Monday, August 29, 2011

The Whys of the British Eye and the EU BEAST

It does seem ironically, or prophetically, fitting that the UK's 2012 (!!!!!) mascots and stadium are blatantly in the modern representation of the "EYE" that they previewed at the Millennium's Eye in London. Between their Orwellian ubiquitous CTV surveillance, which covers the breadth and width and depth of their society, to their hatred of Christ and dead church body called "Anglican", that UK did more than join the European Union. They sold their souls to the beast, and I do mean 666.

The goal of the "beast," aka the spirit behind the world system, is to destroy the church and funnel as many souls to perdition as possible before the arrival of Christ, and the time is indeed shorter than we may perceive, even though 2012 is a few months away.

2012 may be the date of the onset of the final seven years.
2018 works well with prophecy for the return of Christ, for many reasons. I don't want to give dates, but, numerically, it has merit because of the number 18, and because 70 th year of Israel. 70 years  was the term of Babylonian captivity, and the number of years after Christ until Israel was vanquished and sent back out into the world, away from their homeland.

The tragedy of Europe, and the EU, is certainly blatantly told by prophecy. The proof is in the pudding. Since they sold their souls, England is in chaos. That also was the plan.

In preparation for these events, a deliberate effort was made through pop culture to desensitize and indoctrinate the masses, starting with the rock and roll generation, or degeneration and devolution. Even the Beatles employed symbols of abomination and notions about revolution and rebellion. They are saints in this world, but, they sold their souls.

I loved John Lennon, and was able to meet and speak to him when I was very young, but, I believe he knew the truth. He wasn't a bad man, but, I thought he was special, and if anyone could have broken away, it would have been him, but, he was murdered before he had his redemption. It is crushing. As far as the others in that industry, most of them are willingly part of a culture that was deliberately built to corrupt the minds and souls of the final populations and generations of the world as it is. They're so cool, in their own minds, and they believe, enlightened, but, they really look stupid, when you know the truth. They look like drugged jackasses and fools. Unfortunately, they have a powerful effect on the masses.

It's not even subtle anymore, with vital and utterly vile role models, like Lady Gaga, employing every last blatant symbol of satanism, creating her own religion of toxic infiltration of young people's minds and souls. But, first, she was raped by this madness, like Madonna before her.

I know I sound like all the other conspiracy nuts, but, I don't care. It's all truth. I'm not even going to modestly and humbly say, "In My Opinion."

How can these people be reached when they're blissful to abandon God, and abandon all Hope?

I don't know the answer yet.

I think that something probably will happen in 2012. Maybe it will be a kind of world initiation, since the world loves the idea of a "one-world" concept. That's where Obama-nation and this EU and UK Illuminati-love fest for this one-world global government is headed. First, you provoke revolution and chaos, and then slaves.

My heart bleeds for those who are blind and cannot see. Even many who go to church, and think they are following Christ's Spirit and truth are falling in slow motion into the abyss, and they can't wake up, like a sedative has overpowered their minds.

My only consolation is knowing that if it does begin in 2012, then it will end by the end of 2018.

The choice of allegiance will decide if you live or die in the world to come, in the seven years of the beast, and if you suffer the second death in the eternity of the Messiah and Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe.

Choose your master. You cannot serve the world and God.
You cannot love the world system and God. You cannot continue if you refuse to receive the messages of the Prophets and Christ, and it's so sad that the last generation will be the weakest spiritually, even the churches.

Know this. If you choose the world system, you won't have a decade left to live, anyway, so, choose physical death over the mark of the beast. Those who resist will not suffer the second death, the one where you lose your body, and your soul is tormented because it is eternally separated from the love of God.

When Christ arrives, and HE WILL, will there be faith on Earth?

That's the riddle of our generation.

Woe to England and Europe. Woe to the abominable things they do to the minds and souls of men. Their fate will be abominable, as well. I pray that America chooses wisely in 2012 and can resist the mark of the beast, at least. I think it's possible, even if the rest of the world is enslaved. But, if Obama-nation prevails, look up high, our redemption is nigh. Don't follow the world, look for God. Christ's words are all true and you have to be blind not to see what is happening.

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