Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial and How if it's not the end of the world, it should be.

The trial of Casey Anthony has been trumpeted as being "the trial of the century" and after three days, I need a break. My stress level at hearing Jose Baez, the defense attorney, victimize true victims, to ensure his client will be cleared, and even sympathized with as being a victim, is outrageous, but, apparently legal.

It's possible that Casey was abused as a kid, but, why would she continue living at the largess of said abuser, and subject her child to the same type of abuse?

Only God knows the truth, but, God help these ungodly people who have ruined the lives of George, Lee and Cynthia Anthony by alleging they are the villains, and Casey the "flower in the attic" and subjected to so much torture and pain that she effectively dissociated from the death of her gorgeous three year old.

Baez paints a picture of this child rapist, George, who finds the baby in a backyard swimming pool, and blames Casey for not watching her. Of course, even the fact that the ladder to the swimming pool was not removed by Cindy, the grandma of Caylee, advances the cause of poor Casey.

I don't want to hear of how Casey was a loving mother, blah blah blah. Anyone who disbelieves a psychopath can be an attentive and affectionate person one minute and a cold-blooded killer the next, only has to consider Diane Downs, Susan Smith, and other child-killers who never showed any sign of anything but perfect love.

Sociopaths work hard to perfect images, and learn the roles to play and emotions to emit, but, it's all superficial. That's why it's hard to reconcile that if the child died by an accident, why this loving mother would party and act happy and have a beautiful life prepared for her, in her mind.

I know that defense attorneys are allowed to fabricate stories, and this one was proposed by the legions of crime fans that speculated and rightly so, that there was a huge possibility of the child drowning. A few years ago, a little kid drowned in our canal. It's the big killer in Florida.

HOWEVER, the parents would not behave in any other way than traumatized and bereaved. If George Anthony, a police officer, found the baby, who he adored, dead in the pool, he would have called 911 and done CPR. He would not lead everyone, including the grandmother astray, misleading her into believing Caylee was kidnapped by a nanny.

Yet, the media is so beguiled by these ostensible "Perry Mason" moments, that they fail to connect the dots, and certainly are being disingenuous about how likely any of Baez's assertions are about George, and her brother Lee's rape of Casey since childhood.

What's worse is that while Casey did NOT grieve for this baby that the world fell in love with, George and Cindy, warts and all, DID visibly grieve and suffer. Lee seems like a wonderful young man, and he has to carry the cross of incest and innuendo for life. This family is ruined, and the damage done to them during this process of freeing the psychopathic liar, painting her as a victim of them, is even more astonishingly egregious than losing a precious and loved child.

Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree in Casey's case, and my sympathy for the Anthony's at this stage, may be exaggerated by what I feel are intolerable falsehoods, conceived amongst fiendishly evil and demonic litigators, who are allowed to lie, destroy people's lives and get away with it, while a cold-blooded killer gets all the breaks that our system allows.

Everyone deserves a vigorous defense, but, does it mean that every lawyer is allowed to lie and get away with it, when it impeaches true victims and their rights to privacy and slander? Where are the victims' rights in this case, because Casey is not the victim, but, the cause of death and destruction of her entire family. Maybe that's her ulterior motive all along.

Before she was stopped in her tracks, she bragged about being given George and Cindy's nice home, because "they would not be needing it" for some reason. Maybe she was planning to kill them all, but, was stopped, and in revenge is finishing the job with the help of Florida taxpayers paying these unscrupulously dishonest, even satanic attorneya, who are complicit in an evil that's so much greater than the original crime, that it shocks the senses by it's audacity. I believe that once such an accusation puts someone like George Anthony on trial, that the defense needs to back it up with some proof, otherwise, it is bullshit. But, that is not the way the law sees it. The LAW is an ASS.

However, Melvyn Perry, is an awesome judge, under the circumstances. It could be far worse, and the reality of this defense is not lost on him, I would bet my life on it..

Thanks to our system of justice, these lawyers make a mockery of real justice, and there's nothing we can do about it, except hope and pray 12 common people can see through it. Even so, these parents' lives are ruined forever. What's worse than being accused of being a child rapist and even a possible perpetrator in Caylee's death, maybe NOT from drowning, but, from duct tape asphyxiation that was in  George's possession, even though Casey is a thief and liar.

God help them all.

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