Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am so disillusioned with this world leader, that I'm willing to make the leap.  If he is to wear the final crown of the beast, then let's stop mincing words and political correctness. Let's call it what it is, and at least know what we're dealing with.

This man was virtually unknown a decade ago, and was promoted amongst the ranks of the most elite politicians, with pedigrees, yet, was lifted up on their shoulders as a messianic figure to usher in a new era of equality of health care, and impoverishment of virtually every other value that this country has stood for since it's inception.

As far as a global government, why would we desire to be united with the savages in Afghanistan and Pakistan, or most of the world, whose governments enslave souls and create a culture of desperation and despair, depriving nearly all citizens of hope and equal rights? Other than the chosen few, most of their lives become a day to day battle to simply survive and get food.

The Obama-nation that is emerging in America isn't far behind. China has eclipsed our star, and we are falling rapidly. While natural disasters were plaguing our Midwest, this Obama-nation was kissing the hand of useless royalty in England. Why do we even bother with them? What is royalty if not an abomination? Why are these inbred snobs even respected or sought out, other than historical curiosities whose status is like scandalous pop stars ? They are less than anything, and if England is sentimental about their historical serfdom under vicious tyrants, why are we going backwards into this pit?

Obama-nation is the only President in my lifetime who has not participated in the Christian religion, in any fashion. He did not even put on a respectable show of piety during Easter. YET, he hosts multiple events during Muslim holy days.

 The church he belonged to for 20 years was an abomination, as well, eschewing the Gospel for Marxist liberation theology. It is the nuclear base for the Antichrist, and so, it has spawned this creature who now is leading us into nuclear winter.

Abandoning Israel will mean nuclear war within the next decade.  Make no mistake. ANY Jew or Christian who supports Obama-nation already has a mark upon them, without the subsequent chip. It's time we spread the word.

Remember, the last Antichrist reigns 3.5 years (first term) in relative peace, and it's his last term of 3.5 years when the nuclear holocaust arrives. Be empowered. Know prophecy and the truth will set you free.

Bring it on.

70 years ago, in 1942, the Nazi's instituted the "Final Solution" and I think it's fitting that starting in 2012, the Jews give the world it's "final solution."
I really think it's time that Zion give the world a reason to hate us, once and for all, because, so much blood has been spilled through the centuries, that it isn't fair, and God always, always, always deals the last ironic blow. They won't have to club us over the head with "global warming" another device of theirs, because nuclear winter is coming.

As far as Obama-nation, our goose is cooked with this clown. It's written on the wind and we're reaping the whirlwind. Seek shelter with the only salvation we have left, and in the KING of kings, in Jesus Christ, and the HOPE of his promise to return and redeem us from these demons who raise their whips against our skin.

Pray pray pray my brothers. Look up, for our redemption arrives.
 We'll be leaving soon.

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