Friday, July 4, 2008

It's a stormy July 4th. I guess I can't watch fireworks.
I don't have to go anywhere to watch since the entire
sky is usually lit up with them. From my patio, facing
East, I can see the fireworks on the beaches, and
throughout the area. I have a great view.

The consolation for not having this annual light
fest is lowly shadenfreude towards my obnoxious
neighbor across the canal from me. This idiot has two
big dogs, and leaves them outside night and day and
they bark incessantly. INCESSANTLY. It starts to
wear on your nerves, especially after midnight.
What kind of creep is oblivious to other people who
need their rest, and only cares about disturbing
the peace?

ANyway, this trogladytic creep has
annual July 4th parties which usually attract
about 100 drunken people who bring enough
fireworks to light up the sky all on their own.
They take their drunken revelry to climbing
on boats, shouting loudly, and filling up the
peaceful canal, terrorizing the poor ducks and turtles,
not to mention all the indigenous fish.

I have a problem with morons who use electric
and gas motors in the delicate canal. It has
to create chaos for the teeming communities
of creatures who call it home. They are so loud,
believing they can shout, play loud music through
sound systems, and carry on until practically
dawn. God forbid someone wants to sleep
past 3 a.m., it's impossible, since they feel
it is their God-given right to shoot off
firecrackers, shout drunkenly, and create
enough ruckus every ten minutes to assure
any dozers will be awakened.

What makes people behave like this?
Why do the lowest forms of humanity
believe they should get even with others
by disturbing the peace? It's a sign of the
times, unfortunately. The mass equivalent
of "Leroy was here."

I literally have thanked God all day for
the gloomy skies and thunder, lightening
and continual rain, since 4 PM, just when
their alcohol kicks in.

The hundred odd guests of the trogladyte
are huddled under the tents and gazebo
awnings on his decks and boat dock, the
barbecue grills pushed back, and now they
are huddled looking glum.

Why is shadenfreude such a pleasurable
feeling? I can't express how happy I
am that they are not being allowed to
take over our canal and raise hell until
the morning, like every other year.

I watch the ducks swim tentatively past the
ubiquitous barking dogs and 100 noisy
people, but, they are glad their home
is not being invaded by all the boats
lined up, which usually take over the
canals until dawn.
Thanks God.

Post script on horrible neighbors.....

At nine, it cleared enough for fireworks and
the sky lit up from about 2 dozen different
locations. It was beautiful. All of a sudden I
realized that some idiots were lighting really
huge rockets right in front of our condo,
right on our lawn. I then saw the trogs had
taken their boats and crossed the canal to
land on our side and set off the fireworks!

If it hadn't been raining all day, it may have
caused fires here. The reason they lit them
on this side was to spare their own homes
from getting damaged.

NEXT YEAR, God Willing, I am going to
be downstairs with video and capture them
doing this heinous thing. There were at least
three boats of at least 30 people who actually
trespassed on our property to do this.

It does no good to call the cops on this guy.
He's something in local government. I know
because he was polluting the canal a few
years ago, throwing stuff in it, and when I
filed a complaint, the commissioner knew
him very well, and dismissed me like I was
being unfair to him. I even turned him in
to the wildlife federation, and because of
who he was, he got a pass.

Isn't that always the way of this world?

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