Sunday, November 4, 2007

Peace on Earth, brotherhood and clean water coming

I am so dysfunctional this week that I went
since Tuesday without bathing or combing
my hair. I know, ew.

I do it to wean off of my addiction to luxury.
Lately, I've been turning off the central air,
which blows dehumidified cool air through
this tropical abode. Without honoring the
green man, Gore, I acknowledge the conservation
imperatives he employs because I see the
world changing.

I live 14 miles inland west of the shore in
Ft. Lauderdale, the most beautiful beaches
at one time. Now, the soft white sands have
been replaced with hard industrial sand that
doesn't deflect the heat, and doesn't feel like
clouds to lay on. I realized this when I
was talking to my brother in Christ, Frank
who told me about the pristine white
sands on the South Florida West coast
beaches. I guess my parents were prescient
buying inland when before you know it
we'll be the shore-line. As if... Long before
that day, with the radiation and nuclear
winter coming, the erosion will be
the least of this world's troubles...

At one time, the pristine water was the
most beautiful sight that my eyes beheld.
The turquoise surf made my eyes worship
the Creator by whose hand these miraculous
things were designed by, and who gave us
this appreciation to love beauty.

I have never felt God and my LORD, Jesus
Christ, more than the past five years. With
the body's pride gone, I could not take for
granted taking a walk in the sunshine,
worshipping nature alone, which I always
cherished. I now understand how this
body I inhabit is just a preliminary shell.
While the machine grows old and is
malfunctioning, my spirit has grown
more abundant with the sense of the
LORD, and his love and his wrath.

I cannot help but believe that while His
blessings are infinite, He has given us
the LAW to obey. He has given man
his commandments, and we have
all but forgotten them. Even "Thou
shalt not kill" is breached by abortion
and the hypocrisy of other laws which
protect murderers, rapists and thieves.

We have not given Him the respect
or adoration that He deserves. Far
from it. We have consoled our own
hearts with works of our own hands.
Not one of our works compares to
a sunrise over the blue waters and
white sands of Ft. Lauderdale, in
my opinion. Not one of our works
compares to the majesty of birds
and the mysterious world of fish.
Just the face of one cat is more
magnificent than the Mona Lisa,
or anything built by us, alone.

Yet, the LORD is very merciful.
He gave us a plan to escape the
wrath that is coming. He gives
us hope and consolation in our
times of trouble. While many are
growing rich off the labour and
sweat of the poor and down trodden,
the slave-masters, and families
who control this world, will be
trodden underfoot, as HE
declared to the Prophets.

I rejoice in Him today, as I cherished
the luxury of taking that soapy hot
shower, the pounding soothing water
cleansing me, after a short spell of
repentance and acknowledging HIM.

When we fast, it is for our benefit.
I can lose 20 pounds and rejoice,
but, when we deny ourselves all
luxury, acknowledging what it
will be like during the tribulation,
if we're still here, it makes me
appreciate God even more.
Even if we are plunged into
the nightmare of nuclear winter,
which is coming, we can be
sustained by faith. I have no
doubt that the LORD who
made the ravens who brought
food to Elijah, will bring us the
dove of peace, HIS peace.

There is no peace to the wicked,
sayeth the LORD, and woe to
the wicked congregation, who
writes their own script.

Destiny is done. It's clearer to
us how it happens, as the
synchronicity of things creates
that deja vu feeling. The layers
and dimensions are aligning,
or however it's done, and HE
IS COMING. Soon, He will
be here. Every person who
walks with HIM, knows how
near it is.

Maybe it will be in a hundred
years, not the five, I'm praying
for, or the next five minutes,
since He will come like a thief
in the night...

I feel the nearness of nuclear
winter, and see it in my dreams/
nightmares. It is coming, and
the only hope is to pray.

I have this desire to go to
Israel, not to Jewish Israel, but,
to the Palestinian Israel, to
find those who will start
up the evangelizing of the
children of Abraham, both
left and right hand sons
and daughters. Abraham
and his seed were promised
the salvation of the LORD,
yet both the Hasidim, secular
Jews, and Arabic Muslims
or apostate Xtians, are on
the wrong side of Revelation'
and it's curses.

As far as this planet, ruined by
nuclear pollution, a river will
proceed from under the throne
of Christ in Jerusalem, and heal
the Dead sea and all the waters
of the world. The tree of life will
be planted on both sides of the
holy river, and the leaves of the
tree will heal the world.

Holy medicine man Batman,
I think the future looks bright
after all. I am not worried about
not bathing for a week or two,
or suffering the cross, even to
the death.

I only desire the children of Abraham
to come together, not under secular
or orthodox Judaism or Islam, but,
under Christ, himself, who will
make peace and a brotherhood.
I see a land where both Palestinian
and Jew are again brothers. This
is the hope of all who call on the
Lord Jesus Christ.

I know that people like my brother
call me a psycho, or conspiracy theory
nutcase and loon, but, I don't care.
I know I have a decent mind, and
what's foolish to them will drive
them mad when the sacred Cube
is seen, and every eye sees the LORD
Jesus Christ.

He will be a sight for sore eyes, and
as I type this, my emotions take hold,
my skin gets goosey, thinking of the
glory of the LORD, and the coming
of the saints and the Angels with HIM.

My dad and I use 2012 as our destination
point, but, we know it could be sooner,
even 2009, and if it's tonight, I pray
we are considered worthy of the ransom
he paid for our departure from this
world, planning global slavery for all
but the privileged few.

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