Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tale of Two "REAL" Housewives

I occasionally watch Bravo's "Real Housewives" series, although, I don't know why. Virtually none of the characters possess virtues which I consider worth watching, but, maybe for that reason, I'm drawn, like a moth to a light.

I have noticed, and it's my view, that nothing about these people is real. Maybe most of them have more money, but, not necessarily true. We've learned that in the case of the Jersey crew, Theresa and Joe, owe over 11 million dollars.
In Atlanta, Nene and hubby owed a fortune, and in the case of the Armstrongs, it was virtually all smoke and mirrors, concerning money.

Taylor Armstrong is a fascinating study of our culture. From a small town girl, born Shannon Something, she transformed herself into a glamorous Taylor, with an original already beautiful face and body, which she ended up  mutilating by indulging in absoltuely grotesquely hideous lip implants, and starvation to the point of looking like a concentration camp survivor. It's weird that once a corn-fed true beauty, she found this latter look more desirable, and was willing to spend money to achieve the look she now is stuck with, which makes her a laughingstock. Everyone I know who watches the show, or sees her for the first time remarks on what a shame it is to see some female Michael Jackson, in the throes of severe BDD, and willing to destroy their looks.

There is none so blind as those who will not see. Phil McGraw, Dr. Phil, tried to orient her to the original Shannon, the one so gorgeous and natural, and how she's buried her, but, she just stared blinking, without a drop of insight, like a deer in headlights. This is one sick chick who is a permanent casualty of life in the fast line.

What is the greater tragedy is that she is raising a child. That is trauma-building behavior that she exudes, and no one can miss foretelling the tragic future of this child, who doesn't stand a chance, between this lost woman, her suicide dad, and the reality show with the values of Caligula's Rome, documenting her childhood in this swamp of sin and plasticity.

Her husband Russ, hung himself before the latest season of shows, and she went from a ditzy, but, ostensibly carefree socialite, last season, to a deeply disturbed character this season, even before Russell's death. 

She has now gone on a media blitz, carpe diem, exploiting it all, claiming she was a battered wife, and this explains her bizarre meltdown. Within days of his burial, she exploited a photo of herself with a black eye, which she claims was the result of a fractured orbital, which he inflicted. Maybe he did, but, it is disturbing to know that she profited to the tune of half a million dollars for this tragic revelation.

I have a feeling he left her so broke and in debt, that she felt she had no choice but to use this opportunity to make money, and even restore her image by using sympathy. Still, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths, because, it's exploitation at it's worst. Even if he was abusive, it was too soon to air this dirty laundry, considering how his family is reeling.

I also have a feeling that it's not necessarily true. He may have been emotionally abusive, and finally snapped due to pressures and socked her, but, why sell those pictures and do a promotional tour, using the most private revelations to shock and have no sympathy for his other kids, let alone her own young daughter? This was their dad. This was a brother and son. If she found it hard to leave him while she was married to him, why out him now that he has no voice to defend himself? Why not let this be a private matter?

She even has gone so far as to dramatize the fact that if he didn't kill himself, he most likely would have murdered her?

I lost a lot of respect for Dr. Phil this week, first by letting that lying Cindy Anthony have an audience for her sickeningly perverse take on the death of her grandchild, to letting Taylor get away with the things she said, or even giving her legitimacy by acting like it was a grief counseling session.

It's all fake.

It's as fake as the Salahis, the cast members of the Washington housewife crew, who became infamous for crashing the White House. Allegedly, Mikaile, born Michelle, left Tareq, to return to her one true love, a washed up guitarist from the 80s power band, Journey.

Now, Tareq is hooked up with some happy hooker from NY, and they all want reality shows.

It's pretty obvious that it was all a stunt since the Washington show was not picked up for another season, having the most unlikeable characters out of all of the locations, except for Stacy and her husband, who would have been dropped because they were far too decent.

Reality TV is anything but real. That doesn't surprise us, but, the extremes these desperate people go to is real sad. 

Still, we tune in, and millions of teens have aspirations to become a reality star. It's strange times.

Thank God it won't last much longer.

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