Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prayer for 2009

I've spent more New Year's Eves with others
in prayer vigils than champagne parties. It
seems like the right thing to do for me.

With 24 hours to go for 2008, I join the
chorus of those who pray for peace in the
coming year, although, I trust in the LORD's
plan, and do not despair at signs of turmoil.

While it's a decent gesture for Israel to
provide humanitarian aid to the poor people
in harm's way in the Gaza, who are victimized
caught in between two worlds, I doubt this
ceasefire will inhibit the escalation of the
Jihadist's crusade. I pray for the Lord's
Will be done.

Father, in the Name of our King and Savior,
Y'shua HaMaschiach, whose blood is our
propitiation and cleansing grace, I thank
you for providing us a High Priest to
intercede for us in the end days.

LORD, whose ineffable Name is too Holy for
us to truly comprehend, how infinite is your
mercy, and who are we to even meditate on
the glory of your throne in heaven?

What is man that you have given us stature
amongst your own angels, and who walk amongst
us during these final days? Thank you for
your army of defenders, who assist us in the
world, which has become a cesspool of filth
and iniquity. Praise you for considering our
dreadful plight and weak nature, giving us
your armor to transcend the many temptations
we face each waking moment.

Forgive us our many sins and proud moments,
when we forget what price was paid for our
liberty, grace, and hope of the glory and
majesty of Jesus Christ, our truly beloved
King and High Priest.

Thank you for making us part of this peculiar
order of Melchizedek, who was the archetype
for our blessed Savior and King. As King of
Jerusalem, he was, and he is, and he will
come yet again, this time, transporting us
to his kingdom.

Thank you for New Jerusalem above, and for
making Jerusalem the apple of your eye.

I pray that you bless all who bless Ariel,
the lion of God, and curse all who despise
her, city of David, capital of our kingdom
in Jesus Christ for 1000 years to come.

Father, I pray that your Holy Spirit bathes
Israel, like a soaking holy rain, awakening
those who sleep, soothing those who thirst
for righteousness, and nourish all whose
soul hungers for God. Open their eyes, both
Jew and Arab alike, so they may see Christ.

How ironic is Providence, and how can we
comprehend why Israel is a place almost
vacated by faith in Christ, outside a
token orthodox pilgrim's faith planted in
notable places.

My first burden is for all my brethren in
Christ in the Gaza, who are in harm's way.
Many forget how many Christians live there.
Provide them armor and swords of their faith
to demonstrate your light and witness. Raise
up hundreds of Elijahs in this darkness, to
speak to both the Jews and Muslims, who fight
zealously, but, have forgotten the ultimate
heir to Abraham, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Lord, you have said that in the final days,
you would accomplish this miracle, and I am
desperate to see these bloodlines of Abraham
unite in the singular faith in Christ.

Abraham took his son up the hill, wood strapped
on his back, to accomplish the blood sacrifice
that was man's price for recompensing sin.
Because of sin, blood needs to be shed, and
this world has shed oceans of blood of brothers,
of kings and peasants alike, all due to jealousy
and pride, hatred and strife.

When Abraham's son asked him where they were going,
his father told him, and his heart bled when seeing
his precious son ask who the sacrifice would be.
"God will provide the sacrifice, my son" he said.
As he rose his arm, preparing to slay his boy, the
Angel of the LORD stopped his blade from shedding
the blood of his own child, providing a ram caught
in a bush as the proxy for our sins.

This was the covenant that defined Abraham's
friendship and faith, putting YHWH first, even
above his own flesh and blood. He trusted God,
and this was accounted to him as righteousness.

Abraham was told that his heirs would be as
uncountable as the stars in the sky, and the
grains of sand. Today, billions of souls have
his DNA. Tonight, billions of those born in
the line of Abraham plan to kill their brothers.

This rivalry and hatred has lasted since the days
of Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, and was
programmed into the design of salvation for
a purpose. The first murder took place between
Cain and Abel. Today, those who share the same
blood hold the same seeds of jealousy, intolerance,
and murderous revenge in their hearts.

Only through the grace of God can we overcome this

When all the blood children of Abraham recognize Christ,
the world will change. Ironically, Christianity consists
of those who were not tribal Semites. Most of the
race of Abraham, Arab and Jew, hate or deny Jesus Christ.

Yet, Christ is the Holy Lamb of God, the ram caught in
the thicket who took our place in having his blood shed
as a propitiation for sin. Christ is the only begotten
son of God, sacrificed for man, for the seed of Abraham
first, God's friend, who held not back his only begotten
son from Sarah, when they were both over 80.

Just as Abraham learned to believe and trust God's miracles,
we must not give up hope of miracles occurring. The only
path to peace is Christ, the Lord, but, Christ is also
faithful and true to his servants, slain for His testimony.

The Day of the Lord is not a day of joy for the world who
despises His Word, and who have systematically killed
his witnesses.

In our modern world, there is a bloody genocide against
Christians throughout the world. I pray for those who
are in harm's way, and for their persecutors, tormentors
and assassins. I ask that the scales fall from their
eyes, so they can see the grace of Christ, even like
the great Apostle Paul, who similarly believed he
served God by killing Christ's servants.

I pray for President Obama. Protect him from harm, and
give him a hedge of angels. I ask for him to seek God
before counsel from man, and I pray that he is a man
after Abraham Lincoln's mold, unafraid to do what is
righteous. He is going to be tested, and I pray that
whether he needs to form a response to the terrorism
in Israel's Gaza region, due to Hamas, or to Iran
or France, he puts Christ before his servility to
other world leaders or opinions of the masses.

I pray for his anointing, and for him to have the
wisdom needed to protect the USA.

I pray for his family, and ask that not one hair of
their heads is allowed to be harmed. Protect them
all with a hedge of angels, wherever they go. I
ask that they are infused with the Holy Spirit,
and show joy, light and strength in Jesus Christ.
I pray that he boldly asserts his faith, and
leads others in the path of righteousness, not
wavering or pandering to those whose agenda is
virulently opposed to all that is true and holy.

In Jesus' Name, I ask for this above all.
His strength, faith, and stability is vitally
important in the times ahead.

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