Friday, September 5, 2008

I don't like Ike but I love John

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Holy moly. Hannah was nothing more than
a few drizzles, and just as some needed
emotional relief was setting in, the News
stations all day have been bombarding us
the doomsday predictions of Ike.

However, on this Sabbath night, I still have
to praise and worship our Lord for his many
mercies. If I'm facing the worst storm of the
season, or spared, I am grateful for the
knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the friendship
and hope in His providence.

Above all, I am thankful that the Lord has
given me back the hope of being John's soul
mate and hopefully his wife. It's like the past
years of being without him, missing him
and crying rivers of tears have given way to
a glorious rainbow of hope.

Hearing John's voice, and having his friendship
restored, and love refreshed, is a miracle that
exceeds anything I could have believed would
happen. It's as if our love was a tulip bulb
that bloomed one Spring and then hid underground
in dormency for years, until it spontaneously shot
up in unexpected beauty again.

Here's the first picture John ever sent me,
when we first connected on the Internet.
When I first saw him, he was more
handsome than I ever expected.

John in the army

I couldn't get any other pictures on file
to load, but, hopefully we'll have a
lifetime left of pictures ahead.

Thank you Father, in Jesus' Name, for
all the miracles that bless my life.

Non-believers don't understand how
even heartbreak is alleviated by the
knowledge of Christ, but, that doesn't
mean Christians don't feel pain, loneliness
or desire the same things as anyone else.

I pray that this hope is realized, and that
John and I spend this life, and the next
side by side.

While all my boyfriends since my teens played
guitar, he was probably the only one who I
enjoyed listening to hour after hour. He
has a fantastic singing voice, too!

Lennon and McCartney are his two favorite
idols and he could imitate them beautifully.
Especially Lennon. He's so Lennonesque in
so many ways, that it's no wonder I became
as infatuated with him as I still am. He has
that Lennon-ish creative and sardonic streak,
with a paradoxical flip side of unbridled
optimism and sweetness.

Can you tell I am a woman in love?
I love being in love. I love that I can
freely love John, and most of all that
I can rejoice in it.

My dad is actually so happy about John,
that he told me three times how nice John
was when he called me yesterday, and how
they joked about the newest hurricane.
He surprised me by telling me how much
he missed John. In his mind, they had
become good friends. It's funny because
John always believed dad didn't like him,
and vica versa at the end.

But, the truth before God, is that Dad
couldn't have been more joyous about
hearing John's voice back in our lives,
and he was happy seeing me float about
on Cloud Nine today. He said that if he
couldn't be happier to have him
as a son-in-law, and both of us are
stunned that we are even having this

Ike may blow hard and cause us tremendous
hardship this week, but, nothing can take
away my happiness and hope. This time
next year, I'll be back with John, God
willing. I hope I survive the hurricane, too!

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