect a
man with an Islamic name and sympathies.
His tolerance for dictators is amazing.
He plans to meet with Castro (his brother
is the same as Fidel.)

Prophecy is now. We are in the biblical times
of Zechariah and the Prophets, the times
Christ, himself, spoke of in Matthew
24 and to his Holy Apostles and disciples.

How blessed we are to know our Savior in
this hopeless and horrible world of slavery
and suffering. In Daniel, he calls the devil
the master of the power of the air, and throughout
the 20th and now 21st C., most of us believe
that this is synonymous and refers to the

There is nothing quite as evil and pervasive
as the modern media, which controls the
minds, sexuality, and souls of billions of
people. Children are taught warped sexuality
and perverse values, of witches and wizardry,
of magick and magicians, while principles of
Christianity and Judaism are eliminated,
even from non-Christian holidays like
Christmas! I find that ironic.

People are so indoctrinated that they fail
to see the error of all they see in the way
the media portrays life. Materialistic values
are the religion of the masses. Children
worship at the altar of X-boxes and IPods
which fill their ears with profane and lewd
messages, even of violence and murder.

Yet, we shrug. It is modern times, no different
than any other era. Except it really is different.
Never before has there been such a large
degree of slavery worldwide to accommodate
the sexual lusts and perversions of a world
lured into the pit through pornography, from
evil satanic demonic forces.

People who are completely demon-possessed
and wicked, like Hugh Hefner, are considered
benign old aristocratic fathers. They have wholly
corrupted this generation, and although they
will suffer eternal damnation, Hefner, at 190 years
old, is still alive, therefore giving hope to younger
profligates and sinners.

Even if he lives until he's 200 years old, which
is soon, he will still burn in Hell. Yet, this is
the media's example of a hero, along with a
silly heiress Paris Hilton, and other bimbos
and satanic demon-possessed porn queens
like Brittney Spears, created to lead astray the
last generation.

The more young people obsess about their
own lusts and images, the less chances they
have to please God.

Who will SAVE THEM?

Our world needs God's forgiveness and salvation
before it's too late. God is compassionate and gave
us a way to escape all our human weaknesses and
infirmities through Jesus Christ, but, the message
still needs to be preached.

As the doors shut, as the world caters to the Islamic
beast rising up out of that sea of humanity, and
shuts down the Christianity standard, evil will
abound in unprecedented forms. Only glance at
a front page of an English newspaper to see how
far a society falls in this calamity of events, both
forsaking Christ and accepting the Antichrist.
The horrors of gangs of disaffected youths
beating people to death at will, and a society
unable to deal with their own plagues, will
stun the mind, yet no one notices...

We need a SAVIOR in this world of suffering
and evil. Billionaires control the quality of
life, and almost every one of them is almost
entirely on the enemy list. We need to save
them so they can keep the doors open to
the slaves of this world.

Christ is returning and He has promised to
save the tents of Judah, meaning His blood
seed. To be presentable to God, we must be
clothed in the blood of Jesus Christ. We are
then attributed with His righteousness. That's
the role of the blood sacrifice, the Holy Lamb,
from the day when Abraham was given the
proxy ram for Isaac's life, to the ritual performed
by the High Priest by Levitical law, to sprinkle
the sacrificial blood before the altar, before
being able to enter into the HOLY of HOLIES
and be presentable to God.

It is done. He has saved us, only we have to
accept the blood of reconciliation, to change
our surname to Judah, and then live according
to the law. We have to strive for perfection,
even if perfection eludes us...

We can't conform to the carnal ways of this world,
and by carnal, it doesn't only mean sexually perverse.
We are carnal when we preach sometimes, scolding
others when we are hypocrites. We walk a fine line
in this world, because we desire something that's
unseen, while we must live and see the things
of this world. We have the ubiquitous media
telling us what to think, who to vote for, who
to desire, and the proof is how women in their
middle years are taking out huge loans to transform
their aging bodies into porn stars.

Does this really make anyone happy? Sexuality,
drugs, buying things, and the things we use
to sublimate our emptiness of soul, only
postpones our fears and deep longing to
be accepted by God.

We cannot please God other than accepting
our Savior, Jesus, and following him. We need
to each day, take up our cross and follow him,
even if the day before we fell. We have to
keep trying and keep focusing back on him.

It's a hard walk since the world is so contrary
to Christ. We fall all the time, but, we have
in heaven, a high priest and LORD who put
on the same flesh as we struggle with.. He
knows our temptations, our pains, hungers,
thirsts and desires, yet he gave us a way to
overcome. He rose from the dead and as
the firstborn of the human dead, he gave
us a master template for our immortality,
to once again follow him into the celestial
realm, as eternal followers, along with
the holy angels.

There was once a rebellion in heaven, at
least we are told anecdotally, although
we can only guess what it all means. In the
place of the rejected angels, we will be raised,
and that's why they despise us. They empower
certain humans, for a little while usually since
they hate us so much that even those who
they favor they end up destroying through
their lusts and emptiness.

The only thing that will save our souls is
knowing that God so loved the world that
He gave us Jesus Christ as our Savior, and
we need him desperately. We desire him
as well. Those who claim they don't are
deceived and fill the void with drugs, booze,
sexual perversions, spending money,
transforming their bodies, trying to look
younger, when inside they are empty,
and their organs grow old and liquefy.

We have to look inwardly to detect our
need to abandon ourselves into the arms
of God, for only then will we overcome
depression and obsession, insomnia,
confusion, insanity, drug addiction, sex
addiction, plastic surgery addiction, etc.

It is our empty soul which needs to find
a home in Christ.

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I pray
that as the days grow darker, our light is
stronger in this contrast. Let the beacons
of light shine to illuminate the truth,
righteousness and coming of our hope
in Jesus Christ.

Lord, You have promised to save us, and while
those who hold this hope first, as Christians,
long for this release, please have mercy on
all the lost and forgotten people of this world.
Have mercy on those slaves of the Islamic
beast, forbidden from knowing your
glory, salvation and hope. Please have
mercy on the remnant of Abraham, both
Hebrew and of Ishmael. Christ is their
Savior too, except the door is shutting for
their salvation.

In Zech 12:7, they will not magnify themselves,
as children of Abraham, above Christ our
Lord, or us, the children of His inheritance.
Let us know how we are to lead, to save
ourselves from temptation, confusion,
false traditions which sear our souls and
alienate us from your kingdom.

Help us to lead a revolution away from the
whited sepulchre of churches who corrupt
and do not lead in righteousness. Help us
to be the voices in the wilderness leading
the way for the coming of the LORD.
Startle the world through your signs and
the imminence of your glory.

We exalt your NAME and your kingdom.
I adore you above all that this world could
ever offer. I pray that my eyes remain
focused on this, and that all who call on
you today will be strengthened, fortified
in the hope of all you have promised us,
mostly to save us from this corrupt and
evil world.

In Christ's Name. Amen.

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