Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Idol choices

So the women were MUCH better than
I anticipated. I absolutely adored the
Irish girl. She was in a class by herself.
The punk rocker nurse was still
derivative. I guess because I used to
be a rocker and lead singer in a rock
band, I'm hyper-critical. This girl
is half my age and to me, she was
imitating my generation and we
really rocked. I think I was a better
rocker, really, so she looked kind
of silly to me.

I am soooooo sick of Paula Abdul that
I can't keep the sound on. I honestly
hate her. If I hear her say, "you're the
real deal" one more time, I'm going
to destroy my television.

I really liked the girl who did the
Dusty Springfield song, and Ayes'ia,
however she spells her name. The
girl who belted out the faux-rocker
nurse's anthem, "another piece of
my heart" did it so much better that
she knocked it out of the park. That
girl has an AMAZING voice!

Honestly, there were about five
awesome girls. The other seven
were purely karaoke, but, that's to
be expected. I imagine they'll be weeded
down quickly.

Right now, I was really impressed by
a few of them who are already my favorites.

The plus sized model, whose personality
and audacity to be gorgeous and fat, was
my soul's favorite, just because, but, she
was really lousy. The nanny was ridiculous.
The young girls were predictably karaoke,
not bad, but, really cruise ship or Holiday
Inn bar, at the best, Vegas lounge acts.

Yet, the Irish girl and Ayesh'a are a great
investment already in this season. It may
be a cool season after all. I hate Paula
Abdul's voice and fatuous sound so much
that I just have the remote and mute button
ready. Simon was usually right, except he
didn't like the Irish girl and I thought she
was unbelievably awesome. I would
definitely buy her songs and love to
see her live. It's unusual for me to get
verklempt but she has got the most
amazing gift. I was all goose-bumps.
I can't wait to see her again next week!

So, I'm happy because it's great to have
my Idol obsession back. I'm watching
Runway, and disappointed that it's just
a sappy reunion show, not the finale.
The cockatiel cut his feathers. I hope
fat Chris wins fan favorite since the
other Chris will win, I'm sure.

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