Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reflections On The Days Of AWE and WONDER-

Rosh Hashanah is the first and second days of the first Jewish month of Tishrei. It marks the beginning of the Jewish new year. The celebration of this holiday is marked with solemnity, as it is the day on which the whole world is judged for the coming year. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world, as it was on this day that G-d created Man on the 6th day of creation. Every year, on this day, we proclaim G-d as our one and true King.
Studying the Biblical Sabbaths can be extremely enlightening and mystical.

When I was much younger, and craved intense mysticism as an escape from a world I wanted to transform above, I sought this light in everything from the Cabala to Sacred Geometry and Jungian symbolism. There was nothing off limits then, but, I eventually stumbled down a rabbit hole and ingested poison that nearly ended my life, metaphorically and in reality.

In craving to see spirits, I sought demons, and saw them. Inviting them into my mind caused torment and pain so intense that I almost ended my life to escape the confusion and horror.

When I was literally saved by Jesus Christ, in a salvation story that was as radical as they get, I was blessed, early on, to experience mystical moments that built the foundation of my unshakable faith. The dark spirits that I had summoned were no match for the boundless light and happiness that I was given.

But, as years pass, these mystical revelations and passages become less sensational, and they fade into the mundane pace of ordinary existence. There's getting up early, shaking off fatigue, working hard, dealing with people, dealing with frustration, and once you marry and become part of someone Else's life, it dilutes the bond you have with the Kingdom of God, unless you are married to someone as intense as you desire to be, yourself.

In my case, for some inexplicable and self-destructive reason, I chose a dark soul to love. The marriage didn't last, and I was not eager to marry again. Once again, I could pursue the mystical marriage I longed for by devoting my body and soul to Christ. But, this is not an easy path.

I was recently asked why I never had children, and I truthfully asked the LORD to provide for me the best environment for my continuation in the realm I desire to belong to for eternity, without the encumbrances of worldly obligations, such as children, unless it was his will.

My family is distressed that I don't date, even though I was engaged, and technically, still love and plan to marry my fiance.  John and I are best friends and true soul mates, and we came to the conclusion that we have longer than this life to accomplish our partnership. He doesn't live in Florida anymore, but, in Illinois. He hates Florida, and I don't love Illinois. 

I gave it to God to provide the right path for us. Just like sacrificing children, I don't want to make more mistakes that will take my heart away from full devotion to Christ.

When I was a child, I found it romantic to be a nun, and while I am not inclined to endorse the Roman Catholic religion, it's strange that many of my brothers have chosen to remain celibate as a way to disengage from the world's hold on our bodies and minds.

I don't want to appear as "holier than thou" at all, because, for me, the choice was imperative because I was so dark and demonic due to a desire to see beyond this veil into the unknown and was given a ticket with the devil for a spell.
Now, I have great concerns to avoid the snares, since i am weak. Even my choice of husband was someone who had an Arabic last name which translated meant "Lucifer." He was as far from Christ as it got, and like many women, I'm seduced by the darkness of sensuality and forbidden fruit. I'm Eve's daughter.

Because of my history, this time of year is important, because, it means having a chance to purge the toxins of the world that I couldn't resist, and repent, for real. It gives me an opportunity to recognize God's eternal goodness and mercy to all those who want redemption and wisdom. That's all I want from this life. Nothing else.

The only love I want in the end, is the love of Christ. I realize I am sacrificing many opportunities for transient pleasure and comfort in this life, but, the rewards I get are indescribably worth it, even in the harsh sacrifices made for me to get there.

This is my "CHRISTMAS" season. This is when Christ came into the world, the same season that Man was created by Him. This is reassuring to see that man was created to fellowship with God, and to be part of his eternal Kingdom.

People crack me up arguing evolution vs. Creation. If they actually read Genesis in context, they'd see that Darwin's insight was based on the "Days" of Genesis. A Biblical "Day" can be anything from 24 hours to a thousand years, or in Genesis, billions and billions of years, if not trillions or more, from the creation of the universe to the planet Earth, then the stages of animal and plant development.

Darwin was a man of faith, and did not desire to be used to challenge the Bible. Science, if used and interpreted honestly, validates the Bible.

I'd like to  expound this at another time, because I had a revelation that was stunning, the other day. In fact, I've been having revelations, in alarming ways, almost like my first days as a fledgling disciple. Instead of seeing angels, I've been seeing things in my mind take shape, and in dreams, that fill me with sheer ecstasy.

I waffle on this post because I want to express the cosmic waves of how prophecy and enlightenment affect me as an individual. I feel like I am tripping, on a raft afloat on a sea of exploration, both backwards and forwards at once. The Time/Space boundaries disappear, and I join an ethereal dimension.

Join me this blessed season on the ride of your soul's life. Take the season seriously and study diligently, but, most importantly pray constantly, and listen for the response, and look to the light in your mind's eye to see answers to things you never thought you'd understand.

The most important gift of this holy season is love. This is the real Christmas, so treat your fellow man with the love of Christ, and love Christ and God with all your heart, soul and mind.

In Jesus' Name, I pray that all who seek peace will find the Prince of Peace, and that the joy of Christ washes away the film of filthy pollution from this dying world.

A NEW WORLD is coming down.

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