Saturday, November 10, 2007

In the sunset of the Lord's Day of rest

The sun is going down on the day of the Lord's
rest. I have meditated on His mystery and wonder.
Unless we have a mystical and secret place in
our minds and hearts, where we meet Him, there
is no growth, no understanding, and we fall into

Today's world celebrates sin. "Sin City" aka
Las Vegas, makes sin a selling point. The
popularity of our current flock of celebrities
and media moguls, the so-called "masters of the
Universe" (HAHA) exalts sins as a complete
lifestyle. It is an effective campaign but
one of immeasurable sorrow ahead.

I was thinking about the restaurants in NYC
who offer a truffled bagel for $1000, and
a gold leafed sundae, with diamond studded
spoon for $25,000 a pop. In the world of
suffering, where more people go to bed
starving than fed, it seems like an obscene
joke for these billionaires to laud their
decadence. I was thinking of how many
celebrities I now hate, and how that is
my sin. Christ commands us to love, and
hate is still a part of my flesh that
doesn't want to die. Every time I crucify
it, it springs another head. It's my
own personal beast.

So I ask the LORD God Almighty, on the
last light of the descending sun, to
remove my hatred, and bring me peace
inside. I pray for the spirit and
compassion to pray for those lost
souls who I now erroneously love
to hate. I pray for love to wash
my mind and free me from hating
politicians, movie stars, and
especially the known billionaires
who are making this world a
mecca for Satan and his apostles.

I pray that the LORD himself and
His Angels will comfort all of
us, who hunger and thirst for
righteousness. I pray that we
accept the LORD's command to
love our enemies.

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
Y'haShua HaMaschiach, Hashem
Adonai, and in the Holy Spirit,
Amen. Amen. Amen.

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