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Unorthodox orthodoxy

Pastor Melissa Scott

Dad has a HUGE CRUSH on Pastor Melissa Scott,
who has a show he watches regularly. It's cool when he
tells me about her programs. She's a brilliant linguist,
and while she's neat, I think she gets too wrapped
up in the mystical etiology of language, instead
of tying it up in a lucid message of clear salvation.

Pastor Melissa Scott by flickrphotos777.

She is awesomely brilliant, beautiful and graced, though.
I have to thank her, since, she is captivating enough to
engage a Jewish man's mind and keep him interested
to follow the layers of prophetic meaning in the
Bible concerning Jesus Christ,. even if he admits
he's hopelessly lost halfway through!

Yet, like Melissa, I get hung up on my own
little intellectual and quirky trips. Dad says
he's never heard anyone say the things about
Jesus I come out with, and asks me why no other
Christian preaches such things? I don't have
a modest answer for him. I'm not that brilliant,
for sure, but, I do have some spiritual gifts.

I may be completely deceived, of course,
but, i think my insights have more merit
than delusion.

For instance, one of my pet sermons is on the
Gospel writer, and The Revelator, Saint John, who
I believe is Christ's youngest brother. I'm not
just guessing. I think the Bible is pretty clear,
yet, I have to admit, I've never heard any other
preacher speak of this.

But, c'mon, it's so clear! He was a teenager, the
youngest disciple, yet, he was seated on the
RIGHT HAND of CHRIST during the Last Supper.
Think about this. THE RIGHT HAND!

The Bible has several versions of how the Apostles
fought amonst themselves who should sit on the
Lord's right hand. The Lord rebuked them. But,
on the final night he is amongst them, on the
holy Passover observance, he sits the young
John on his right hand. Of course, he also did it
to put them in their place, since John was the
least esteemed.

Every Jewish family knows that an important
role of the youngest child is to ask the questions,
"Why is this night different...?"

Like I said, I think John was sitting at Christ's
right hand, as his youngest brother, and he
asked the questions.

When Jesus tells them how he was going to be
betrayed, and crucified, John collapses on him,
laying his head on him, in despair, weeping.
The other Apostles, were dismayed, but not
rocked. I think the emotional bond was much
greater between the young John and Christ.

Much has been speculated about the famous
DaVinci painting, and not that this is proof of
anything, other than I think DaVinci agreed
with me, that John was his brother. Looking
at the painting, John looks exactly like Christ's
youngest brother. Same exact face.

The Last Supper.

But, the most significant clue in the Bible,
is that none of the Apostles are spoken of
attending the crucifixion. John is amongst the small
family group with Mary.

When Christ seeks to console them, he tells
John, "Behold thy mother" and tells Mary,
"Behold thy son (meaning John.)"

This event was hijacked by the Catholic Church,
in my opinion, to mean all kinds of nonsense, when,
to me, it is a poignant personal message to his
youngest brother, and his distraught mother,
reminding them to be strong for each other.

(Mother, you have a young son to live for,
and young brother, take care of our mom.)

Joseph is out of the picture, and as the oldest
brother, Christ was more like a father to his
youngest brother (in my opinion.) This is why
their relationship is more intense than even
the one between Peter and Christ.

John is the one who Jesus loved. He was his
oldest brother, like his father, and his world.
His Gospel is a human portrayal of Christ,
the man, filled with passion and sentimentality.

Indeed, after Christ was risen, and the church
was being formed, John took Mary with him
on his ministerial duties throughout Asia Minor,
settling in Ephesus. I always found it ironic
that this city, the center of Diana worship would
be home to Mary, who literally usurped and
destroyed Diana's legacy. Unfortunately, Rome
turned Mary into Diana, but, that is another
subject, and one that is spoken of in codes,
by John in the Book of Revelations.

There was a jealousy amongst the Apostles
towards John's special place in Christ's heart.
When asked what his fate would be, after they
learn that most of them would follow Christ to
the cross, Christ rebuked them saying, that
what is it to them if John remained until
the Second Coming? That's what spawned the
legend of John still being alive.

However, I think John was spared harm to
be Mary's protector, as well.

Why would Christ tell John to care for Mary,
when she had other children? Why wouldn't she stay
with James in Jerusalem? I think it was because it
was too dangerous there, and John took her
to Ephesus, where those who dwelt in darkness
turned from the silver statues of Diana to recognize
the real thing, the same way as when Paul and Barnabus
were in Rome, and the pilgrims there declared they were
gods. They had the presence of God, through the Holy
Spirit, and were able to show them their God.

Just because people believe in pagan gods
didn't condemn their souls. They didn't know
any better, and were seeking God. That's what
Paul and Barnabus gave the men and women of
Rome, and I believe the same events were similar
and played out in Asia Minor, and Ephesus with Mary
and John.

John wrote the Book of Revelations on Patmos
in Asia Minor, when he was in his 90s, at the
end of the First Century. For all we know, he
was translated like Elijah. But, I do believe there
is sufficient material written to believe he was
Christ's youngest brother.

OK, so that's one of my unorthodox pet subjects.

Another one, less controversial is that after Christ
was risen, and returned to the Apostles, they were
understandably in shock. But, he let them know
he was HUNGRY! I love this subtlety. They
finally made him a meal.

From this passage, I always think of meals I'd like
to serve Christ, or the angels. Remember when
the angel of the Lord came to Abraham? He
made haste to make him a great meal. The angel
didn't have to prompt him, like Christ did to the

So, whenever we think we're in the presence of
an angel, we should always remember they're
probably HUNGRY!

While the Apostles fed Christ a fish dinner, I
play around with other entrees, even desert.
I know it sounds silly, but, it brings Christ closer
to my heart.

Another pet subject and pet peeve of mine is
that the "whore of Babylon" is so dreadfully
misunderstood. Maybe I'll repeat a study on
it, but, the Jezebel of Revelations is the church.

Revelation isn't written about the world, per se,
but, about the church. It begins with the Spirit
judging the Seven Churches. The judgments
contained in it are written to those who actually
read the book, to handle their religion carefully.

The most profound revelation about the Book
of Revelations is that most of the church, even
by the end of the First Century, was apostate,
or paganized, when John saw the end.

Since it's five in the morning, and I just woke up,
I'll leave it for another entry to get into it. Actually,
I think i will do a new study. It's always a cool

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