Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Talented Casey Anthony

In 1955, Patricia Highsmith created a unique anti-hero named Ripley. Most people are familiar with his presence in modern movies, especially the stellar "The Talented Mr. Ripley" starring Matt Damon, who did a spectacular job in portraying this sympathetic psychopathic serial killer.

In the original novels (it was a trilogy), Ripley was different than any other character before him. His triumphant talent was in his extraordinary ability to lie so convincingly, that he beguiled and was was enriched by his victims, and eluded justice, becoming more and more successful and respectable.

Unlike the character in the novel, Casey is hardly escaping from her treachery, but, on the other hand, even Ripley's character lacked her phenomenal ability to lie, and maintain that posture under all circumstances.

Ultimately, unlike the fictional Ripley, Casey will be imprisoned, probably for life, but, no one has ever encountered anyone quite like Miss Anthony.
Her ability to expand on lies is truly prodigious, and almost awesome.
She is not a stupid woman. In fact, what sends chills down my spine is how cold she is, and how I believe if she escaped punishment for Caylee's death that I have no doubt that she would have continued to kill those who got in her way, or who could enrich her. I believe Cindy and Lee and George could have been her next victims. She seems to really hate them most of all, and even to the degree that since they adored Caylee, by killing her, she could disrupt and destroy their lives.

I feel heartbroken when I think of George and Cindy, her poor parents. Watching her mom break down this week, caused me to cry for fifteen minutes. I've stayed with this case for three years, and was not always sympathetic to Cindy, but, things have changed, and my understanding of her tragic circumstances fills me with immeasurable admiration and sympathy. I pray for her every day.

I feel almost sick when I consider George Anthony. I do not believe he was ever abusive or inappropriate with Casey, and if anything, he was too permissive and spoiled her. He has his own demons, but, so do most of us. We don't have our dirty laundry, or worst moments paraded out on a world stage for scrutiny. This man is not perfect, but, because he is flawed, yet, innocent of these scurrilous bogus accusations from a rotten defense strategy, I feel the deepest sympathy. This defense will not only fail, but, probably provoke the jury in the end. Ironically, if anything saves Casey from death, it will be people fearing putting the Anthonys through more misery and loss. I know that's how I would feel on that jury.

My most fervent prayers go out to George, and I hope George and Cindy have some way of feeling the prayers that millions of people have for their benefit. I know that when many people pray for you, the LORD allows you to experience them. It's an indescribable thing.

When my brother was dying, congregations from literally all denominations and religions had him on their prayer lists. One Sunday morning, God allowed me to witness the magnificent  harmony of prayers, and it was something that cannot be described easily. The Bible describes it like incense rising before the throne of the LORD, and it wasn't like that, yet, it was ethereally like an intangible essence that can't be explained any other way.

Holy Father, in the NAME of Jesus Christ, please watch over Cindy and George Anthony, during this trial, and this period when their deepest sorrow and shame is broadcast as a reality show for the world to view.

 Let them feel the love and support of the many people who care about them and seek intercession on their behalf. Let them feel comforted in some way that will strengthen them. Let them feel there is hope. Let them know they are loved. Let them start to heal, and accept the reality of Casey, without torturing their own souls any longer. I ask that they are given angels, and feel their precious Caylee's presence, Give them hope and let them know that they will see Caylee again. Let these people have an image of Caylee running free amongst the flowers and butterflies of paradise, where she will greet them again.

I cannot ever imagine their pain and misery. All I can do is ask our Lord to protect them and most of all, to give them wisdom and peace. They will have to come to terms with the talented Miss. Anthony, but, let them not blame themselves any longer.

Give the twelve people on the jury wisdom and truth. Foil the lies of the devil and the defense and the defendant and let them look like the liars that they are, without the smoke and mirrors, and let all the red herrings stink up the court until the only escape is common sense and truth.

Let the American people embrace the Anthonys and give them some consolation after so much tragedy and loss. Let our LORD be with them all their days, giving them the strength that can only come from God.
Bless them, and if possible, save Casey Anthony, while she endures prison for the next 60 years. Let her come to God, and leave the devil, the father of lies. I pray for her salvation. I ask that she die to lies and has an epiphany that will allow her to escape Hell and damnation, to once again see the face of Caylee Marie, who, on some level, she may still love.

Thank you Father, in the Name of Christ, that YOUR will be done.

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