Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Song For Caylee Anthony- Casey Anthony's Star Chamber

I am told there is a special place within Paradise,
For murdered children, and babies who die in the womb.
There, their angel's faces behold their joy and innocence,
And it is there where they are shepherded into adulthood.

It is spoken how they are like a large family,
There, no cold blows descend, nor are there harsh words.
It resounds with laughter, and the music of angels,
Harmonizing with a myriad of sweet songbirds.

I was shown a place of unimaginable grace.
Where the air felt like a warm Spring noon.
There were baby lambs, baby cubs, baby ducks
Baby seals, baby kittens and baby baboons.

I saw them  leaping in the flowering fields!
I heard them squeal as they played in pure bliss!
They rode on the back of darling elephants,
In the River of Life they frolicked with dolphins..

These precious souls grow up in the garden of God.
Angel's are their guides and guardians.
Don't weep for me, they tell their families,
There are no tears here, only  friends.

I have been told there are angels who avenge the slain,
Who hunt those whose hands are stained crimson from
Though she roam the globe, feeling untouchable,
The hounds of hell are dispatched to hunt  her.

Her hands will never lose the stench of death,
She cannot conceal the bones she tried to hide,
She will never fool the masses, though fools they may be....
She cannot ever escape homicide.

Look over your shoulder constantly...
Look here and there, shady  Miss.
Hopefully, Dexter is one of the many men you flirt with,
You will never know who will exact Prairie Justice...

Run run away, where will you go?
RUN run fast and far, where will you hide?
Try to live a life of innocence
When you are marked for life.

When will your day come, when  will it come?
Will you then consider how she felt when she died?
Will you ever come clean, will you ever repent
Will you experience the pain she had when she cried?

Maybe they'll wrap your corpse in bags?
Maybe they'll throw you away,
Maybe critters will eat your foul flesh,
But, your killers will  get away.

No body, no crime.
No proof of a killing? The jury acquits.
No video of the act, oh no my dear
No one will mourn you one bit.

No dirty deed done
No vigils for the vigilantes who  hid
your putrid rotting corpse in their trunk.
No  search parties sent to look for you
The day that you go missing.

So,  laugh in the face of blind Justice,
Flaunt your sin like a slut making dimes,
Enjoy your blood money, you wretched succubus.
Revel in fame, but you are not innocent
of the crime..

Your telltale heart is already ticking...tick tick.
You will never have  redeeming merits
You will always be seen as a symbol of travesty,
You will be  called the pathological lying  child killing

You are infamous, even felons despise your crime.
You're hated by the mobs and the A-List.
Your name is :Cold-blooded Monster Mom,
Who killed her child and then, got away with it.

You are not exonerated by 12 gullible souls'  verdict,
Everyone  heard the tapes, your lies, the evidence and story
You have been judged by all, the rest of this world!
There are billions who are now your jury

You only think you were awarded freedom,
You only think you got away with it.
Freedom, is as transient as the life of your child.
Because, in your case, Casey, the glove FIT.

You may welcome reentry into the world,
But, you will find no fans in your club, not one.
You will be reviled til you die, and ridiculed girl.
You  were safer, by far, where you belong,
In prison

DISCLAIMER: I do noadvocate or encourage anyone to take justice in their own hands. The legal system in America still has to be respected, and Casey Anthony, as a free person, has all the rights we have, and that includes the right not to be stalked or killed. I would never do that, or suggest that someone else should do it. On the other hand, this is just a poem written out of deeeeeeep frustration that someone who I believe is a psychopathic killer is going to be free, possibly tomorrow, and this is my artistic way to deal with it by this poem that came to me as I was taking a bath. Let me know what you think and if it offends people, I'll remove it. It's really not my style, but, these words just poured out of my soul, it seems. It's scary to see such a dark side of me come out. I also wanted to add that this poem is in opposition to my entire discipleship in Christ, and this is something that I need to work out with Him. Christ can forgive Casey Anthony, the same as I'm forgiven if I repent of hating her enough to write this poem. 

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