Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee ANTHONY may be finally going home

The remains of a child were found less than 1/2 mile
from the home of Casey Anthony. It looks hopeful that
this is the body of the poor baby she murdered and
tossed away like trash.

If this does turn out to be Caylee, as seems promising,
I have to thank God for this turn of events. The
Anthony parents, George and Cindy, have embarked
on a bizarre and frankly, nauseating, media blitz,
extolling the red herring sightings of toddler girls
in the attempt to establish the possibility that their
granddaughter could be alive, which they KNOW is
not the case.

All they were doing was seeding the field with falsehoods,
with the motive of obfuscating the upcoming trial of
their psychopath daughter, who murdered the child.
They know that baby is dead, and they know their
terribly deranged and amoral daughter murdered
her. But, without a body, they were trying to
run with the old mantra, "No body, no crime."

With a body, that all changes. All the Internet
searches for making chloroform, and the research
she did on "missing children" in a very premeditated
plan to make Caylee look like she was abducted will
convince any jury that Casey is guilty.
The forensic information indeed seems to prove
that a dead body was crated around in her trunk,
and a little hair, with a death band, matched
Caylee's mtDna profile. There can be little
doubt, if this body is Caylee's, that Casey Anthony
planned and executed this baby, and then
expected her parents to put her up on the
pedestal she was used to before the breathtaking
child usurped her place as the baby of the family.

She was so jealous and malicious of her own child
for taking away resources, time, and affection
from her parents that she researched, planned
and killed the girl, then concocted this story,
drawing her family into the plot.

It's a shame that George and Cindy have been
manipulated and amenable to be accessories
after the fact, even obstructing justice. When
the FBI asked for Caylee's hair, Cindy gave them
a brush which many family member's used
to deliberately mislead them. There have
been countless other incidents of these
two parents blatantly leading the police
astray, although to George's credit, he
seemed to be honest during initial interrogations.

These people need to face the fact that Casey
murdered Caylee out of malicious intent.
"Zanny the Nanny" refers to XANAX, not
a real nanny. She drugged the child to
pursue her life of partying, stealing, and

Casey Anthony deserves to spend the rest of her
life behind bars, and as far as I'm concerned, Cindy
Anthony deserves to serve a year behind bars
as well for misleading authorities, and leading the
public on a deliberate wild goose chase. I know
they are bereaved and will mourn this child
they loved, but, that doesn't excuse their
conscious attempt to corrupt justice and
put on this bogus show for the public.

Watching them on Larry King last night was
more than I could bear, to be honest. George
Anthony has long ago been castrated by that
insufferable lying wife of his, and doesn't have
any integrity in speaking the truth. I hope he
finally gets away from Cindy Anthony, like he
was trying to do. I think he's an essentially
good man, but, Cindy Anthony isn't much
better than the daughter she raised. While
she may not have murdered the child, her
efforts to obstruct finding Caylee were almost
as disgraceful.

Many may disagree with me, but, I see pure
evil in the faces of Casey and Cindy Anthony.
May God have mercy on their souls.
May God bless Caylee. May she rest in peace.

It's so sad this child's remains will have to go back to
these lying people.

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