Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In the darkness

I'm going through an insomnia phase. It's 3:30 am and
every time I close my eyes, too many thoughts and
feelings arise.

Last night my dad found me covered in
tears at 2 am, and when he asked what happened,
he could scarcely believe that I had been crying for
10 minutes straight because I had read another horrible
account of atrocities in the Sudan.

Some people get wound up about Iraq, or gas prices,
and I can't shake the idea that there are literally
millions of people who are helplessly being led to
the slaughter, and there's nothing the West can

Al Bashir is being charged with crimes against
humanity, but, what good will it do? It's better
than justifying him, and allowing monsters like
him to continue with impunity, yet, it will create
more victims.

We bitch about prices and our trivial hardships
in the West, when millions are starving, being
tortured, raped, and forced to endure unimaginable
terror. The Islamo-Nazis in Africa are worse than
the original ones.

My dad is a sensitive man, and tried to assure
me that as long as he's lived, there's been the
same suffering in the world, yet, I know that
he can't block it out completely, either.

There's a growing darkness that can't seem to
be eliminated by human will or decency, even
by the charity, and sacrifices of brave souls who
venture to physically go to Africa to help these
poor people.

There's a terrifying callousness to the new Islam
which is swallowing up continents. Their cruelty
exceeds the accounts of the German Nazis.
It has consumed and digested Africa, and is now
eating away at Europe. It won't be long before the
Nazis are firmly entrenched in America as well.

I don't believe that invading Iran, the Sudan, Uganda
or Saudi Arabia, or anything we can do can stop it.
It is supernaturally evil, and prophetic.

If the untold suffering of these poor helpless souls shatter
my peace at night, and drive me to weep helplessly, how
much worse is it for God and the angels to witness
their misery and hear their pleas?

When I pray, I am not met with silence. I feel
the Spirit command me to endure as they must.
Just a little while longer, until the indignation is
complete, and the justice that man cannot provide
will come from above. Prayer is the only contribution
I can make on these nights when their hollow eyes,
and children's cries break my spirit. I know that
God will redeem the meek and return the Earth
to the humble and gentle folks who will honor
Him, and care for eachother.

Father, in Jesus' Name, provide hope and consolation
for all those in the jaws of the infernal Nazi beast.
Let the Arab not boast themselves against heaven
any longer. Let them know that the cries of the
innocent, and the blood of the martyrs will
be avenged.

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