Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Blues and Musings

In another week, the madness of Christmas season will
be put to rest for another year. I have always found this
time of year annoying and even depressing. I try not to
judge people whose family traditions, and whose culture
incorporates this pagan holiday, but, it's hard not to.

It's a time of excess and conspicuous consumption,
anathema to the virtues espoused by our Savior.
His birth was not in winter, and the Romans used
His holy Name to preserve the most decadent of
pagan festivals. Still, ordinary people do not know this,
and sin in ignorance.

I pray that those who call themselves by Christ's Name
would be enlightened, and start to shed this vain
holiday, in lieu of preserving the sanctity of Christ
and the Apostle's tradition of good works, pious
living and charity.

This week, my cousin passed away, and I was very
down in the dumps. Her beauty haunted my mundane
tasks, recalling her lush naturally blond lion's mane of hair,
her green almond eyes, and kind smile.

It's always hard to accept the death of someone so young
and who had a heart of gold, when there are rotten
people who live long lives. These are things which
test our faith, but, also strengthen it. This is why
faith in God is not in vain, but, our only hope and
refuge. None of us can control the wind, or our
deaths. We are at His mercy.

Caylee Anthony's body was identified, and this
was complicated by the intrigue of the meter man
who found her having reported bags in the woods
three prior times, in August.

These defense teams have a job to do, and every
accused person deserves a vigorous defense, but,
it's egregious how they twist evidence, facts, and
decency. They have no compunction when it comes
to accusing innocent people, yet, they espouse a
creed of upholding "Innocent until proven guilty."

I feel an evil vibe from them, as if they're actually
Satanists. Who knows, maybe they are. They even
seem to love murderers, and despise their victims.
Maybe if they weren't employed defending these
monsters, they'd be killing innocent people as well?
I know that's radical thinking, but, I can't help
it. They seem to almost give off a smell, themselves,
like rotting flesh.

I have been praying for the grandparents of Caylee,
even though I suspect they helped Casey, after the
fact, even possibly moving the body. Something is
not right.

However, I pray they honor their granddaughter's
memory, and provide honest testimony and
assistance to the prosecutors, even if it's against
their natural instincts as parents. I know it will
be a lot to ask, but, I know they loved that
beautiful little girl. Even though it's natural
for them to want to shield their daughter from
danger, I pray they remember how she
callously murdered that precious little girl.

This case has affected me so deeply, that i
lie awake, and have shed as many tears for
a child I never knew, as for my cousin who
I loved. It brings home the reality that we
are all part of the human family, whether
directly blood related, or not.

I pray that justice is served in the case of
Caylee Anthony, and that those who try
to divert guilt on to innocent people are
accursed. Watching the shows this week,
one of the most wicked and wretched
defense attorney talking heads, named
Jayne Weintraub, revealed how low some
defense attorneys are. If it was revealed
that she boiled children alive and ate them,
it wouldn't surprise me. She has not one
speck of decency or humanity in her.
I know she has children, and I felt it
was so unjust that as a mother, she would
have no sympathy for a tiny child who
was helpless against the wiles of an
evil mother.

She obviously identifies with the murderess,
and that's why I can't separate the deeds of
the most evil, with their enthusiasts, who
will point the finger of blame on everyone
else with gusto and sarcastic contempt for
all that is decent and good.

I pray that they will be brought to accountability
for their careless and evil words. I pray that they
are not rewarded for their defense of murderers,
when they draw the innocent into their webs
to make them suffer. Already, the poor city
worker who found the child's bones, and
Casey's friends, who were her victims, too,
are being held up as alternative suspects.

May God have mercy on the souls of these
horrible people working to win Casey Anthony
her freedom. May their lies, contrived theories,
and guile not go unrewarded. Let them know
the wrath of God, and awaken to righteousness.
I have no patience for their lies, and I pray that
God, who hates liars, will also take action to
correct their ways.

I pray for the salvation of Casey Anthony, however.
I believe that she can be saved by the blood of
Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. I ask that
she finally abandons her cloak of deception,
and confesses. Even though it will not win her
freedom in the world outside, it may give her
liberty that otherwise, she will never know.

I pray for the Anthonys to be honest and
cooperative with the police and prosecutors.
I ask that they share the outrage of strangers
who were drawn in to care about the child they
adored. As loving grandparents who tried to
protect Caylee, I ask the Lord to give them
the strength and direction to fight to make
sure her death is not in vain. I pray that they
will not support Casey in her lies, but, only
as parents whose unconditional love will
be available to help her in honesty.

Please Father, in Jesus' Name, avenge the
cruel death of this child, and save the Anthonys
from eternal damnation, by lying to protect their
wayward and murderess daughter. Let them
only provide spiritual comfort, exhorting her
to confess.


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