Thursday, December 11, 2008

Many Thanks to God and Frank

One of the functions of my blog is to chronicle
my prayers and progress as an ongoing work
in Christ. As any Christian understands, the
natural man/woman, is almost a completely
different entity than the celestial creature of
God, who we desire to become, and the two
sometimes clash, since one is functioning in
the carnal and material world, and the other
is before God seeking to attain the perfection
of Jesus Christ.

I pray that my behavior and natural self
overlaps with the image of Christ, that I
strive towards, even though I don't claim
to have achieved a striking resemblance to
my Lord, yet. I am entering the most blessed
period of my life, when many temptations
of youth are no longer disconcerting.

Lust and romantic weakness was always my
greatest thorn, and no matter how much I prayed,
stumbled, repented, and suffered, working to overcome,
it was always too powerful to overcome my weaknesses.

I have learned, however, that while God does
give us the desires of our heart, after we first
seek him, that these are not always manifest in
the order, or form that we prayed for. Eventually,
everything makes sense, and with patience,
we do achieve victory, even after many disgraceful
and humiliating falls.

I pray to overcome the last traces of my materialism,
as I still find I have an attachment to things. It
was easy when I didn't have money, because, I
had to be ascetic, and minimalistic, but, now I
have funds again, and with tens of thousands of
dollars sitting in the bank, I'm struggling with
not buying ridiculously unnecessary things like
the third designer handbag this week. I could
have kicked myself. How many Coach and
Dooney and Burke, and Juicy Coutures do I

I did refrain from the plasma TV, the new
state of the art laptop, etc., but, I was shocked
how easy it was to fall off the wagon, into
the world of the superficial Jewish Princess
that I thought was long buried.

I have to give thanks to God for three specific prayers
which have been answered in the past 24 hours. One
of those has been the discovery of the body of a child
assumed to be Caylee Anthony. Thousands of prayers
rose to heaven for God to provide this important event,
and that precious child didn't deserve to be thrown
in a trash bag and dumped like garbage.

Father, in Jesus' Name, how merciful and true you
are, and your kindness is like manna raining from
heaven. To know our prayers are not only heard,
but, answered, is powerfully compelling.

Next to our precious salvation, prayer is our most
sacred gift, and I pray that my spirit to pray only
increases. Sometimes, I have to force myself to pray,
and this should be a joy and delight at all times.
As I've discussed, the times when I most need
prayer and forgiveness, intercession and healing
the most, I seem to have the most difficulties.
Maybe that's because of sin that blocks me from
attaining the assistance of the Holy Spirit, because
you cannot abide with sin.

I denounce sin and corruption, and repent from
slacking off in my holy duty to pursue perfection
in course of the LAW, through prayer, study,
and learning how to be this work in Christ.

Christ, our Savior, is the manifestation and fulfillment
of the LAW, and that makes it even more of an imperative
to follow your ordinances and commandments, without
any excuses. While we are forgiven our transgression,
after confessing them and repenting, this does not
give us the liberty to sin, or to feel less obliged to
diligently follow the LAW. I learned this from
Brother Frank.

I pray for my dear soul-brother Frank, who I
recently spoke to, and who also desires to follow
you above all, beyond any personal need, and
to become perfect. I believe he is more endowed with
your special grace than me, but, you have truly
blessed my life by giving him to me as my
eternally bound soul brother.

It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since
we first were sent out as lambs on the path of
serving Christ, in a world of wolves. Naively, we
fell into pits, which we were allowed to survive,
but, have suffered from post-traumatic stress
disorder from our terrible experiences. Dealing
with the Devil isn't for the faint-hearted, and
when we went out in our own strength, even
with the best intentions, we were opening ourselves
up to what we ended up with, which was trauma.

I really love Frank. I realized how much after
hearing his voice again, after not speaking to him
for a few months.

My relationship with him is the most unique in my
life, and he is truly my oldest and dearest friend.
We were Fox Mulder and Dana Skully, and our
early adventures are still precious to me, as
well as Frank's powerful love for Christ, and
zeal to serve you in the Law, which has inspired
me and blessed me all my life.

He was given a great gift of light, being one of
the only brothers who recognized the LAW,
and how without striving to obey the LAW of
perfection , there can be no grace.

This is something that the modern churches are
negligent in teaching.

Lord, in Christ's Name, I know you have a
purpose for us, and I have always believed
you put a burden in our hearts to go to Israel.
Please help us to understand this, and guide
us in the right direction. Put us in the path
of those who you ordain to help us fulfill your
plan, and let us not go through anything in
our own strength and vanity.

Please bless Frank, removing any tormentors
and demonic activity which attempts to
distract him. I pray this for myself as well.
Allow us to be strengthened, and to remain
strong. Prepare us for our work ahead.

Strengthen our minds, hearts, and spirits.
Instruct us and join us with others who are
also seeking your Law and Christ, our Lord.

Let us have our feet firmly established on your
highway, leading to the gates of your kingdom.
Let nothing in hell or Earth disrupt your work.

I praise you Lord, and thank you with all my
heart for your many blessings, the miracles
before us, and the prayers you answer with
clarity and compassion.

I pray for our President-elect to weather this
storm, and if he is truly innocent of any
malfeasance associated with the Governor
of Illinois, I pray that he is not associated with
those misdeeds. I pray that if Jesse Jackson Jr.
is innocent, the same grace is applied to him.
If Jackson did offer Blagoyovic 1 m. to buy
Barak's Senate seat, please remove him from
public service, for that is a disgrace and the
sins of his father rest upon his shoulders.
I also pray for Jesse Jackson Sr. to redeem
himself in this era, by repentance and fully
devoting himself to Christ, our Lord, and
service to the brotherhood of the Kingdom,
not the service to social causes that divide
our country by color.

I pray that our country can learn to not
judge one another by color anymore, and
if possible, there is an awakening of liberty
and equality, in the hearts and minds of
Americans. I ask that our new President
has your blessing, and that your Holy Spirit
guides him.

Father, in Christ's Name, please endow
Barak Obama with the same magnificent
leadership that Lincoln displayed, and if
any evil plots are hatched against him, that
you would keep him from harm. Please don't
let any assassin near him. Protect him with
a hedge of angels, and provide him with
honest and faithful advisors.

I ask that America is given back her patriotism
to fight for freedom, to fight for the right to
worship Christ, and even for any other belief
that they choose. I pray that your light only
grows brighter in the hearts and minds of
your fellowship in America, and that we can
join together as brothers, black and white,
red, yellow and brown. In your sight, we
are all the same race, the human race, and
we all need Christ.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King,

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