Friday, July 29, 2011

Was Michael Jackson Murdered?

I loved and love Michael Jackson, and still cry about his death. I truly believe he was murdered, and it kills me. I don't know if he was a drug addict, but, if he was, it was due to chronic pain and misery. I  don't think he was a pedophile, and I think those cruel persecutions killed something inside of him, long before he was murdered. I can only hope and pray he is at peace with God, but, I pray that there can be some kind of justice for him in this world.

I saw LaToya Jackson give a compelling argument about how she believed Michael was murdered in a broader conspiracy, beyond a greedy and negligent doctor, being paid 100k a month to watch him. Her strongest point made the most sense: WHY would a production company hire a doctor for him to administer drugs, dangerous drugs? They would want to safeguard him and keep him AWAY from drugs, not give him a dangerous anaesthetic to fall asleep.

My professional job was to administer medical gases, intubate, resuscitate, and understand the cardiopulmonary system. When this doctor was called out for administering CPR on the bed, he claimed that since Michael was so thin, it wasn't a problem. I almost bust a vein in my own head!

When resuscitating children, you can slip your one hand behind to support their spine, while the other hand compresses. But, Michael was 50 years old, not 8. Children's bodies are elastic and supple. No matter how thin an adult is, there bones don't work like that. The physiology is different. I've resuscitated bird-like old ladies who don't weigh more than 70 pounds, and had to have a board behind their backs to achieve depth in compressing the sternum. You just can't squeeze and adult's chest back to front. And this guy is a cardiologist!

You never use drugs for anaesthesia in a setting where you can't intubate and ventilate, and you must administer oxygen. I can't figure out why Murray isn't being tried for a higher count of murder!

According to LaToya, she believes Michael was scared to death of certain individuals controlling aspects of this tour and his career. She seemed quite credible and believable, to me, when she said that Michael wasn't well, and probably wouldn't be able to finish 10 shows. They sold out the 10 shows, and then added 50. He was beside himself. When it was pointed out to them that Jackson was withered, they callously remarked, "Just give him some chicken. He'll be fine."

LaToya believes he was murdered since they figured out he would be more valuable dead, and in seeing the empire grow since his death, it sounds possible.

She pointed out how bizarre it was that Murray and someone else were frantically removing drugs from his room, instead of cooperating and expediting rescue efforts.

Something isn't right, and yet, I don't feel confident that there will ever be an answer to what really happened, unless someone out there can fill in the gaps and answer some hard questions. I find it more than a little ironic that
law enforcement spent millions on prosecuting and investigating Michael's activities, trying to build a case out of spit and smoke, but, have not seemed to have much interest in really vetting his death, other than to proceed to punish Murray for obvious malpractice. Still, the charges against him don't match the gravity of Michael losing his life.

I pray that someone out there will help uncover the truth. I pray that Michael is allowed to rise again, like in his video, to see the Kingdom Millennium. He would love it.

I miss you Michael. :""(

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