Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthdays are for kids

In 15 minutes, it will be my birthday.
I'm not sentimental, nor do I really
care a lot about these mortal markers and
reasons to celebrate. I don't know why.

Yet, I'm human, and I am programmed to
acknowledge how it's a special day. Presents
always always embarrass me. So do cards.
I don't know why.

I don't mind getting older. I feel younger
every year. I'm getting closer to Jesus
every year, and the closer I get to him,
the nearer immortality and salvation is,
so, my hope is that my age doesn't matter
any more. It doesn't bother me and
I don't know why.

I'll stop with the I don't knows, but,
there are many things that are mysterious
in my life, and I've stopped questioning
things that are good, or agonizing over
things that are not so good.

I was thinking of what my birthday wish
could be, and I asked Jesus to take my
wish and use it for some Christian woman
in Africa tonight. Let her have the miracle.
The Lord has already blessed me with shelter
and security. I pray that He gives that
blessing to some woman living in fear
and suffering from hunger and misery.

This year, I am going to try to consume
more energy, and be less green. Unlike the
preponderance of hypocritical stars who
preach the green gospel, I live in a tiny
space, drive a ridiculously economical
car, and never too far. I never reproduced
myself even once, let alone filled the
planet with replicas of myself like them.
In fact, I have no carbon footprint,
compared to the green gestapo, and I
hope to change that and get my fair
share this year.

That's all. Happy Birthday to me.
May there be Peace on Earth when the
LORD reigns. I pray that He will return
by my next birthday.

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