Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear Brother Camping

I have left blogging and the virtual world lately, and retreated into the old ways, without a digital this or that, and holding a real Bible in my lap, while I am transported into a place beyond time and space. Ironically, I have often remembered the salad days of the 1980s, with the spiritual wave that became a tsunami, and I was blessed to be carried out to sea, like a sacred fish, in a net that surpasses the Internet.  I recalled the great evangelical mentoring of Harold Camping, dear old Brother Fisherman, and his impeccable wisdom of the age. Then, he started dating things and like Martin Luther, fell from the divine stage in flames.

Like all men, with feet of clay.

But, today is May 21, 2011, and how I want his mad prophecy to be precise and true. How I would love to soar through the sky, or be transported up and out of this pitiful state, and into the gates where the pearls are the size of mountains, and the emeralds make mansions next to a river of life. I long to pick a peach from the divine blessed tree, growing along the banks of the holy stream,  and then smoke the leaves.

I can almost taste the freedom, as much as any prisoner longs and dreams of steel metal gates opening for reentry into a better place. I have longed to know this freedom and this perfect state.

As I get older, inside, I feel the clock ticking backwards, as something akin to childishness springs up inside me, like soda shaken up and released, or the first sip of champagne making me laugh and making me dizzy. Am I going crazy?

But, dear Brother Camping, who helped build the foundation of Christ's faith in a generation who are now turning grey, I pray you are right, but, I am depressed because I know it's not today.

Even though this week, an American President had the hubris and audacity to call Israel an "OCCUPIER" of Palestinian territory, which turned the key, let's just say, I still know it's not today. Not yet. But, if I'm wrong, I'll end this day in ecstasy, if I'm found to be worthy of the first transport.

I used to dream about flying, and I think it would be the most fun I've had, but, I can't discuss it with anyone, because they think we're all barking mad. I've even lost my taste for meat, knowing a vegan future is awaiting, where even the lions graze like lambs, and snakes are all friendly. No one will hurt or destroy in HIS HOLY Place. I want to spend eternity worshipping his beautiful face, and praising Yahweh forevermore. I want to sing and dance with the saints, and be in a rock band. I want to embrace every promise he made, and I believe in all his words, with all my heart, but, I am depressed today, because I know it will pass without our golden ticket on the chariot of God to the sacred cubic city of grace.

America is primed and ready for the beast. It's already engaged most of the world, look at the EU, and the Middle East. Look at China and the genocide in Africa. Look at the rivers of blood in the jungles of the Congo, and the increasingly chaotic weather. Look at the tsunamis and whirlwinds, we've sown with our godless ways, poisoning the Earth, and worshiping the work of our own making. With America and the UN condemning Israel, Christ told us the waiting is all but over, but, wait, it doesn't feel right yet, and I hate being disappointed because, like you, Brother Camping, I want to fly and leave a place where I'm not wanted.

The world has already expelled and extinguished most of the Jewish race, and Christianity is the new Jew on the block, so, I'm doubly cursed by the world's standards. I know Israel is going to drop some serious plutonium soon, and I'm thinking that this is when we will get our great escape. Why else would we need a "NEW" Jerusalem?

There's no question that the time is coming, but, the hour and the day, only God, the Father knows, and he's flexible, except when it comes to Jerusalem. Because Jerusalem, Ariel, doesn't belong to the Jews, nor the Arabs, nor anyone but HIM. He who touches Ariel, touches the apple of his EYE, and I wouldn't want to be someone who had to face the LORD after spurning or desecrating, or deserting Jerusalem.

Thank you Mr. Obama for making the day and time of our departure more certainly within this decade, but, as for the next 12 hours.... I can only daydream how it will be, wishing and praying to be ready on the actual day.

Still, it gives us all something to think about today, especially with Obama showing his blood-red teeth. I think it's safe to say we know who he may be..... I wouldn't want to be him. To gain the world, to what end? Makes me scared when I think about his fate. Makes me angry, too. How dare he call Israel "OCCUPIERS"? FU Mr. President. I no longer believe in America. The dream is over. The nightmare is just beginning, and hopefully, someday soon, Mr. Camping's yearning and dreams and visions will also come true.

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