Friday, September 12, 2008

Stormy Sabbath Evening Prayers

Dear Lord,

In Jesus' Name, I beseech you to direct your
mercy and love towards those in the path of
this storm. I thank You that we in Florida are
spared this agony, but, my heart is heavy
thinking of those who chose to hunker down
in homes that soon may be ravaged by wind
and water.

While hurricanes feel like Your personal wrath,
they can also bring us into the reality of Your
tender mercies and faithfulness to all who call
on Your Name. I pray that those who are afraid
will seek your strength and cling to the Rock of
our Salvation. I ask that you safeguard the lives
of children, the elderly and infirm, and keep
the precious animals safe, as well, according
to Your Will.

I pray that many who witness these events will
receive the miracle that you bestowed on my
father and me when our windows blew in and
the angel put them back in before the roof blew
off like all our neighbors. My father has always
referred to how Jesus saved us, and it makes
his Jewish friends smile. In fact, it's a miracle
that we Jews can share Jesus with other Jews
in 2008.

I thank You that the children of Abraham are
finally looking to greet their Messiah. Some are
still not willing to share that hope with the
Christians, believing their Messiah is not Christ,
but, more and more each year are falling down
and kneeling in reverence to Jesus Christ,
Y'hashua H' Maschiach. Praise Your Name,
and I pray that we are found worthy to learn
Your new Name when You come back.

Father, have mercy on us, for we are tossed
about in these winds of change. Let us not
be deceived in accepting the words of any
other than our Lord. Please show us the Way
to Life, for You alone are Light, Life and Love.

I pray for John, who I love with all my heart
and soul. I pray that You will strengthen him
to endure the things that are oppressing him.
I ask that you draw him close to You, and that
he feels the ecstasy of knowing Your love
and friendship. Your comfort is beyond anything
that this world can offer. Even though suffering
is part of our coming to know You, I ask that
you ease our burdens. Most of all, I ask that
you will bring John and I back together again,
and that we never part. I don't want anyone
else to be my soul mate except for him, and
I know he loves me the same way. It seems
so cruel that after a lifetime of looking for
that partner, we had to part, but, maybe
we will appreciate eachother in a way that
would never have been possible before.

Lord, I pray for my sister-in-law with cancer.
First, I thank YOU that while the doctors
told them they thought she had metastacised
into her lungs, your mercy prevailed, and
she was clean. This was truly a miracle under
the circumstances. Thank YOU!

I pray that my brother will finally go to rehab
soon. Mostly, I pray that he will finally be
broken enough to accept that You are God,
and no other. Let his pride not prevail.
Praise You LORD for there is no other Name
in Heaven or under which deserves to be
uttered in adoration.

Yesterday John said that his only idol is now
Jesus. That brought tears to me, because while
he always had a baseline faith, his experiences
with Pentecostalists when young had poisoned
his experience with Christ. I tried not to be
too preachy with him, but, I believed that you
told me to leave my favorite Bible with him,
and through Your love, you ministered to him.
Now, nothing can shake his faith, and this
is the greatest gift you could have given me.
Now I know that John is my eternal soulmate.
We'll be with eachother through a thousand
years of music, joy, and kitty cats! I know
many would mock me, but, let them. You
are faithful and true. New Jerusalem is a
place of music, joy, and fellowship with all
manner of believers, and all manner of animals.

I can see the verdant fields with splashes and
pops of every color and every kind of magnificent
flower. I can feel the gentle air, and see the
streets of gold, the buildings of amethyst and
sapphires. I can hear the music of the Angels
echoing through the spheres, and the laughter
of all those who overcame. All of them once

We, in America, have so many benefits in terms
of comfort, security, opportunities and safety.
I cannot imagine what it is like for my brothers
and sisters in Africa tonight, living in horror and
fear of torture, mutilation and depravity. Please
send legions of angels to your children to minister
to their souls, and protect them from harm. Take
all who call on Your Name into Your fold, and
show them the grace, the Plan, and the miraculous
manifestation of the Holy Spirit for all who
leap across the abyss of doubt to embrace faith
in Jesus Christ.

Lord, I adore and worship YOU! I renounce any other
idol that the world tempts me with, and I pray that
You keep me from temptation by reminding me
of Your glorious Kingdom. I seek Your face and
my heart seeks to embrace You, and kiss you.
How do I dare to aspire to kiss God and not be
stricken? I can't help but adore You. I can't help
but want to express that love as I would embrace
my own with a holy kiss. Yet, I know that I am
not worthy to even bow my face to the dust of
the ground, breathing in soot and not being
able to even see you without being blinded by
Your light.

On the Sabbath, we light candles to express our
cognizance of Your omniscience and Light. I can
see my mother wave her hands over the candles,
drawing light into her own bosom. I pray that you
would fill me with your light so that I don't walk
in confusion, doubt or darkness. I pray that the
light I walk by is YOUR light and not another
artificial light.

I pray that you watch over my family tonight,
as well as John and his family. I pray that his
son, who was always filled with spirituality and
brilliance doesn't abandon his natural inclination
to seek You. Catholicism traumatizes many young
people into becoming apostate, although, I'm not
saying that being Catholic is any worse than
most Protestant denominations.

The only denomination that counts is who seeks
you, and who has accepted your mark on their
forehead and hands. Please have mercy on all
those who earnestly seek this calling, and no matter
what denomination, or even cult, they fellowship in,
I pray that they come out of the church and into
the true light.

To leave the church is probably a good idea for
those who are strong enough to understand the
times. We are like Elijah, like Moses, in a generation
where there are no acceptable doctrines, rather
a bunch of social religious institutions where
many dogmas harden men's hearts. But, many
need the fellowship with other believers right
now, and I don't judge them. It's for you to
minister to them, and let every soul decide
for themselves.

Thank You Father, for the many blessings in my
life. I know that even in hard times, nothing can
separate me from the strength and HOPE in
Jesus Christ, and upon this rock will I hunker

Praise Your Holy Name forever. Praise the
Angels who Praise you eternally. Praise the
brethren who are called by Your Name. Thank
You for the gift of life and the regift of hope
of eternal life in our Lord and Savior, our
Messiah, Y'shua.


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