Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem may legitimately be likened to Star Trek's "Borg Cube", an ginormous space colony. We are told in Revelation 21 that it will descend from heaven, glittering and bejeweled like a bride.

Earlier this week, False Prophet, Al Gore, chided the common man and warned them that choosing not to obey his law of green is equal to being a "racist."

I literally LAUGHED out loud when I read this. What makes the choice to disbelieve in the hype of global warming a racist thought? I simply do NOT believe in global warming. Granted, the world is polluted, but, his rhetoric is sounding more and more fascist and Nazi-like.

Al Gore's family became rich by mining the world, and his personal carbon footprint exceeds dozens and perhaps thousands of individual souls. He's so unlikeable and egregiously hypocritical, that there's a creepy, almost demonic presence to him.

Is the world a sentient being that it is hurt by denying there's such a mythology as "global warming"? Does the earth cry? Does the earth, itself, even care?

There's this new Orwellian mood in the Western world, establishing the criteria for the next thought-crimes, and vernacular of the times.

I don't disagree that the world's oceans and specie have suffered on our account. I agree that we do need to be conservative in our lifestyle but, this starts with population control. This is why there are disease outbreaks, famine and war. As we conquer disease and famine, diseases are being generated to do the trick. This is the world's way to keep our species in check.

Still, the rich will always live the way they choose. Like Al Gore, they can fly planes, have multiple homes, live extravagantly, drive limos, while demanding we don't drive at all.

When the Earth is done, there is another coming way before that. Don't forget, the biggest threat to our future is not global warming but nuclear winter.

Description of New Jerusalem's Size

New Jerusalem’s measurements also correlate with the size of the earth. New Jerusalem is a cube 12,000 furlongs on an edge. Smith’s Bible Dictionary says one furlong is 220 yards (660 feet). Thus 12,000 furlongs ´ 660 feet = 7,920,000 feet. The New American Standardtranslates 12,000 furlongs directly into 1,500 miles (1,500 miles ´ 5,280 feet to a mile = 7,920,000 feet). The diameter of earth is 7,920 miles and New Jerusalem is 7,920,000 feet on each side.
We stand in awe as we behold the work of the great architect of the universe who designed and created our earth and sun. Then he gives us the New Jerusalem picture with measurements that correlate exactly with the dimensions of earth and sun.
Only our great God and creator knew these dimensions thousands of years ago when the Bible was written. He gave them to strengthen our faith and show us that this beautiful picture of New Jerusalem was designed by him. This last symbol in the Bible, the New Jerusalem, is his final way of telling us that everything he gave us in the Bible is true and will be fulfilled! The Church will indeed shine as the sun in God’s thousand-year kingdom! God will indeed bless all the families of the earth in “The New Jerusalem!”

These dimensions are without oceans. It's hard to imagine the size and ability to populate billions of people for 1000 years. There is no polar zones, or scorching desert . This is all prime real estate.

It's quite alien, yet, created to represent paradise to our species. It will be a vegetarian kingdom, where predatory animals will graze and live peacefully. It will be a safe place to live. When in our lives have we ever known real safety?

But, there are laws. Rebellion is the biggest crime. Who would want to rebel, once the veil is lifted? There will always be those who reject God. God's kingdom, whether heavenly and all-encompassing or in the finite breadth of a reconstructed planet, mirroring the original.

Can you see it coming? Close your eyes and imagine that cube's descent through the hidden channels of Time/Space.
See something mind-blowing beautiful, much more beautiful than the Borg's cube.

First of all, it's exterior is made from gold alloys and jewels. The "cube" may actually be a representation of this model:
There are those who don't buy this physical body of New Jerusalem, and believe it is a metaphor or allegory for heaven. I think it will be an actual place.

There's simply too much detail in Ezekiel and Revelation to discount it's physical reality. EXACT measurement
is given in Ezekiel last chapters. In fact, it's difficult to get through Ezekiel's final chapters without growing weary.

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