Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waves of Synchronicity in the ocean of Time and Space

I have noticed that there are periods of my life when I ride into breathtaking waves of synchronicity, like  the perfect crests of the ocean, and just as exciting and harrowing. It's probably a lot like manic depressive states during the manic highs, because, when it happens, there is a heightened energy and feeling of almost magical thinking.

The past 24 hours has demonstrated to me that these events are life-long, and quite real, because, when I experience them, they happen to whoever is close to me, as well. They become awe struck and confused and aware of the mystery.

This phenomenon can occur with any surrounding events, like being in a crowd, while thinking of peanut butter and jelly, hearing the person next to me discussing it, while a second later, a poster of a pbj sandwich appears. The most frequent example of how this occurs is during television when something I'm doing is instantly reflected in a program I'm watching.

For instance, I was drawing a painting of very vivid and stylized butterflies amidst roses, and I looked up and the program I was watching had a guest, in this case, Marcia Clark, the prosecutor for OJ, who was wearing a shirt almost identical to the picture I was working on, even down to the colors, and flowers. It was pretty weird, and my dad couldn't explain it, either. Before that, there were a half dozen similar coincidences, even with commercials on television. My dad couldn't explain them all, and then, it started happening to him.

He was looking for a good paperback of mine to read, and I recommended "Night" by Elie Weizel, and five minutes later, as her was doing the crossword puzzle in today's paper, the first clue was "Author of "Night""....

Right after that, we were wondering how so many coincidences were happening, when a commercial came on for a new cat food. It showed a short-haired white cat who was identical to my new kitten, and she's an unusual little creature, yet, the cat was her. Before we could remark how odd it was to see such a twin, the commercial had a second cat, who looked identical to "Toy" my tabby. It's just too many odds against the two identical cats appearing together.

All day long, if the TV was on, and I said a keyword to someone, I heard that word being echoed in some way on television.

It's proof (sort of) that all of us are plotted on some perfect matrix, and our existence is in harmony with our universe, and our surroundings. It means that we are caught up in some incredible net, or network, and knowing this, makes me feel very secure. If we're intersecting with the Time/Space continuum, that infers our own immortality or permanence with infinity and most of all, with God. While it's also disconcerting, I choose to see it as a profound blessing, just to know that I'm part of everything surrounding me, and God made it like that to remind me of his perfection and wonderful plan.

Thanks to the LORD, every day there are miracles and blessings.

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