Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Like most people who have followed the case of Casey Anthony, I maintain the belief that Casey got away with murder, and am utterly disillusioned in the jury system for high profile cases. In order to get 12 people to serve, they needed to find those who had no real interest in the case, or didn't form an opinion. Considering that this was such a sensational trial, they had to find 12 people who had no interest in the world around them, basically.

The chances are that the majority had heard of the case, well enough, but, were anxious to sit on the jury, and could be viewed as "stealth jurors." These days, it's not difficult to find 12 individuals with issues, who needed this experience to bolster their own sense of identity.

In any event, in my opinion, they were complete idiots. I watched the entire trial, and knew the case, so, it's not like they heard evidence that the public was not aware existed. They were simply jerks. They freed a psychopath, and there is no justice for a murdered child. There's no other way to look at it. The fact that Casey Anthony is the most hated human being in the Western world echoes that sentiment.
She would have been despised had justice prevailed, but, the reality of her going scott free, is truly a travesty.

Fortunately, I have faith that God's will is supreme, and that he has his own plan for Casey. This may mean that she is completely redeemed by grace, and turns her life around to honor God and her dead kid. Most likely, she'll meet with consequences later on in life, like Joran VanderSloot, or OJ.

It is what it is with Casey. What's most frustrating this week is the highly tauted George and Cindy Anthony interview on Dr. Phil. I respect Phil, and think he's the real deal. I believe he's a straight shooter, and doesn't suffer fools. However, he gave a platform for the most egregious lies and damage control spin of a very mentally unstable Cindy Anthony.

I haven't seen the interview yet, but, in teasers, she's been publicized to claim that Casey had epilepsy, like that would be a reason for her keeping her dead kid in her trunk and then tossing her away in garbage bags.

It's frustrating to see the continuing lies of the Anthonys. It's more than frustrating, it's infuriating. I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and Cindy has demonstrated the same ability to lie as her daughter.

At some point in the trial, my heart truly went out to the Anthonys. While I intellectually grasp that as a mother, she can't help but defend her daughter, no matter how bizarre her behavior was, or the consequences of her sick murderous act, it's too much.

I'm just tired of the Anthonys lies, and it puts them in the worst possible light, at a time when people would have sympathy for them. Instead, they appear as monstrous as their daughter, and it's a shame this fraud was perpetrated on Dr. Phil.

I pray that one day they will learn to tell the truth. I think they're otherwise normal people, but, there's an element of malice when people tell outrageous lies, because it assumes people are stupid.

The devil is marked not only as a murderer or fiend, but, the "Father of LIES."

TELL THE TRUTH CINDY! I want to reach through the screen and slap them. Actually, I don't want to see them again. I want them to go away, farrrrrrrr away.

When justice is deferred, it feels worse than heinous criminal behavior. I don't usually hate people who I don't know, but, I honestly hate them at this point. They're horrible, horrible people.

Everyone hates liars.

Concurrently, Mitch Winehouse is on a damage control tour to try to sanitize his dead daughter. My heart goes out to him, but, c'mon, she didn't have a seizure that killed her. She was drugged, whether on booze and prescription pills or crack. To paint it in any other way is insulting to the public, and damaging. It's a lie, Mitch. Give it up, or campaign for drug and alcohol education, letting Amy's death be a wakeup call for a lost generation in Britain, where the addiction to booze is beyond pandemic amongst the young.

I am starting to see a pattern, not that of good people defending lost kids, but, bad parents trying to save face for the acts of their indulgent and spoiled brat adult children.

There's a lesson to be learned from observing all of it. The first one is that everyone sees through a lie, and next, defending indefensible behavior is worse than lying.

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