Sunday, September 18, 2011


I can't take it anymore. After I thought the nightmare was over, and lying Cindy Anthony got all her deceitful damage control agenda out, Phil has been advertising even more shows with this horrific horrible horror of a mother and grandmother.

I have prayed to the LORD and now I am pleading with Dr. Phil. Please Phil, I importune you, and beckon to your sense of fairness, based on all the decency and ethical cells in your body, to reject this nasty and wicked liar's attempts to utilize the media for her own selfish and greedy gains.

It is adding insult to grievous injury, and it exacerbates the frustrating disbelief in our system, to see how cruelly justice abandoned a child that the world fell in love with, but, was never granted a fair shake in life. What chance did she have with that nightmare of a lying grandmother, and that psychopathic murderous mother?

We all know that Casey Anthony murdered that baby. At least George acknowledges that he believes the monster drugged the child in order to party, (I don't believe it for a second- I think she viciously and savagely suffocated her to death with the duct tape wrapped around her skull three deep.) Cindy now claims, oh no, the baby drowned while the psychopath had a seizure. (EYE ROLL)

Phil, I can't tell you how much anguish it causes the public to see these people parade their evil shamelessly, and try to sell snake oil to a sophisticated audience who know every nuance of the crime. WE HATE THESE PEOPLE!

I don't hate George, but, he disgusts me because he stays with that miserable and lying hag who raised a psycho-killer and taught her to get away with just about any lie, even murder, grand theft, deceit at any price and have an attitude about it.

PLEASE LEAVE HER GEORGE! You still have some life left in you, and I believe you still have a drop of human blood circulating in that body that has to live in that nest of horror.

There is NO HOPE for Cindy, Dr. Phil, and please have compassion on the public and don't give her the opportunity to lie with impunity and callousness, which eerily explains the actions of her psychopathic dangerous daughter.

It's bad enough that justice failed a little murdered kid, and her own grandparents don't care, but, for a man of principles to perpetuate the travesty is unfair.


Please Father God, deal with these people in your wisdom and great plan. Whatever the reason for justice to fail that baby, please don't allow these wicked people to flaunt this crime in front of the world any longer. I pray for justice that can only come from YOU, since there was no one on the jury who cared, and no one on the jury who had a normal brain and intentions. 12 bad people met their match in one of the worst people on the planet.

WHY IS EVIL ALLOWED TO FLOURISH? Why is someone like Dr. Phil allowing this lying evil woman to spit at the American public, mocking the very murder of an innocent child.

I ask you to remove this obstacle to justice and truth, in the NAME of Jesus Christ. Forgive me Lord for hating her the way i do.

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