Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vishnu and YHWH

Vishnu is depicted as the Supreme Being
in Eastern religion. Is the little 4 armed
and 4 legged child a sign at a time when
Pakistan is destabilizing, and the threat
of nuclear war there is imminent?
(She's cute isn't she?)

Does the Judaeo-Christian God, YHWH,
use other religions to speak to the faithful?

I opine YES! I back that up with examples
of this in the OT, from the Book of Daniel,
with the image of the beast, to the examples
of pagan deities seeming to tell the tale of
judgment, by God's mighty hand.

Besides, I believe that even if the NAME
of the LORD is absent from the hearts
of those in cultures which do not worship
Jesus Christ, there is still grace, by the
design of the LORD. In the midst of
confusion, God seeks the hearts and
souls of individuals, and it is up to HIM
alone to decide the salvation of individuals
who seek His face.

The greatest flaw in evangelism is the
presumption of Christianity being
perfect, when our Christianity is
wholly flawed. Christmas is the
greatest example of this abomination
that exists in the Church. Why in the
world would any Christian believe
that a pagan festival which stands
for over indulgences, greed, covetousness,
teaching children to be greedy and
intemperate, pleases God?

Judgment will come in the season of
this error. (In my opinion)

There are many instances of God using
other pagan religions to confound the
infidels. This usually happened when the
"chosen" strayed into worshipping those

Jews 4 Jesus were considered the second
holocaust to many Jews who condemned
us. Many Sabbath services were disrupted
by picketers outside our modest temple.
They would follow us, some with concentration
camp tattoos, deriding us as neo-Nazis.

Yet, the biggest conversion in latter day
20th Century and 21st Century Judaism
is the inclusion of Eastern practices,
including, but not limited to Transcendental
Meditation, and their convoluted program
of interpreting the Kabballah, imo.

In ancient Israel, and Babylonian times,
God used the Babylonian culture to teach
the Hebrew captives about the nature of
Almighty God. In His jealousy, He made
their dead idols animated. Their statues
would bow to the altar of the Lord, and
many instances of signs being used to
employ their own cultures to convey
judgment and instruction.

Do I think the little conjoined twin girl
is a sign? It depends on what happens
next with Pakistan and India, because
the future ain't too bright, from the
way I see it.

There's no question that there will
be a nuclear confrontation soon,
and the only unknown portion of
this prophecy is who will drop the
first bombs. I know it's a morbid
view, but, it's coming down fast.

Watch out. These things are happening
for us to change our ways of thinking
before it's too late. Once the Day of
the LORD is here, it is too late. Once
parents consent to GPS chips in their
own flesh and blood children, let alone
themselves, it's wayyyyyy too late.

Be chipped, go to Hell. No chances after
that, yet, the chips are here... Once
the infrastructures of the world
collapse in chaos, as it's been constructed
and preordained to become, the surviving
global government will force the chips,
and the worship of the beast 666, and the
man of sin, the false prophet, etc...

It's knocking at our doors, so, we need
to run to the only shelter which will
save our souls. Only Jesus Christ will
protect us in the wrath that is coming.

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