Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Truth is OUT There

Tomorrow, the new "X-Files" movie comes out.
As my blog title implies, I've always been a fan
of the show. There was a great deal of synchronicity
with the show and my young missionary life back
in the 1980s. In fact, when the show came out,
my friend Frank and I were almost paranoid,
since the resemblances to the characters
(although Hollywood-ized) and us, WE felt
were similar. Of course, it was just one of those
synchronistic coincidences, nothing more,
even though there were things on the show
which were uncanny and similar to our realm
of interest ten years before.

One of those interests was to discern the truth
about UFOs. When I was a kid, my whole
neighborhood was treated to an event that
changed our lives. Even today, if I meet
someone from that hood, alive at the time
of the great UFO event, that's all they
remember.. "The purple UFO."

Ironically, Will Smith, the actor who starred
in "Men in Black" also grew up in this
neighborhood, although he was too young,
or not alive yet when the incident took
place. But, the fact that he lived there
is proof of the uncanny synchronicity
and string of coincidences.

Today, in England's "Telegraph", a stunning
article features former astronaut, Dr. Edgar
Mitchell, of Apollo XIV, who claims to have
inside information on UFOs and aliens,
suppressed by NASA, the government, AND
the media.

Aliens exist, but NASA covers them up says astronaut

Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of several
UFO visits during his career, but each one had been
covered up.

The 77-year-old, who was a crew member of the
Apollo 14 mission, said sources at the space agency had
described aliens as resembling "little people who look
strange to us".

The event of my childhood was spectacular.
Hundreds of people witnessed this craft, and
we studied it with binoculars. Even with the
bare eye, it hovered low enough to discern
windows and detailed lights. It would zig-zag,
go straight up and down, and then hover for
minutes at a time.

Here's what's still inexplicable to me. We were
hardly the only people to witness UFOs. We
were one of hundreds of phone calls to
the Franklin Institute, who told us of the
others, yet, no media mention was ever

Years later, when my dad and I were telling
my nephew about it, while watching a program
about UFOs, he remarked how much he
wanted to see a UFO. During the commercial,
we all went out to the back deck, so I could
have a smoke.

We were still discussing the show when
before our eyes two incredible events
transpired. The first was a star-like object
whose branches of light reached to the ground.
It was unbelievably jarring, and my dad said
it must have been what the "Star of
Bethlehem" looked like.

Right after that, as we watched this star,
there was a UFO. My nephew who had
wanted to see a UFO so desperately, like
his dad and I saw so many years earlier
was now witnessing one.

Talk about synchronicity, this was the
prize instance of such a phenomenon.

I still don't know how that happened,
but, it leads me to ponder how there
could be a spiritual component to these

Of course, in this vast universe, it's only
logical that there are countless other
life forms, and even intelligent forms of
life who can travel to other planets, but,
what about the way that those who have
seen UFOs, see them again and again,
while others, even some who want to
see them, have never seen them?

Why was this UFO event in Texas with
my nephew so close to our discussion
and wish to see a UFO?

There was no doubt we saw a UFO,
even though we lived near Andrews
Airforce Base. The thing was associated
with the star we saw.

Don't ask me what it means, or if it from
God or the devil. I don't claim to have
a knowledge of its' origins, but, there's
more to UFOs than mere extra-terrestrial
visitation, in my opinion.

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