Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A new year is a blank page, and a fresh start
even though nothing has really changed. For me,
2008 already is a great year since it will be
an election year when hopefully a new administration
will bring pride back to this demoralized country.
Unless the Dems mess it up by nominating an
unelectable, inexperienced Islamic shill, aka
Osama Obama whatever...

Things work in cycles of integral numbers,
like 3, and in matters of complex human
affairs, in 4s. This may literally be the
last 4 years in this dispensation of our
world's existence, before the advent
of our Lord's return.

Even knowing that this may be imminent,
I still have a human side that longs for
things of this world. This year is a new
beginning for me to get on my feet, literally.
I plan to go to school in the Spring, and
hopefully this time next year, I'll have
my first certifications, and my design
business will be a reality.

These are my New Year's goals and thanks:
1. To get physically well. With health
insurance starting TODAY, Jan. 1, for
the first time in 5 years, I can be
2. School.
3. Renewed dedication to serving Christ
in the spirit of the redeemed, not the
wretch I've been.

It's funny when people judge Christ and
Christianity by the frailties and
pathetic weaknesses of clay vessels
like we are. Don't they understand how
the weakest and most wretched need
God most of all, but, that doesn't
mean we're instantly made courageous,
moral, and perfect.

When we accept Christ, we begin a
transformation, but, it's a struggle
until the day we die and leave this
hard world. There are countless temptations
which bombard and bother us more after
we're in the grace of God. The spiritual
warfare is intense. The war of the flesh
is unrelenting.

But, that doesn't mean we're absolved
of trying to attain perfection and
walk in the footprints of our LORD.
I pray that this year, I truly achieve
progress in this area. I hate being a
wretch. I hate hating and want to
bury it. I hate being such a mess.

I pray for all the lost souls of this
Earth, and for the salvation of those
who long for God's return, and his
mercy. I pray that I'm not a deterrent
to someone else's love of Christ, just
because I'm such a mess.

I pray that my family, friends and
all those who I meet will see the
light of Christ in me this year, and
will give God the glory, knowing that
I can not do anything except be in
God's grace and mercy.

Thank you Lord for the abundance
of blessings and hope. Thank you for
already blessing 2008.

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