Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Prayer of 2009

The new year has just begun. I spent the last moments
of the old year and the new moments with people
thousands of miles away and right in the same room,
thanks to the Internet.

Before I turn in, I will type out my first prayer
of the year.

Father, in Jesus' Name:

I pray for the people of this world without enough
to eat, and those who are living in desperate circumstances.
Please help the poor souls in Africa, where disease and
evil dictators crush the bodies and spirits of the living.
Help them to overcome, and send them angels of
mercy to help them survive, both physically and

I pray for the lost souls of the world, who live in
a haze of drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, trying
to fill the void in their souls, that can only be
quenched by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

I ask that all who seek the face of God, Your
infinite mercy and truth, will find your Son, and
he will shine on them. I pray that those who are
lost will be found, even without asking to be
scooped up into our fold. I was rescued without
knowing I was lost, and now, nothing can replace
the riches and peace in my soul.

Thank you LORD God, for all your blessings,
and for never forsaking me, or deserting me in
my time of need. Thank you for always answering
my prayers, some instantly, and others in a timely
manner. I have never had any reason to doubt
the certainty of your promise to hear us and
save us from all trouble and anxiety.

We are in an ever increasing dark culture, where
right is wrong, and evildoers lead millions astray.
I pray that salvation finds the transgressors, so
they can lead millions to Christ. All of us are
undeserving of standing before your throne in
our own righteousness, and there is no one alive
who is not able to be redeemed by the blood
of Jesus Christ. I ask that those who have an
allegiance to the devil will repent and turn to
your loving grace. Let them live, and not suffer
eternal death and damnation in the pit.

I pray that 2009 brings an awakening in the
Jewish people. I thank you for saving 1/10th
of all the remaining 12 million Jews, give or
take... To recognize that I was chosen to be
a thread in that remnant is the greatest honor
I could ever know as a human being, far greater
than riches or fame. All of the riches of the
world pass away, and we cannot take gold
and diamonds away from the grave, but,
our treasure is hidden with you, LORD
our Savior.

Father, many of the Chabad are seeking
the Messiah. Allow their eyes to see our
Messiah, Y'shua HaMashiach, the scion
of David, the promised heir to the throne.
Let them recognize the Lion of Judah and
join our number. If they are to be the
tribulation saints, I pray that they are built
up and considered holy, even now in their

Please save my relatives LORD GOD
ALMIGHTY! In the Name of Jesus,
I ask that the blood of Christ be applied
to their foreheads, and that you allow them
to see and accept the Holy Spirit's entry.
My brother is very sick, and may be dying.
He will not open his heart to you, and I
fear that soon he will be too far gone.

I love my brother, and it brings me tremendous
suffering to know that his soul will not be
redeemed unless he confesses the knowledge
and belief in our LORD and King. Please open
his heart, even in his delirium, to allow an
angel to minister to him, now, even now
as I ask this request. Please don't let him
die, only to suffer the second death when
all souls stand before your HOLY throne.

My cousin just died, and I feel such loss.
Beyond knowing this tragedy on a purely
human level, the understanding of her not
accepting our LORD, makes me feel sick.
Nothing can take away that sorrow.

My father is respectful and appreciative
of all Christ has done for me. He's witnessed
the miracles with his own eyes, and he's
seen Christ draw me through the years,
turning me from a drug-addled amoral
high priestess of darkness into a reputable
and redeemed princess of the Kingdom of
God. He's witnessed this, and repeated
his witness to others, critical of me for
being a "Jesus freak."

Bless my father, oh FATHER in Heaven.
In Jesus' Name, and by his blood, redeem
him, and never let me be separated from
my dad. I couldn't face eternal life without
knowing he was in your kingdom. I promised
him that Christ was coming, and he promised
not to die until he sees Christ return with
his own eyes. I know it is presumptuous of
me to give a date to this, and I do it, tongue
in cheek, or I did it tongue in cheek, until it
all started coming true... Now, he believes
he will see Christ's return. Please preserve
him, and increase his faith.

It's so hard for Jews to allow themselves to
let go, and let God take them into the arms
of Jesus Christ. Christ is our Messiah, FIRST,
but, it's like he's been hijacked, and now lost
to us.

You promised that in the end of times, you
would graft us back, and by the miracle of
Jews for Jesus, and over 100,000 Jewish
Christians today, even in the nation of Israel,
you are fulfilling this prophecy. But, we are
stubborn and proud, almost by nature, and
definitely by hard knocks and paranoia by
the way the world has treated us.

Let the eyes of the Jews be finally opened,
as prophesied in Zechariah. Let all pious Jews
who yearn for righteousness, finally have their
hearts circumcised, for them to receive the
Holy Spirit and become one with our Messiah
and Savior.

Let the Arab world also be saved as children
of Abraham, and our brothers and cousins.
There are souls in every culture who long for
righteousness, holiness, and light. Let them see
this light in the Creatorof light, and not another
god of bitterness and murder. Bring these people
out of the darkness, out of bloodletting and
vengeance, terror and evil, to embrace the
ultimate heir to Abraham, the promised Savior,
Jesus Christ.

I pray for Europe, ever more desolate under
the unity of the beast. I ask that this does not
hold captive individual spirits who seek God.
Let there be individuals whose brightness shine
like Elijah, ministering to the apostate and forsaken,
living in very scary days, because they are about to
be devoured by the final beast.

Lord, have mercy on the billions of souls down
here who are helpless and dependent on your
love. Provide hope to those left without any
consolation, and let the Name of Christ be
uttered tonight in the farthest reaches of
the planet, and to impart the seeds of hope
to all who need His strength, virtue, and

Finally, please bless America, and our new
President. Provide him with faith and humility,
righteousness and virtue, to follow you, and
not man. Protect him, and keep him under
your gentle wings.

I ask for many hard things tonight, but, most
of all, I ask for those who are too lost to ask
for themselves. I pray that you will open their
hearts, souls, and minds to accept the free
gift of eternal salvation and grace in Christ.
This is the only way to peace in the world.
This is the only way to peace in our souls.
This is the only way to life.

In Jesus' Name, amen.

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