Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who is Zanny the Nanny?

There have been powerful developments in the past
few days. Things are moving rapidly in the Casey
Anthony case. It seems that there is incontrovertible
proof that the body found in the woods, in the
back of the Anthonys home is the precious and
beguiling child with the big brown eyes.

The Anthonys new attorney wants to make a deal
with the prosecutors for immunity, admitting
they have not been forthright, but, will offer
only truthful statements in exchange for a deal
that will immunize them from being charged with
obstruction of justice.

The only maddening aspect of their lawyer's
statement is that they still believe the child's
death was at the hands of Zanny the nanny.

My hunch, so far, is that their idea of Zanny
conforms to what Cindy had told the investigators
who she thought it could be. She blamed it on
Casey's friends, Amy and Jesse. Both are more
like Casey's victims.

Amy was the girl who was kind enough to lend
Casey her car, only to come home from her
vacation in Puerto Rico to find her bank
account emptied. Surveillance video has been
shown on television which reveals Casey buying
herself clothing and lingerie.

Jesse was her fiancee during the time when she
got pregnant with Caylee. He stood by her and
planned to raise the child, but, was never put
on the birth certificate, even though they were
engaged, and he believed himself to be the dad.
Later DNA proved he was not the father.

I already have ranted about Lee Anthony being who
I suspect is the father.

In Cindy's mind, although I believe she knows it
isn't true, Zanny is one of the people who wronged
Casey, and they're taking revenge on her in this
heinous manner.

If this is what the million dollar dream team is
going to insinuate, then shame on them.

Linda Kenney-Baden has done pro-bono work on behalf
of the Innocence Project, and for that she is to
be commended. However, what insanity to perceive
how unjust it would be to actually accuse a perfectly
innocent person, for expediency, all to throw
against the wall in case it sticks in the the mind
of one weak-minded juror to create reasonable doubt,
which it won't.

I don't know if this will be one of her strategies,
but, if it is, then her Innocence Project work is
not only in vain, but, a travesty.

There is no Zanny. Everyone in the world who has
read about this case knows this, and nothing will
make it stick.

However, I came across a brilliant and insightful
analysis of the dialogue between Casey and Cindy,
and then Casey and her brother, and friend. It is
so compelling, I urge anyone who is interested to
read the entire thing, and if they were like me,
they will come away with many things making more

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