Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Eye Of the Hurricane, The Eye of Horus, and the Eye of God Almighty

Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, and signs that the final days were imminent. This can be found in Matthew 24. Earthquakes are a natural event, but, God uses the natural and supernatural as his palate. ALL sovereignty is HIS alone. So, while it's not necessarily a "spooky" event to behold an unusual earthquake that shook much of the east coast, and Washington DC yesterday, one thing caught my eye, indeed.

There was a crack, actually a series of cracks, primarily in the capstone of the Washington Monument that was discovered as a result of this event.

When you think about it, the monument itself is to Christians and Jews who are iconoclasts, an abomination, because it has it's origins in the ancient "mystery religion" related to phallic worship of the sun-god. Google obelisk, and it is easy to find it's origin as a pagan symbol:

Obelisk in Wikipedia

The obelisk, ziggarut, and pyramid symbols are prevalent in commercial iconography of our Western world. They appear in so many forms, we are immune to their original meaning. One of the most recognizable applications of this is of course, in the dollar bill's illuminated eye of Horus, euphemistically titled "The Eye of Providence" topping off as the capstone of the pyramid,

It is such a common icon that I didn't give it much thought, and until Robert Anton Wilson's magnum opus of the 1970's, in his trilogy "Illuminati Papers",  I probably wouldn't have recognized it's true importance more than a decorative symbol of the ancient past.

These type of ancient symbols of the so-called, "mystery religion", provoke jealousy in God, because, it usurps his authority and imparts powerful meaning to another created being, or inanimate objects, either idols, or things of the natural world, like the sun, and moon.

 The Bible is deliberately limited in allowing us to behold the conflicts in the war between Lucifer and Christ, but, we do know that the once beloved archangel to Christ rebelled and went his own way. When man was created, he did usurp authority, and was allowed to have dominance over the carnal world, according to God's plan.

This is the most difficult concept for us to read, that God ordains certain angels, fallen angels, or certain men and leaders, even monsters like Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and Hitler, to achieve his purposes.

Like an artist employs dark backgrounds to bring out images of light, these darkest of themes are there for the ultimate contrast. That's not to say they are there for our benefit, but, for God to be glorified, and for that reason, alone.

Images of jealousy were a major bone of contention in the Old Testament, as was all idolatry, following the mandate of the Torah, the Law. Even so, it is a weakness of our vulnerable flesh and carnal minds to be drawn to some of these things, even more so than the beauty and truth of the Gospel of Christ.

In the Old Testament, the Sons of Aaron, the Levites were given the imperative to demand the destruction of all symbols of the worldly mysticism and magical superstition from Egypt, Babylon and Mesopotamia, because, these cultures were so geographically near to the Hebrew people, and they polluted the faith with their own idols and beliefs in things that were worshipped as gods, but, were nothing but stone and imagination. Instead of speaking to the Creator, with one's heart, the physicality of ritual and visual stimulation beguiled those instructed to seek YHWH.

It's a little disheartening to have the scales fall from our eyes when we see how much paganism and magical sigils and symbols are evident in our modern culture, starting from the time of the so-called enlightenment, when educated people fell into the trap that Solomon succumbed into, and sought the god of forces rather than the God of Creation, changing the sacred to the profane esoteric symbols of an ancient abomination, which may be hidden, but, not without destructive power.

In short, I think that it was a sign, one of many, that the cracks were found in the Washington Monument, all things considered. This coming immediately before a possible cataclysmic storm is indeed strange timing, as well.

While we can't be ruled by our own wisdom or fears and superstitions, it does make me wonder.
It does bring me into clarity about God opening up to us now, in the days when we can be saved.

I pray that through the tempest and storm surges, that people will seek God's strength, mercy, miracles and truth, and that many will have the lights in their mind's eye illuminated, even if the electric power goes out.

I pray that God is merciful to all those in the path of this hurricane who call on His NAME. While it can be said that we have "sown the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind", it is always appropriate to believe in God's grace, his tender mercies,  and his infinite unconditional love. .

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