Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Demagoguery Of A SNAKE

Obama-nation, our feckless leader, is like a dog with a new bone, using his progressive uber-lord ally, Warren Buffet, to coin an Obama-ism to stand with the heinous "Obamacare", the end of democracy and health care in the USA. He calls this philosophy "Buffet Tax" something or other, since, he claims that Buffet pays less taxes than his secretary.

My blood pressure cannot take listening to this moron any longer, and it is distressing to believe that sheep will follow this demagogue into the abyss. It's not that I'm all for billionaires not paying their fair share, but, let's be real.

Warren Buffet donates hundreds of millions of dollars to charity each year, and his wealth generates prosperity, jobs, and a healthy economic atmosphere for those around him. The reason he pays less taxes is that he pays his share in charities, business matters, and has bigger deductions. These trade-offs are valid, and have supported a healthy capitalism for two hundred years.

Let's not even speak of the third richest man on the planet, shall we? Let's talk about the common millionaire, who has a net worth of a few million. Their tax base is high, not low.
Where a middle-class family would be in the 1/3 range, theirs is in the 40% range. To encourage those with money to spend it, the govt rewards those who have businesses who employ, buy homes, give to charities. If these people end up paying less taxes, that doesn't mean that they are not patriotic, or are harming the economy. They ARE the stable pillars who are support walls for our structure.

If you create a bogus redistribution of wealth based on global progressive agendas, and take the wealth away from those with a million dollars in assets, they will spend less, expand businesses less, stop donating to causes, stop shopping, and it will lead to the slippery slope of total collapse.

This idiot messiah in charge gave away billions of dollars to General Motors, along with many other private corporations. Let's focus on GM. What did they do with their relief? Did they tighten up their pork and waste, increase product efficiency, reduce cost to consumers, or implement any other modification to prevent their future collapse? 

It's rhetorical. They stopped debating with the most ball-breaking union in history, and let the relatively minimally skilled factory workers keep their 56 bucks an HOUR BASE PAY, and just approved a 5000 dollar sign on fee, not for new recruits, but, applicable to every employee in their fleet. How cool would that be for everyone else to get 5000 bucks from the taxpayers, without any accountability?

My guy works in Illinois, and his company's business is getting a govt incentive check to hire on employees that they don't even need. That means they will have less productivity, and it's all a smokescreen, to boost the rotten leader's election agenda, with a false system of temporary employment, and nothing else.

Are we effing mad to tolerate this?

In a terrifyingly short time, Obamacare will destroy our health care system. They will add tens of millions of people into a system that will not be able to respond with a reasonable corresponding staff of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and treatment options.

That means that, like in the hellish UK, we'll hear about "Death Panels", and anyone over 65 may not be eligible for cancer treatment, heart surgery, etc. In England, the govt has recommended that it stop wasting money on cancer patient's medicine, since it won't cure certain cancers and they will die anyway.

We all will die anyway, but, if a cancer drug can give a mom, someone's grandpa, or brother, a few more years, what's the cost have to do with long term survival?  It's all part of a huge more widespread plan to deal with humanity like a slaughterhouse, with Mengele- like practitioners prepared to point right or left.

The devil is the father of lies, and Obama may not be the devil or messiah, but, he has proven which side his bread is buttered on. He is a liar, and transparent.

If you criticize him, you're called a racist. That's clever of the devil to install that system, huh? Yet, if Harold Cain becomes the candidate, as a full African-American, not some half black, the progressives will call him an Uncle Tom, no doubt, just like they maligned Condoleeza Rice, probably the most dignified and accomplished African-American woman in the world, who was self-made and awesome! The things she was called were racist and disgraceful, but, I'm a racist for loving her and hating the half-breed, who has a forked tongue and lying words.

I pray more people will wake up before it's too late for them.

It's the end, either way, but, it's better to go out honorably, than join with pure evil. Whose side do you want to be seen as belonging to when the BrideGROOM  arrives WITH TICKETS TO RIDE? DO YOU CARE?

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