Friday, December 12, 2008

The Real Liars in the Casey Anthony Upcoming Trial

The discovery of the small skeletal remains of a child
seem to be conclusively those of Caylee Anthony, and
Jose Baez added the high profile defense lawyer, Linda
Kenney-Baden, Dr. Michael Baden's wife.

I used to really admire her, and actually, I still do think
she's talented, brilliant and one of the best criminal
defense lawyers. But, her association with the Phil
Spector case was enough to sour me on liking her.
I can still respect her acumen and accomplishments,
without viewing her as a decent or moral person.

She helped to concoct the suicide defense in the Spector
trial, pushing the view that Lana Clarkson, a gorgeous
40 year old actress, was so over the hill and unhappy
that she went home to psycho-Phil's creepy gothic
mansion, happened to find his gun in a drawer, and
decided to blow off her gorgeous face.

Women don't shoot themselves in the face, especially
blowing apart 20,000 dollars worth of new veneers.
But, I have to concede that their shameful red herrings
were enough to win Spector another year and a half of
freedom through a split jury and mistrial.

Obviously, that's the best they can hope for with Caylee,
but, what scummy strategy will Baden, and company
use to exonerate Casey? Did Caylee take a fatal
overdose herself, or tape up her own mouth, and hide
in the trunk? Did the fictitious Zenaida Gonzales
do it, then find Casey's car, get in the trunk, hide the
body for weeks there, then, go back to the car and
take the body and relocate her 15 houses from where
the Anthonys home was?

Yea, that's the ticket.

Unbelievably, almost the same cast of characters
seem to be lining up as defense expert witnesses for
Casey Anthony's upcoming trial, as for Phil Spector.
The disgraceful Henry Lee, who was suspected of
tampering with evidence in the Spector case, and
then disappeared to China since then, has resurfaced
as a key witness. His credibility is so poor, that I
don't know if he as any reputation left, but, he
still has some star power from his early dazzling
days as OJ's star defense expert.

He's so full of it, that it makes the field of
scientific and forensic technology into a voodoo
science. He's more criminal than criminologist, because,
that's where his sympathies lies, and LIES is what
he is expert at doing, in my opinion.

They have no doubt recruited Michael Baden, if
Linda is on board. I like Dr. Baden, but, wave money
beneath his nose, and he invents science that defies
gravity, that splits unsplittable atoms, that makes
no sense, that is purely made up. When scientists
lie, they do it with more expertise, and arrogance.
They don't realize that the public is cynical of them,
and they can't pee on our legs and tell us it's

They also have pimped Larry Kobilinsky who will
also manipulate truth, science and fact, into a way
to exonerate a cold-blooded killer, and nullify
the laws of actual science.

Hell has a tenth circle waiting for those like him
who use their professions as a license to lie and
support false claims, even changing truth into
a lie.

So, a circus is being created around this one
psychopath slut who killed her child because
she was getting in the way of her selfish desires.

Casey is a world class liars, but, an amateur compared
to the lies we're going to listen to through the
testimony, or should I say, testi-phony, of such
dubious characters as Henry Lee, Larry Kobilinsky,
Michael Baden, and whoever else they pay to lie.

No one lies as good as those paid to lie.

Linda Kenny Baden gets a pass, because defense
lawyers are disbarred if they don't lie, and in her
case, if saving her client's life is the cause, she is
within her profession's code of ethics to do this.

It's just a shame that the innocent murdered
child is not the only victim. Science is butchered
beyond recognition with those charlatans who
get paid to lie. They are nothing but whores.

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Yes......Thanks for your powerful rant on something many of us already know.