Friday, September 19, 2008

The Family Jewels

I love jewelry and gems. I've always wanted a Faberge' egg
and it caused great distress when I first learned that a large
amount of the Romanov's family jewels and eggs wound up
in my mother's family's possession. Solzhenitsyn speaks about
it with disgust. I nearly swooned reading this.

It seems hypocritical of my great-unkle to have recruited
this royal booty into his own personal family safe, considering
he was the idol ideal proletariat martyr for the Revolution.
But, in context, he was the 20th Century Bin Laden, so,
the dichotomy and contrast between the haves and the
have nots isn't remarkable.

What happened to these priceless jewels? Are they still
in our Russian family's possession? Did they get taken
by Stalin? Were they ever redistributed to the purpose
of their seizure? Of course not. I think our family still
has them somewhere.

I know I have a cousin here in S. Florida who is a
billionaire. Maybe he was the lucky branch who
got them? He won't have anything to do with us.
My cousin Ronny stopped into his offices to
introduce himself. These two men could be
identical twins, the resemblance is that uncanny,
but, the billionaire declined to meet his mere
millionaire cousin. Poor relation.

I asked my dad if perhaps my grandfather
gifted them with an egg or bauble and he disdainfully
records his giving them a cheesy gift for their wedding.

I think about the cubic city coming with gold and
jewels that are as abundant as dirt and rocks.
It validates my longing for these indescribably
sacred stones that drive my aesthetic senses
into overload.

My favorite stone at the moment is the
mystic topaz. I just acquired a gorgeous
3 carat in gold with diamond accents.
It is so beautiful in the sunlight that it
breaks my heart. I think it's prettier than
most diamonds, except for blue diamonds.
Red and blue diamonds make me light-
headed. I swoon.

Dear Lord, I know this isn't a great Sabbath
pondering, but, you know my heart. I
worship your beauty and see you in all
things that are beautiful. Actually, I see
the LORD in everything, from the rain
and wind, to the rainbow and blue sky.

Father, In Jesus' Name, thank you for
providing us with a hunger and love
of beauty. Thank you for giving us eyes
that see color and depth, which moves
our inward parts and causes our heart
to embrace this holy beauty.

Thank you for all the beautiful animals
that share this Earth with us. I praise you
for creating the lion with both majesty
and fierce beauty, then, refining him into
a tabby cat which purrs at my feet and
feeds my soul with his gentle love.

I praise you for creating the ugly spider,
who is hideously beautiful. I praise you
for giving us the fishes that have colors
that dazzle the eye and boggle the mind.
I worship you when I see the wildflowers
embroidering the blanket of empty hills.
I worship your handiwork when I behold
a horse in all his regal poise trotting upon
strong and glorious legs.

I am astounded by the sunset when the
blue sky turns into stripes of purple, orange
and then for the midnight blue night sky
sparkling with stars a million light years
or more away. I am in awe when I behold
the sights that are captured by the Hubble
telescope sending messages to Earth in
photographic proof of your design.

I adore your beauty. I worship your
love. I praise the bands that you have
ordained and pray that I am worthy to
behold your beauty for all eternity.

To see your face would be the culmination
of a life spent adoring beautiful things.

These are the family jewels I await.

In Jesus' Name, Praise YOU LORD,
forever and ever. Amen.

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