Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have had it with celebrities and media gods

Lord, I'm so sick of Hollywood, the Mainstream
Media, music makers who think they are qualified
to change the world, and those whose voices
constantly try to conform us. I know I am
applying generalizations, and this is unfair,
but, because the loud mouths are the ones
that are noticed, they are the ones I refer
to. There are still individual people who
through talent and hard-work achieve fame
and use it positively, to create art, and if
they do get involved in the public sector,
it's for good, like in Paul Newman's case.

His life marks the passing of a generation
which shall never bless our world again.
They had courage and mettle, not the
sniveling and self-indulgent representatives
of the most morally despicable cretins,
who use "charity" causes as publicity and
tax dodges, and who play politics to
get in the News, as well. They are sincere
as the devil, and in many ways, his
willing disciples in the final war.

Women celebrities are the biggest
disappointment. Men will be men, and
enjoy their macho status, beautiful young
women on their arms, and staying on top.
Women who have achieved fame and are
in a position to empower a generation of
young women, and fight for women of
all ages, especially middle-aged and
elderly women, are betraying their
gender by utilizing their unlimited
resources to stay the clock with surgeries
and to play into this game that puts
an "eat by..." expiration date on every
woman's heel.

I really hate them for glamorizing anorexia.
They have personal trainers and pills, yet,
make it the standard for women to need
to look skeletal and sick. They contribute
to the accepted prejudice and persecution
of women who are fat. If the blacks were
treated the way middle-aged, elderly and
fat and ugly women are treated in this
country, there would be celebrities heading
the riots. Instead, they establish the
artificial standards that are insidious, satanic
and meant to demean the lives of all
women, especially those over 40.

It's not that I'm jealous, and it's not that I'm
judging them for their largely dissolute lifestyles
and hypocrisy. I'm so tired of their faces and
voices that I am looking forward to their reign
of terror being made obsolete by the return
of the LORD.

The only woman suffrage that will mean
anything is when he appoints an equal
society. The idiots who hate CHristians,
and some Christians believe that Christianity
was designed to exclude women.

Women participated in the original ministry.
The reason for the 12 male Apostles was
to represent the 12 brothers and sons of
Jacob, and not to exclude women from all
ministries. In fact, Priscilla was one of
Paul's cherished female pastors.

Paul's words have been cleverly twisted,
even by misogynist pastors and clerics
through the ages, to exclude women. When
he said that woman should keep silent in
the church, it was because Judaism kept
women wholly ignorant of the Law, and
when Christ commanded they learn the
Law, they came into the congregation
not even knowing how to read. They
called out, wanting to be taught the
essentials. That's why he told the men
to teach the women (to read and to
learn Torah) AT HOME, and then they
can understand and participate in the

When Mary, sister of Lazarus, sat at
his feet learning, Martha complained that
she was not cleaning up, and he rebuked
Martha telling her to get her priorities

It seems that women of today have that
similar problem. Here we have the opportunity
to have a woman in power, and women want
other women to clean up and smile next
to men, not believing they are up to the
job. Barbra Streisand who is hemmhoraging
in ecstasy over Obama did shamefully
little, if ANYTHING, to ensure her supposed
sister, Hillary, had the support of her

The same could be said down the line in
the DNC with women who have the cajones
to diss Hillary and praise Obama, a man with
no known record up to date, except for specious
clues that he may be associated with left-wing
looney tunes terrorists like Bill Ayers, and was
part of a Church that honored the odious Lewis
Farrakhan as the "Man of the Year."

Black men are the new feminist agenda. It's
back to the bedroom and kitchen for broads
according to Barbra and her sisterhood who
have shown their true colors. ALL OF EM!

I pick on stars because due to the ubiquitous
media, they are literally visible 24/7 and
would like to believe they can shape the
world we live in, propagandize their best,
and choose our leaders. In matters of
morality, they know they have won the
victory in validating every de-evolution
in values, from popularizing teen pregnancies
to glamorizing prostitition.

The only Civil Rights fought and won by
Hollywood is for black men. Women have
been undermined by the same, even black
women like Oprah hate other women, as
she has purely shown in her spurn of Hillary
and blatant disrespect for Sarah Palin, trying
to set the tone for other women, so they
can see it's now hipper than ever for
women to hate women.

I hate famous women who are idiots, who
live fabulous and boundless lives as hundred
millionaires to billionaires and have endless
choices, but, they fail to ensure that women
of anonymity have any voice.

Most of them live in a free nation, and societies
bought and paid for with the blood of selfless,
and anonymous young lives on battlefields.
They take for granted that if these generations
had not undertaken the challenge of standing
before tyrants and monsters, the lives of millions
would be spent in the equivalent misery that
billions endure in theocratic and plutochratic
dictatorships throughout the world.

They have erased family values by promoting
lifestyles of complete decadence and personal
destruction, glamorizing illegitimate births,
multiple partners, participation in pornography,
and drugs and alcohol.

Yet, they want to be taken seriously to
mentor our choices in government as well.

The latest affront to my senses is the
betrayal of thousands of famous women,
whose voices are silent, except to mock
and condemn the strong and capable
leadership of Sarah Pallin.

They blindly endorse Obama, a pretty boy
with NO executive experience, and only
limited government experience, spent mainly
in campaigning and engendering the right
sponsorship, even if it means selling his
soul to the left wing, as well as those
whose agenda is to destroy America, and
whose goal is to create a Marxist State
for the Middle Class, while the upper
class enjoys privileges and wealth
unknown even to ancient Roman standards.

Matt Damon, while not a woman, ostensibly
seems to be the face of a thoughtful and
educated responsible man, albeit in Hollywood.
He's not led a scandalous life or been featured
in rehab and jail stints lately. But, he felt
compelled to warn the nation that he
actually FEARS Sarah Palin for her lack
of diplomatic acumen.

What a crock. He is sexist. PLAIN AND

She has been a governor of a State, and
epitomised the success of centuries of
women struggling to break out of conventional
roles, while not sacrificing their family

She lives what she preaches, and
even if someone doesn't agree with her
views on abortion, they are the same
as Barak Obama's. The difference is that
while he personally has stated he's
against abortion, he is unwilling to
impose this morality. Many may find this
a democratic value, but, I doubt God would
agree. I find it cowardly and hypocritical.
Whatever you may think of me, and
of Palin's views, at least we're willing
to stand up for our beliefs, and she's
the living proof.

I don't have a problem with Matt Damon
not voting for Palin and I don't mind him
exercising his right to vote for Obama,
but, he's abusing his visibility to spread
hyperbolic propaganda about his so-called
"FEARS" about Sarah Palin. She is head
and shoulder's above Obama on matters
of state, and if he said he fears her
Christian views on abortion, or her
right-wing affinities, that would be

Spreading LIES about her lack of
diplomatic experience, while standing
behind a candidate with NONE is the
height of hypocrisy and hubris. He
is using his public visibility to spread

The worst offenders are celebrity
women, to a woman. Not one of them
is willing to credit this beauty, mother
and mensch with the accomplishments
that generations before her have fought
to achieve. She is the living trophy of
generations of women who endured
misery to fight for the lives of daughters
and granddaughters to come.

Now, these celebrity women, who
disproportionately live like whores,
not only by choice in lifestyle, but,
in attaining success by sleeping their
way to the top instead of earning it
by due diligence and talent, have
a united voice in mimicking Palin,
portraying her as the bimbo and
brainless chick.

They don't have to embrace her politics,
either, or approve of her lifestyle as a
mom and governor, but, to mock her
and spread lies about her lack of
intelligence and acumen is blasphemy
and I'm sick of it.

This woman, like her politics or not,
overcame all the prejudices of our
gender, to transcend the good old boy
network in politics and win the highest
position of government in a very traditionally
male state.

How disgraceful it is for celebrities like
Tina Fey, who have the honor of satirizing
her on SNL, to mock her aside from the
skits, and boldly say, I don't plan to play
her for more than a month, and then her
name will drop off the face of the Earth.

I think that is the most misogynistic
statement from a woman that I have ever
heard, and i resent it. Madonna, the 50
year old practicing witch, is on tour right
now, which is a miracle in itself. Instead
of being proud of the fact that as a woman
grandmother's age, she can still play it
with the young chickies, she abuses this
liberty by embracing ludicrous politics.

She has visuals embedded in her show
which show John McCain, a war hero,
superimposed with Adolph Hitler and
other despots, while predictably portraying
Obama with Lincoln, Jesus and Kennedy.

Mind you, I saw a clip on Youtube of one of
her songs with a guitar, and she is writhing
against it actually masturbating in front of
other people.

I don't mind her choice of being a witch
and a sex fiend, but, then what gives her
the liberty to lie and blaspheme against
people who have dedicated their lives to
public service and who have served their
country in war?

Not in any way does she empower the
presence of a woman of strength, or
accredit John McCain for doing what
Obama didn't do, in choosing a woman
running mate. Obama would have waltzed
into the White House if he chose Hillary,
but, as an "IN YO' HO's FACES" he chose
to spurn womanhood, and pick the
whitest good old boy in the network.

All Hollywood preaches is immorality and
we've had over a gene. There is seldom
any film anymore that encourages young
women to do anything more than pop out
babies as teenagers and then strip or
prostitute for a living. This is the Gospel
of the Devil as preached by his apostles
in the media.

Of course they would spurn womanhood
that has actual meaning above their own
personal narcissistic star and selfworship,
believing they are to be worshipped to
the degree of shaping public policy and
mind control.

These creatures actually do believe they
are gods, and any who follow them are
following the false idols, far worse than
the ancients bowing to idols of Baal.

I am wholly sick to death of them. I saw
Tina Fey again mock Sarah Palin, and
I have nothing against comediennes
plying their trade. It's her editorial meanness
and gratuitous slurs which make me pray
for her soul today, with fire in my own

It is with heaviness of heart and fierceness
in my brain which rebels against the sight
of these silicone boobed entitled floozies
of Hollywood and Rock telling the world
to look at women like sex toys, like themselves.
They are campaigning for women to be
sent back into the blackness of having
no choices.

At least in times past, when women were
disenfranchised, before they could even
vote, men honored their wives and mothers.
They didn't trade them in like old cars
when they turned 40, like it is currently
encouraged they do. At least women of
38 didn't feel as if they had to get facelifts
and boob jobs to keep their husbands.

Women for generations wanted nothing
more than the opportunity to use their
voices in making government choices,
and those which affect their lives and
their daughter's futures. This included
the desire to seek higher education and
enrichment of the soul, the beauty that
nothing artificial can remove or achieve.

Yet, it has never been more clear
that an educated woman of achievement,
like Hillary and Sarah Palin are proverbs
and the new anachronisms.

According the the anti-feminist whores
like Madonna and Tina Fey, we should
all get bikini wax and study porn because
only black men deserve voices of strong
women like Oprah and Tina Fey, Barbra
and those who get their faces on television
and in the News.

The anonymous women over 40 like me
are waiting for the call for us to be
euthanized. Why even pay for our healthcare
after 40? If we weigh more than 20 pounds
more than we did at 16 and our boobs
aren't bigger and higher, then we have
no purpose at all.

Shame on Hollywood and it's traitors.
Shame on Barbra, Oprah, Tina, Madonna
and from now on, I will NEVER look at
them the same way again, not that
I liked any of them to begin with.

However, Father, I pray that my fire
will translate to action for good. You
who judge men's hearts and souls know
what these women are all about. You
are the one to teach them and enlighten
them. If they cannot be enlightened,
or your mercy cannot be applied to their
betrayal of their species, then I ask for
their voices to be silenced. We've not
supposed to ever ask for anyone's
harm, but, I ask that this is done
without harming them. Maybe they'll
just get so fat and ugly that they
will not be allowed outside anymore.

In Jesus Name.

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