Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Fallen :9/11/11 Oh What a Fall

Many will find my morbid way to remember the tragedy appalling, but, for me, the deepest darkest depths of grief were realized while watching the innocents falling to escape the inferno. They are representative of this atrocity, and I feel like we need to watch the way they had their lives terminated, so, we never forget.

It is not to dishonor them, but, to experience, with them, the horror, although, we can never know the way they felt.

An hour before these images were captured, it was just another day, the beginning of a work day, with all it's mundane tasks and expectations. No one, in their darkest fears would ever conceptualize a fate that ended their lives in such a horrendous way.

It's become impersonal seeing the towers burn, the towers collapse, and the living survivors running in terror covered in ash. They are part of the story, but, these souls who have been sanitized from our memories, are the reality.

We live in an age where we put up warnings for anything that may offend. Well, maybe we need to be offended. Maybe it's time we force ourselves to see horror and terror at it's flesh and blood level. The mere fact that almost 3000 perished is not even enough to refresh our minds to the reality of a true enemy that has not abated.

Today, in the Palestinian territory of Israel and Egypt, there is growing animosity, yet again, over Israel's right to exist.
The USA naively celebrated Mubarak's demise, but, since their gov't began transitioning to an Islamic entity, there is increasingly more frightening rhetoric and violence towards Jews in Israel, the Israeli Embassy in Egypt, today in shambles, ending decades of a cautious alliance between neighboring states. No more.

Israel is becoming more and more isolated, and the feckless Commander-In-Chief, has more or less told them to jump,  at least by his frigid inferences, not to mention, hateful indifference to their plight. He has exactly the opposite reaction to all who despise Israel,   and it is heartbreaking to see the way he panders to the oil states,  and anything Islamic and Antisemitic.

The year 2011 is even more ominous than 2001, in terms of actually seeing the writing on the wall for Israel, and hence, the globe and the fate of nations.

 I see a blatantly Antisemitic and Anti-Christianity Israel-hating President, who I call, "Obama-nation", for his callous  and cruel indifference to Israel's fate. Coupled with the transformation and transition of Zion's few formally neutral neighbors, like Egypt, into new Sharia-Islamified hegemonic Unions, like a  cursed EU for the Middle East and Africa, the sound of the war drums is deafening and defeating. In a way, the part of me that is desperate for Christ's return, I am blissfully happy, but, it is not cheerful to perceive and understand the suffering of all who will be burned in the war to come.

The lions can hear the chants in the jungle, and the restless acolyte is sharpening their sickles and swords and AK47s.
The titular leader of the emerging Islamic Brotherhood gleefully boasts that he wants to live long enough to shoot Jews, even if that's from his wheel chair. This is the organization that our great leader is tacitly granting his approval towards, because, after all, Mubarak and dictators like Qaddafi are bad, so, anything is better.


Our government has sent Islamic rebels sophisticated weapons of warfare. Will they not use them against Israel, their avowed eternal enemy? The whole world will soon be burning. The people of the world, like the people in the towers, will be the victims of fanatic zealots in the cult of death.


The Middle East is falling, like a prophetic partner to the tall structures of the Twin Towers on that beautiful sunny Tuesday morning in NYC.

Like the falling of the seminal tower of Babylon, everything is confusing, and there is a cacophony of voices, but, no one hears what the other is saying..

Like the dead of 9-11-01, we won't realize the danger until the flames push us out the windows. We won't know the truth until we spend those 10 seconds in free-fall and for the first time recognize the finger of God.

I cry every 911, and spend the day trying to watch programs and study the pictures and stories of the day. Ultimately, it's the sight of the people falling from the towers that pierces me in a place so deep that I cry out for God's mercy!

God is merciful, but, there are forces at play that are contrary to our way of life, and who will not tolerate Jews and Christians much longer. Do you doubt this?

Exhibit A. : Consider today's memorial in NYC, and how the Jewish Mayor has BANNED all clergy, calling the sacred ground where the fallen lay, a "Clergy-Free Zone!"

It tears me up, and crushes my spirit, especially, considering
all the brave people of faith who rescued others. It is sacrilege, and blasphemes those like the heroic and dear Father Mike, the chaplain who went down with his brother fire-fighters.

Mychal F. Judge

What good is any tribute or memorial if we exclude God?
The gracious Lord is not to be despised. Why couldn't there be a chaplain, rabbi, Imam and even Shaman, if not to remind us of our temporal nature and dependence on God's mercy and grace?

If this war on terror is brought about by the worst bastardization of religion, why not fight evil with the best unity of mankind through our individual spirituality?
Even in today's hedonistic age, the vast majority of all people profess a belief in a Divine and Supreme Creator!

Instead of rising to the occasion, we are paradoxically allowing the consciousness of our faith in God to wax old and old-fashioned, by insidious means, by evil men in power, who even subtly are linking this evil use of religious fanaticism to justify total annihilation of the need to have faith in God at all.

It's bad enough to remember September 11, ten years gone, but, to consider September 11, 2011, with the leadership gone, Europe crushed, the Middle East erupting, African genocide and the mark of the beast being marketed by pop stars, it is almost worse than watching the dear innocent people falling, watching the towers fall to dust.

Oy vei. Oh Hamlet, what a falling off was there.

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