Friday, January 18, 2008

Another sleepless night praising Hashem Adonai

I'll continue my study tomorrow. Tonight, I can't
intellectualize Holy Scripture. It is in my heart
to worship, not delve into the mysteries of God

My praise came to my lips when my dad and I
discussed our Lord, Y'shua HaMaschiach,
Jesus Christ. He still struggles with questions
about God, although he believes.

Before I knew what my lips were saying, I heard
my voice telling him that Father God is eternal,
infinite, and as a Spirit, unable to be grasped by
our mortal minds. Christ said no man has seen
the Father. He said that God the Father, sees all.

I heard my voice praising God as "I AM that I AM"
the great infinite God, without beginning or end.
Then the words came that Jesus Christ, the
physical manifestation of God the Father, as the
son of God, is the Beginning and the End, the
Alpha and the Omega, His eternal NAME.

I heard my voice speak in wonder that out of
all the myriad of cultures, nationalities and
empires, the world's destruction rests on the
fate of little Zion, like a cottage in a vast field.
The nations of the world are divided over Zion,
the smallest of specs in the galaxy, but, the
meeting point of all our human history, from
the beginning to the end of our world.

Here, five centuries after Adam and Eve were
sent out of the garden of God, we stand poised
for reentry. The Holy Cherubim, with swords
flashing and outstretched will not be there to
vanquish us, but to lead us in upon Christ's
return in the way He promised.

Everything Christ and the Bible prophecized
is coming true.

Today, there were stories of how identity chips
are being introduced into prisoners and how
children will soon "carry" them, a precursor
to their being implanted. Never fear, say the
reporters, pawns and mouthpieces for the
great enemy, because the chips are just
numerical markers. Let's not stretch our
brains further than the numbers, 666,
for that is what it is.

The matrix of God's programming is holy
immutable and we can only marvel at the
way it's happening before our eyes.

I hate to speak evil of Barak Obama, because
I'm trying to be open-minded since he's
getting so far in the primaries, but, who is
he? Isn't the antichrist one that will come
out of nowhere? Isn't he to be one whose
religion is not that of his father? Who is
this man with such charisma, and such
a blatant name, that so many will entrust
the free world and its' fate into his hands
without any reassurance that he has the
ability to rule independently and competently.
Who is funding him, and why is the media
so completely behind him?

When the antichrist comes, it will be the
same. Daniel calls him the one who controls
the powers of the air, which we can well
interpret as the airwaves.

I'm not saying Barak is the antichrist, but,
he could be, since the time is drawing close
to essential markers in time...

It doesn't matter to me, since all I care about
is the LORD Jesus Christ, and my death is
gain, for loving him is the key to heaven.

I love Jesus more than my own life. I will
be honored to die for him, if I have the
chance. Not by blowing up another human
being, but, by maintaining my faith until
the end. This means refusing the identity
chip that will be forcefully implanted.
This means refusing to bow to the the
world dictator and renounce my God,
which will happen when the antichrist

Already there are neo-Nazi antisemitic
rantings worldwide, from mostly Arabic
and Islamic nations. They will not hesitate
to kill all Christians and Jews since they
are already getting away with it worldwide.

Throughout the world, right this minute,
women are subjugated, held as sex slaves,
along with children. There has never been
more sexual slavery of human beings than
this minute in time. Do people not understand
how this condemns any nation that doesn't
aggressively seek to protect women and
children from harm?

ANy nation where women are enslaved or
symbolically enslaved by Sharia laws, will
be judged. Any nation that allows children
to be sold as slaves will be destroyed. That's
why the tsunammis have ravaged Indonesia,
in addition to their killing Christian children
by beheading them when they wouldn't
renounce Christ.

It's happening before our eyes, but, the
churches don't want to face it. Where is
the outrage at the chips being marketted
and proposed for human implantation?

ANyone who receives a chip is damned.
But, where is the outrage from the church?

These are exciting times, with it all. I hope
Barak isn't the antichrist, but, if he is, it is
a reason to rejoice, not moan, because
in 3.5 years after the antichrist takes
office, Christ comes to judge the world.

The landlord isn't absent, he's just been
away and soon all will be restored. Like
a bridegroom coming for his bride, he will
soon come, and the wedding of the Lamb
will commence as promised.

I love Song of Solomon for this blessed
eschatology. Whenever I recite, or do
a study of it, my soul is blessed by the
cleansing and overwhelming love I feel
for Jesus Christ. My passion is almost
too much for me to bear. I grit my teeth,
close my eyes, and feel almost light-headed
with love. I want him so badly i can't stand
it, nor can I adequately express the wave
of adoration that surpasses any other love
I have felt in my life. I adore him. I want
him to come close, so I could hug him,
and like the bride in Song of Solomon,
I lament that if he were my brother, at
least I could kiss him...

How can we love Christ so much and have
such yearning for his presence that it
is beyond any other yearning imaginable.
It is almost unbearable. This is the only
glory in death. Any hope of seeing his
face is the only hope that shines in my
heart. Nothing else can substitute for
my longing. Nothing this world offers,
not a billion dollars, or jewels, wealth
and luxury could tempt me to compare
this love with material things.

I am poor in the world, despised for being
a middle-aged female, a chubby one at
that. I am everything the world despises
but i am so loved and I have a love that
is beyond any other.

I am blessed because of this love, and
I feel like the luckiest person alive tonight
for having such a precious love that
sustains me through the loveless and
heartless world we're living in today.

Thank you LORD for the hope, love,
and eternal home in your presence.
Thank you for choosing the despised
as your bride.

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