Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Joy of Anticipating the Lord's Return

There are so many signs of the Lord's return
that I could fill a book a day with countless
things that are evident to all who see and hear
without the filters of disbelief.

The Green Gestapo, led by the false prophet,
Albert Gore and his legion, may obfuscate the
signs from the weather, as being man-made, but,
isn't that the job of the Antichrist, to distract,
to steal, to lie and to usurp the authority of
our Lord?

Right now, there's a handsome, vibrant, extremely
charismatic young leader who's poised to take the
helm of the most powerful nation in the free world.
Instead of campaigning in the heartland of America,
amongst those who lifted him on their shoulders,
he has embarked on a journey to consolidate the
nations of power, throughout the world. He has
shaken hands with different leaders, natural
enemies, and his agenda seems messianic.

His smile is like sunshine and his words are
like fresh air, but, something deeply disturbing
is overlapping the destiny that he seems to possess.
This destiny seems to suggest that the one who
will be the leader of the world in 2012, will also
be the one spoken of by Daniel, and by John, the
Beloved, the Revelator.

I believe we are approaching the climax of all
history, and it's time to awaken. The hour is
far too late to delay seeing the signs, or heeding
the potential for the Antichrist rising, and the
Lord's imminent return.

This is not to say that I know if Barak Obama is
the Antichrist, but, he could be. I actually like
him, too. That's what scares me the most. If I
can be taken in by that smile, his radiant hope,
and even by a certain pride in him becoming our
next President, then, his power is fierce.

I was even poised to vote for him, and then
he awakened me out of my slumber by shaking hands
with the insidious club of leaders in Europe and
the Middle East. What is he doing campaigning
throughout the world, meeting with the world leaders,
and pledging to them, before his own citizens?

It's getting late, and my hope is high, not for
a man to save us, but, for the LORD to return
and reign over all. We yearn for the Messiah.
Choosing a man, even a seemingly good man like
Barak Obama, is contrary to God's Plan.

The Antichrist comes in as the proverbial lamb,
even as a Christian, of sorts. He is a man who
has not followed the religion of his father,
as spoken by the Prophet Daniel. Barak "converted"
to Christianity. The Antichrist doesn't come from
the Temple of Thelema, but, from the Church itself.

My religious training in the exegetics of prophecy
stated that the Antichrist is a Jew, and that may
still be the case. Yet, I don't take it for granted
that it has to be this way. I think it's also
possible for this application to refer to him
being a "Christian" in name, as in the Bible,
there are no Christians, per se, since God calls
the faithful, JEWS, and it doesn't matter if their
ancestor was Abraham.

I was taught and told that we will be raptured,
and lifted safely out of this place for the term
of the Antichrist, for the 7 years he reigns.
I've never been married to Pre-or Post Trib
doctrines, because, I always felt the need to
be open-minded. Jesus told us that if it were
possible, that even the elect will be deceived.
That's why it's important to not assume we
can trust our popular training.

We do know that the first 3 1/2 years of the
Antichrist's term is spent in tying together
the world in a global unity, and the last 3 1/2
are spent destroying the world, and letting loose the
beast who kills all without the mark on their
hands and foreheads.

I was taught the mark is symbolic. Just as the
ancient Hebrew Law stated to keep the Torah in
the hand and forehead, that's why ancient
Jews wore a tiny scroll phylactery pendant as
an icon, the mark of God. Instead of a physical
mark, or little charm like the ancient Hebrews
wore, we are taught the mark of God is the spiritual
representation of the Spirit of God, born of
faith, in the hand and head.

So, extrapolating this, we have been taught
that the Mark of the Beast is also symbolic.

But, is it? No one without the Mark of the Beast
can buy or sell.

We of the last generation know that the global
confederacy of power has prepared a computerized
system called "The Beast" which can monitor
every one of six billion people. We all have
become electronically monitored in some way,
by our credit line, alone.

This system couldn't have been imagined by
those even 100 years ago, but, it's all come
true to the point where the Mark of the Beast
may indeed be more than spiritual, as the
Mark of God signifies where are hearts and
heads are at. In the case of the world,
the flesh is more real to them than the
spirit, anyway, so why not a real mark?

It's almost fashionable to exhort the
number, mark and name of the Beast, so,
how many will be as superstitious as
Christians. Even Christians are being
taught to not worry about a physical mark,
as in getting chipped. When it comes down
to national and international policy, will
Christians resist the chip, even if it
means not being able to access their money,
keep their homes, and buy and sell? Will
our Faith persist?

With identity thefts, terrorism, homeland security,
child abduction, you name the multitude of reasons
for it, there is now a GPS and data-based electronic
chip that if implanted can take care of all our needs.
We don't need to worry about credit cards, workplace ID
cards, travel on planes and buses, and losing our kids
and pets, or elder family.

It's common sense that we are at the threshold
of that day when we will be required to be tagged
electronically with chips.

The chips in the hand are going to happen. It may
be made mandatory in 2012, after the next wave of
international terrorism, especially with the signs
coming down from Iran. Israeli intelligence, the
best of the best, states that Iran and Hezbollah
plan to act after the new President is firmly

After campaigning on a platform of non-aggression,
and anti-war rhetoric, as his left-wing
predecessors have inculcated the masses to recite,
especially schools and universities throughout
the free world, what defense will the free world
have to resist? An entire generation has been
constantly drilled and mind-washed to react
with complacency to the enemies of liberty,
and resent any hawkish defense of freedom.

When Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or any other enemy
of Israel, America and England attack, there will
be puppet diplomats and concessions, because
we have been primed to surrender. After all,
it's all one world. The United Nations, not
the United States. When you consider the platform
of the UN, it's easy to predict where we're

After any of these attacks, the infrastructure
of the free world will collapse. This will necessitate
the need for the identity chips. They will have all
our data, provide info about where we are at all times,
and the chips in the foreheads probably refer to the
ones they are now making which can control aggressive
behavior, or mediate religious tendencies.

Here's a parallel clue to what the chip in the
head is all about. Government Intel agencies for
the past 40 years have been studying religious people,
mostly unaware volunteers, to determine and
map which areas of the brain are involved in worshipping
God. I think this gives them the potential to have
developed and may implant the chips which can interfere with
the areas of the brain which are used in devotion.

It will obviate the urges in any who have the inclination
to pray for salvation.

This is why they will be damned by getting the chips.

It is coming. It is here.

It's a bit science fiction, I know, but, it's fact.
Every week, something new astounds me. Google Earth
blows my mind. All of this stuff is magic really,
when you think about it, and I am awed by technology,
but, is technology to be our God, or has it already
become our hope for salvation?

I think it's reassuring to know that Christ is coming.

That's why I don't have any despair, other than to
have anxiety about the multitudes who scorn Christ,
and hate God. When I think of what is going to happen
to them, I get sick down to my bone marrow, but, I am
not the Lord. I can only pray and preach, even though
I become the fool of the world for preaching the
Gospel of the Latter Days.

Each of us has a choice. Faith is a gift of God, so
I can't boast that I'm better than anyone else.
Anyone that wants to have the cloak of God as a
shield, and refuge from the storm that is coming,
can freely ask Him, for He gives life and FAITH to
all who ask.

IF this is happening before our eyes, I pray that
we no longer deceive ourselves, but, embrace the
end. It is not our end, but, the end of the
suffering of millions of people, who are starving
tonight. It is the end of injustice for all women,
who have been treated like objects of scorn, who
have been raped and discarded for Millenia. Soon
we will be free. It is the end of all discrimination
because in God's sight, there is no such thing as
someone of a different race or sex who is unworthy.

It will be the beginning of a time promised, where
the meek of the Earth will no longer be oppressed
by the warlords, and oligarchs, who suck up all
the Earth's bounty, and keep diminishing our
portion. That is why false prophets like Gore's
Green Gestapo preach the laws of deprivation.
What a sick joke to see them fly around in their
jet set living, from mansion to mansion, having
endless babies, using up more carbon footprints
than thousands of individuals, and telling us
we will soon be deprived of more and more.
They will make sure of this by unendurable prices
like we see in places like Zimbabwe, where they
are printing trillion dollar bills which barely
buy a loaf of bread.

To billionaires, and most of the Green
millionaires, their lives in the Hamptons
will not be impaired. They can afford to be
disposable and use up all they want. It is
terrifying to perceive the Hell on Earth they
are creating for people in the next decade.
Massive starvation, and making our minimal
creature comforts like driving a car to work,
or having air-conditioners in the summer,
unaffordable. Only they, the gods, can live
in comfort and luxury. What bastards, but,
they will be visited soon enough in their
arrogant comfort zones.

Like Lenin before him, Gore has found a new way
to deprive the humble working classes of the
little they have. How ingeniously evil of him,
and how arrogant are his followers, a large
percentage of them are multi-millionaires who
don't sacrifice anything more than words.

Soon, the hypocrites will be gnashing their
teeth. The green world they are coveting for
their own purposes, will be irradiated. This
is unavoidable. Never have there been weapons
formed which have not been used against man's
enemy. There's no conceivable scenario where
Iran will not use nuclear weapons, and there's
no conceivable way that Israel will not
retaliate, as it is prophesied in Zechariah.

Still, my heart is beating in excitement and
expectation. Let the world crash and burn,
because a new dawn is coming. The Lord returns,
and with Him is his re-reward. There's nothing
that can compare to what He has offered all
those who take a bite of the fruit from the
Tree of Life.

We will see the Tree planted in quantities, in
fact, along the river, with a different fruit
for each month. The leaves will be used to
heal the nations.

As a female, I await being liberated from this
vast whore-house of Earth, where women are
subjugated, despised, and abused. Only Christ
is worthy to free the slaves, and He is gentle
and kind. There is no other God I will serve.
There is no other point to my existence than
to worship the Lord, my God. I pray I can be
found worthy to be forgiven for all my sins,
and stand before Him, forevermore.

It is a holy paradox how in adversity, the
Christian can rejoice. It is a wonderful
miracle that our paradigm is to grow young,
not old, and to gain in this knowledge and
wisdom, even desiring death to this life
of travail, slave-masters and cruel tyrants
and hypocrites. I rejoice that in watching
the world's end, I am seeing the birth
of something vastly better, not to be
compared to our present infirmities on this
mound of dirt. Soon, our celestial bodies
will be present, alongside our heavenly
Father, and His Son, our King and Redeemer,
our God.

He will reign for 1000 years, and from there,
we will be told how eternity is full of
surprises and untold, unimaginable joy.
I can almost hear the singing of the angels,
and the orchestral heavenly choir that is
praising God.

I adore Him. Oh JESUS! I adore Him.
I am happy to see the end of times coming.
Let Obama reign if it's God's will, until the
Lord come. Let it rain.

(If Bam's not the Antichrist, let
him be illuminated by God's Holy Spirit.

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