Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Geodesic Dome Vision

I wanted to share a phenomenal image that pierced my mind, from out of nowhere. I was just driving down the street, and in my mind's eye, I could imagine what I call "The Cube" or New Jerusalem. It was very different than any other concept I've had in the past. I'm an artist, and I'll update this with a drawing I'm working on, but, I can post the generalized concept of it as an enclosed geodesic dome with 12 sides. I have to add a disclaimer, in case it's necessary, that I am not a prophet, nor claim to have knowledge beyond my own vivid imagination, but, who knows? Sometimes, even our artistic visions come from a divine source. What if this is the case? I always approach revelation with temperance and respect, knowing I can be wrong.
OK, so with this in mind, here's my vision of the rudimentary plan of the divine New Jerusalem.

The outer layers formed a straight line box-type of shape, but, they were magnificently translucent, in prismatic colors, like jewels. It reminded me of mystic topaz, one of my favorite stones.

 I believed I could perceive of an atmosphere within the structure, as odd as it sounds! I also strained my brain to look deep, and saw the bluest waters running through like veins and arteries in a living body.

I couldn't shake this sight. It was awesome. I adore nature and the natural beauty of this planet. I cherish and appreciate every animal and for me, one of the truest witnesses of God are found in the complexity and color and diversity of plants, animals, mountains, and rolling hills.
Just one tiny flower speaks louder than any preacher.

In this vision, there are species of flowers and trees that exceed our own natural world. The hypnotically enthralling lure of orchids are an inferior template of the divine fields I saw. I've lived in the tropics for ten years, but, I've never seen water as blue as the streams in my daydream.

What was even more spectacular for me was the sound of joy, emanating from the farthest reaches, like a symphony of true blessings. There was singing, some like the divine and powerful Gregorian chants, but, other tunes like the thrilling gospel singers that grace the African American churches I've been so blessed to experience. Unless you've been to a real gospel music church of the Holy Spirit, you haven't experienced the power of the gift of music.

In fact, isn't rock and roll, a stolen bastardization of this holy, holy, holiest form of worship?

What was even more fascinating, is that I saw the fashion of the future. Far from the plain white or black shrouds that we would associate with holiness, at that level, people were actually dressed in dazzling colors. However, it was still modest. Actually, it reminded me of a kind of hippy-Bedouin or fancy Indian style light bright robes. Very happy clothing, and it looked comfortable, and like everything else up there, it exuded joy and happiness.

The primary food was actually fruit and nuts, as far as I could discern, and I pay attention to food. There was no doubt manna, too, though, I didn't necessary see any. I just know that it had to be there, since it is the food of the celestial beings. I always consider manna to be similar to halvah.

My favorite visions within the vision are the animals. Elephants, lions that are like friendly puppies, snakes with cute faces, and all the cats and dogs that are returned to us through pet resurrection. It was pretty cool to imagine how it would be to reunited with all the pets I've loved, who are returned to be with us.

I know I have a wild imagination, but, this seemed to real to me, and sometimes, it helps to daydream about a better world, and a happy place where there's no more tears, pain, hunger, or thirst. There will be no cruelty or evil whatsoever, and I do believe, with all my heart, that where Jesus dwells, will be pure joy, however that translates to each individual soul.

We're so blessed to have this hope and faith. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this vision, on a day when I didn't feel particularly well, or happy.  

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