Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dad asked me about the meaning.....

I grew up celebrating Rosh Ha Shana and Yom Kippur,
but, scarcely knew the ancient meanings. Over the
years, as my Christianity grew, the observances of
these holidays became more spiritual.

Dad asked me to describe my interpretation of
the two Holy Days, in context to my Christianity.

He was born on Rosh Ha Shana, and I let him know
that I believe Jesus Christ was actually born in
the period of these Holy Days.

We know that Christ was born in Bethlehem, the
City of David, a suburb of the city of Jerusalem,
the royal city given to the tribe of Judah, when
Joshua was given the holy divisions of the land.
David was the first King of Judah, and by prophecy,
Jacob uttered the Messiah would be from this
tribe of Kings (Genesis 49)

Christ could not have been born in the cold
month of December, nor would the population
of Israel be ordered to be counted in a census
ordered by Herod. It was this decree that gives
us a clue on when the time of year was.

The Sabbaths were to be observed in specific
ways. The Holy Days of the New Year and
Day of Atonement were when those of tribes
at other regions would travel back to their
native lands. It was logical that this would
be why Joseph took his very pregnant
young betrothed wife Miriam to their native
home of Bethlehem, since they were both
of the royal seed of David.

Joseph was the ancestor of Solomon of David,
and Mary's father was the descendant of
Nathan, David's other son. This is why Jesus
Christ was instantly heralded from birth as
the Messianic hope. When he was born in
Bethlehem, probably in this Holy period,
and brought to the Temple for ritual dedication,
the holy woman who prayed for the Messiah
to come was overcome with joy. Only the
direct descendant of David of Judah could
be the Messiah.

Yom Kippur is the the Day of Atonement. It
was observed by fasting and repentance of
sins from dusk to dusk, followed by a celebration
symbolizing how God forgives our sins for
HIS mercy's sake, and is also symbolically
represented as a clean new page being
opened in the Book of Life. This propitiation
was achieved by Christ's death, in his blood,
the Lamb of God, shed for our covering of
frail human weaknesses and sins.

In every way, Christ fulfills the purpose of
Yom Kippur, and He spectacularly represents
every last aspect of our salvation, as the
ancients observed by ritual and personal
ablution, sacrifice and prayer.

The reason the New Year commenced in
Autumn, in the religious calendar, was
to coincide with the Harvest, which was
the fundamental heart of life in Israel.
It was a commemorative and celebrated
time of thanksgiving to God for sustaining
the nation for the year, and giving them
the sustenance to survive through the

Usually, winter is symbolic of death and
dying, but, in ancient times, it was the
real thing. If there was famine or pestilence,
there would be no possibilities of surviving
the winter. Even in modern times, starvation
in winter is a reality for many people throughout
the world. I get an image of the dreadful
carnage of WWII in Russia, where starvation
killed more people than in all other war related

Israel was a prosperous nation, during their
heyday. Even though they flourished in trade,
and in skilled crafts, most of the population
still was considered agrarian. As in cultures
in Europe, the harvest was revered in holy
terms. I think of the ancient Celtic, even
Druidic reverence for the same principles.
I always felt that the real Druid culture
could have been an offshoot of Hebrew
religion, since there are many similarities,
even with the standing stones found in
the UK. Jacob's pillar to heaven is an example
of this.

Harvest was mystical, because, while we till and
care for the land, as it is our holy duty, it is
God who gives the rain, and allows the bountiful
harvest. I grew up as a city girl, but, when I
had my first country home, and dedicated a
summer to tilling and growing my first garden,
I connected to the soil, the tender green shoots
of plants, and the fragile nature of the balance
between life and healthy plants vs. pestilence
and failure of the crops.

Israel's greatest sin, beyond blatant idolatry
towards the vain idols of the heathen, was its'
negligence of the land. They were ingrained
with the imperative to nurture and love the
land, to feed it, to protect it, and to rest the
land, as prescribed in HOLY Sabbaths
culminating in the Jubilee years where nothing
can be grown for 7 years (to be repeated
every 49 years- once for each man's life's

HOLY principles!!!

When Israel got lazy, greedy, and neglected the
land Sabbaths and jubilee, they were given to
the plagues as prophesied by Moses in Deut 28
when he uttered the curse which would cause
the harvests to fail and their enemies to

their hearts were hardened, neglecting to
recognize what a holy farmer is, and they were
sent to Babylon for 70 years, which was one year
for every year that they had neglected to rest the

So, the time of last harvest was considered
the holiest of holy days, the culmination of
the year's labor, bounty, and blessing.

It was also a time when God wanted us to
consider how our souls are like tender plants
as well, and how we are the fruits of God's

the prophets said, "All flesh is grass, and gone in
season" and so our link to all living things is
interconnected, even our souls are given
substance in understanding the ephemeral
nature of life itself, through the growing of
things that came from the ground and returned
to the ground, but, then gave life and nutrients
back to the next generation. In other words,
even though death is part of each cycle,
life is the product of death, not just the other
way around.

that is why the religious New Year began at
what was the end of the Harvest. My most
affectionate Christian proverb is "to Live is
Christ and to Die is Gain." this is seen in
the harvest.

other Jewish holidays have similar connection
to the land, such as Firstfruits, or Pentecost,
in the Spring, following Passover. As a companion
to the Harvest worship and Praise to YHWH in the
Autumn months, the Springtime miracle of the
land again turning green and yielding new life
is the metaphor for our eternal life. It was on
the first Pentecost following Christ's crucifixion
on Passover (Our Pesach Lamb whose blood marks
the doorposts of our souls) when the first
Jews for Jesus were given the Holy Spirit,
manifesting in profound miracles which
witnessed to the generation which founded
Christianity following the Messiah's first
advent amongst man.

We are in the Autumn of History, a fearful time,
when we see the nation of Israel being threatened
by ancient foes, and the rest of the world balancing
upon the precipice of these ancient and original
mysteries. We are entering the time, where the
last generation will witness the harvest of mortal
souls in the culmination of human history, as
prophesied, but, it's not a time of ending.

Just as we prepare to observe the final harvest,
our souls, we sense the coming winter and
need to depend on the LORD himself to sustain
us with his mercy, bounty and faith.

It is not the end, but, the New Year, leading us
to the ultimate NEW, when all things will become
new again. We will see the Earth turn green again,
the waters clean and running freely. We are promised
a millennium where there will be NO death for 1000
years. Just as Lazarus could not remain dead in
the presence of our LORD, when He is amongst us
again, no one will die for that time. We are told
that a man of 100 will be like a child.

We are told that there will be no more killing either.
Not even animals will kill for protein. the lion will
graze alongside the ox, and the lion and lamb
will cuddle under the Jerusalem sun.

It sounds like a fairy tale to some, and a ridiculous
hoax to others, but, consider how the most important
human being in human history is Jesus Christ. Whether
or not you believe in him, he changed the world more
than any other individual who was born.

Consider how the prophecies written thousands of
years ago are plausible, understandable, and the fate
of the world is balanced upon Israel and its' nemeses
ancient enemies. Consider how the Book of Genesis
begins this tale of humanity and foretells the struggle
between brothers: Abel and Cain, and then Ishmael
and Isaac, Abraham's sons.

Consider how a small population of people, the
Jews, who have been systematically slaughtered
throughout history, but, never wiped out. Remember
how they began with 12 tribes of Jacob, and now
remain with about 12 million souls.

Consider how the Lord said that at the end of
times, Israel would be resurrected , then
condemned by its' neighbors, and finally the
world. Remember how it is because of the
vow to finally wipe Israel off the map when
the Lord said he will return with New Jerusalem.

Why are all these things happening if there
is only a fairy tale? When there are over 6
billion people on Earth, why do such a relatively
tiny number hold such fascination, and reckon
such hostility, to the point of continuing the
hunt for Jews. It was only 70 years ago when
6 million Jews, most of the Jews in Europe
were slaughtered, and a generation later,
after Israel was born from the ashes of those
slain, there are new cries to kill Jews and
wipe Israel from the map, again.

today, the "Prince of Persia" aka Ahmidinijab
is being wined and dined all over the USA,
when this is his express message. Even some
(So-called) "Christian" organizations are
catering to him, although, they are clearly
the same machine as the Nazis and just
as anti-Christian.

For this coming season of renewal, mystical
contemplation and thanksgiving to God for
his mercy and forgiveness, I am led to see
the season in its' layered allegories, and in
it's realities of what is happening in the
world today, and that's no fairy tale.

there will be peace my friend, my brother,
when the Prince of Peace comes and just
as the people of Bethlehem rejoiced seeing
young Miriam holding her miraculous child,
we find consolation as well, seeing the hope
the Messiah will bring us.

there is a time and a season for all things,
and I praise God for the mysteries and
revelations in these through the lens of
our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's the real Christmas. It's the real New
Year. the winter celebration was Nimrod's
and not to be confused with the holy
lamb of God who is the light of the world.
He is the firstborn of the dead, and we
are promised this new life to follow us
at the end of our mortal lives.

We live in hope and faith. there is nothing
to be compared to the joy and consolation
that faith in Christ brings.

Father, In Jesus' Name, I praise you tonight
knowing that your promises are true, and
everything your promised us is coming true
before our eyes. Even though the heathen
rage and blaspheme, I pray they will have
their eyes opened by you. I pray that all
those who seek you will be rewarded by
the peace of mind and joy you provide.

I pray that people wake up and are able
to comprehend these miracles and mysteries.
I ask that those who refuse to see, will
have no choice but to awaken to truth.

I ask that you have mercy on those who
have made themselves our enemies. I
pray that those who invest their souls
into killing others, believing this is their
purpose for living, will be cleansed from
this delusion, and will lead others in the
path of righteousness.

I pray for a miracle, that Ahmidinijab
and his ilk would recognize the power
of our source in YOU, and that he would
no longer boast himself against the
Prince of Peace and the land of Israel.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I thank you for
the joy you give me, although I am not
worthy of being called by your name.
Yet, you have promised me to wash
away my sins, to give me a new page
in the Book of Life.

My soul worships you, and my heart
adores you. I long to shout my praises
in adoration and worship to the world
outside, but, they would shout back
and condemn their own souls.

We live in a sad world, but, our hope
is in the green and fertile land that you
created, where rivers of living water
and the tree of life flourishes. I rejoice
in knowing that a new day is about to
begin. Although we must face a long
winter ahead, by your grace, we will
survive, and though our flesh fades,
in the Spring, you will resurrect us
and in our flesh shall we praise your
name forever more.

(to be edited. i know i'm all over the place, but,
my heart is filled with love of Christ, so maybe
my bad spelling and circular discussion is

Wow, I actually feel high as if I smoked
a joint. My head is buzzing and full of music
of praise, love and happiness. If only I could
bottle this!!! However, one day, all of us
will live in peace like brothers, and this
will be our destiny to rejoice! I can feel it
getting closer ever day, I really can!


to witness a unique event

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