Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nancy Grace and the Casey Anthony Case Epilogue

How weird that my post yesterday and the day before about this case disappeared. It seems like our First Amendment Rights are being sucked away. I wonder if this post will be unceremoniously deleted by a higher power?

Nancy Grace is NOT to blame for Casey Anthony's situation. She's been the scapegoat for how this trial went south, but, let me opine that she is innocent.

The problem with this case, in my opinion, was that it did capture the world, because of the beautiful child, and the behavior of this "mother" and the belief that she viciously disposed of the girl like trash. Nothing will ever convince me that she didn't.

When voir dire was being conducted to find jurors, literally hundreds and hundreds of viable bodies showed up, but, most of them either had situations of work where six weeks sequestered would have been a hardship, or they knew about the case and felt she was guilty as sin.

In the end, they had the impossible task of finding 12 or more people who :1. Never heard of this case, and never had a clue about her guilt or innocence; 2. Were not engaged in a mandatory employment situation where they could not afford to lose up to 2 months of pay.

So, they picked 12 jurors, and a few alternates who could stay in a hotel as prisoners for six to eight weeks, and who had never had much exposure to the case. This means that they had people who do not read newspapers, watch the News on TV, or pay attention to our world.  These people are those who watch Gomer Pyle reruns, and play Fantasy Football all day, or are so disengaged from the world that they were oblivious to one of the most publicized cases in our century.

In other words, they had to choose from losers. Plain and simple. They may be nice, and they may be decent, but, they're dopes. They said there was an IT dude, but, anyone in a company knows that IT guys are sometimes alarmingly obtuse when it comes to life. Some of them  wear their right shoes on their left foot, and can't chew gum and walk. Try to have a conversation about current events with them. Enough said.

Then there was a "retired nurse" and a few nursing students. I doubt they were RN students because they would be encumbered with clinical requirements, and what nursing student can take off a semester, or would choose to do this? They were Nurse's Aides, if that, in my opinion.

I think that the Alternate Juror, who spoke to the press about how the stupid morons on the jury found the State's case lacking revealed so much.  First of all, how did he know? He wasn't privy to their deliberations, if you can call them that. He was an alternate. He obviously had engaged in conversations with this dumb as dirt group, during the long sequestration. In other words, these people, didn't give a damn about the judge's instructions, and discussed the case. You and I know that they did.

They didn't take notes. Not surprising since they weren't in possession of higher degrees of education. They probably didn't know how to take notes.

In the early stages of being hard-pressed to find jurors, the Judge almost went to the Homeless Shelters, because he was desperate to find warm bodies to fill those 12 seats. He could have done so much better if they did go to the homeless, rather this group of Nimrods,

These people are contemptible and they freed a killer, who will go on to star in porn film, if she takes up the offer by Vivid Entertainment, and make millions of dollars selling Caylee's rights and her tragic story of performing fellatio on her dad before school every day.

Our system failed in this high profile case because everyone though this woman was guilty, and the only people qualified to serve as her jury were the dumbest pet rocks on the planet, who had never read a newspaper, or watched the News. They probably don't even know about the War in Iraq, or know that there aren't 48 States.

They also didn't seem to heed the judge's admonitions about discussing the case between themselves. But, then again, they probably didn't know what the word "admonition" meant, and didn't have any intellectual curiosity to look it up.

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