Wednesday, August 10, 2011

George and Cindy Anthony- Kudos for Grandparents of Caylee

Yesterday was the sixth birthday of little Caylee Marie Anthony. The community in, and around, the vicinity of her body's last location, in a swampy dump, was turned into a shrine and memorial. It goes to show how hurt people still are that there will never be justice for this precious girl.

George and Cindy Anthony have vacillated wildly, between denials and hostility, to incredible gestures of appreciation and kindness. There's no question how badly their lives have been altered by the loss of this very loved little girl, but, they often aggravate people's contempt for the Anthony family, for perceived responsibility in enabling Casey Anthony to get away with murder, and so she did. There's still not a scintilla of doubt in 99% of people's perceptions that this girl killed her child for selfish reasons. It is frustrating to also come to terms with her family's part in obfuscating and creating obstacles to justice for Caylee.

When the shocking verdict shook everyone's faith in the jury system, the next blow was a bizarre statement issued by the Anthonys through their lawyer. It stated that they had "closure" and were now looking forward to rebuilding their lives. That was almost a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who saw justice collapse. Good for them, they have closure, but, WE DO NOT!

So, it was a great gesture for both George and Cindy to join the community who gathered at the dumping spot and last resting place of the lovely child. When asked about it, their answer was particularly gracious. They indicated that they decided to join the crowd, as a way to help give the community closure.

Good for them! People love to find reasons to love those who had fallen from grace. It's one of the best qualities in our species. When George and Cindy joined the people in their community who cared so deeply about their grandchild, they deserved to have acknowledgment, and I think it was a God-directed instinct which drove the Anthonys to stand among them.

All of us are comprised of infinite combinations of good, bad, light and darkness, but, when love and light prevail, it is a true victory. I pray that the Anthonys can continue to embrace the community who cared for Caylee, and persist in helping others who have missing children, a mission that I believe George believes in, and wants to do to honor Caylee.

None of us can imagine the lives they've been forced to live, and while it's been frustrating beholding their obstruction of justice, it can be somewhat perceived as part of their cycle of co-dependency with a deeply disturbed daughter.

With God, nothing is impossible, and I encourage prayer for them, even for Casey, because, despite what 12 stealth jurors and pure simpletons did to dishonor justice and truth, God provided her with a second chance for reasons of His own. Maybe she'll prove to the world that she can change, even though it's a long shot. Most likely, she will kill again before she's finally isolated from innocent people. That's the way these things usually go. Look at Dutch psychopath, Joran Vandersloot.

In any event, even when they lied under oath, the Anthonys have suffered tremendous loss. While I don't believe it's proper to profit from the blood money offered for the death of a child, I pray the Anthonys continue to have a conscience and a consciousness towards their community, and the world community who fell in love with little Caylee Mnarie. I pray that she is honored in some way by the people she loved while she lived. Profiting from her death is sickeningly offensive, even for people hard-pressed for financial security but, paying it forward would honor her life.
I pray they can take the high road.

Father, in Jesus' Name, provide light, protection, and hope for the Anthony family, and Casey. Let them resist the temptation to profit, and let them live their lives honorably in her memory

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