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Synchronicity and The Matrix of the Apocolypse

I love it when examples of viable and confounding
synchronicity are evident in real life events, since
the ones I personally experience are hard to qualify.
I mean, I am kind of nuts, right?

The most astounding synchronicity exists in the
latest national crime frenzy, in the developing
high profile mystery of Drew and Stacy Peterson.
Sgt. Drew Peterson, a shady cop in his early
50s married a cute woman TRACY, who is now
missing. He claims she left him and that's that.
But, she has two small children who she left
and that's hard to understand. Of course, this
immediately brings to mind the Scott and Lacy
Peterson case.

Image and video hosting by <span class=Laci Peterson
Another bit of synchronicity is
that Stacy named her young daughter, "Lacy."
Image and video hosting by <span class=
Drew and Stacy Peterson
At the time of the Peterson case on the West
Coast, there was a concurrent Peterson case
on the East Coast, that of Michael Peterson,
a writer, whose wife Kathleen met with an
unfortunate end, at the bottom of the home's
staircase. He claimed it was an accident.
Drew Peterson, the cop, whose third wife
died in a mysterious accident, was named
Kathleen. Spooky stuff. Image and video hosting by <span class=

What ties the Peterson North case to these
two is that Drew Peterson's third wife,
Kathleen's death was oddly dismissed as an
accident, even with a coroner's grand jury
consisting of six citizens. The coroner ruled
it an accident, even though she was found in
a dry tub, with deep gashes in her head.
One of the jurors was a brother cop in
Drew's station. Of course, this screams
cover up. Drew and Michael Peterson
are around the same age, in their
early 50s.
Image and video hosting by <span class=Double murderer Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson would have gotten away
with Kathleen's murder, had a former
friend, whose daughters he ended up
raising, also died mysteriously at
the bottom of a staircase with him
in the scene. This was 18 years before,
when they were all part of the military in
Germany. Her death was stated to be an
accident.... until Kathleen's identical death.
Then the first woman was dug up,
just like Drew Peterson's third
wife, Kathleen, was just dug up
for reexamination, to consider
the fate of his fourth missing
wife Stacy. Stacy Peterson, like Lacy
Peterson, is *missing*.

The reason for the first woman's
death, by Michael Peterson, is
thought to have been his desire to
adopt the orphaned girls, who had
a hefty pension from their parent's deaths.
Mike Peterson's reason for killing wife number
2, Kathleen, was also thought to be her
multi-million dollar life insurance,
the same as Scott, who had a quarter
of a million on Laci.

Drew Peterson also had to have
financial motives, since he's had
four wives, six children, and a
big house on a cop's salary.

All three Peterson men have had
secret lives with cheating and
in Michael's case, cheating with
professional male prostitutes.
Drew Peterson dumped wife
number 2 for wife number 3
after an affair.

I could find more in common, but,
the point is that there's so much
spooky synchronicity in these cases
that it's hard to dismiss, as mere

It gives the uninitiated a glimpse into
this uncanny world of synchronicity which
is getting stronger, imo.

I think it's getting stronger, because the
layers of existence of lining up for the
climax of our history in the Apocalypse.

Apocalypse means "unveiling" and is far
different than Armageddon. The latter
happens at the end of the 1000 year
kingdom of Christ on Earth, when the
original rebel forces are loosed and
cultivate their followers to the ultimate
battle of good and evil.

The Apocalypse is Childhood's End,
and immortality's beginning. It is
when we are changed from this form
to a better template. We will be
restored to a body that is disease
free and is built to last for the
1000 years. No more disease and no
more aging. No more death. It's
possible, and here's where the
Matrix comes in.

By the "Matrix" I naturally am
referring to the movie, which
will make any decent theologian
turn and tune me out, but, not
so fast... there are many theologians
who have incorporated this intriguing
concept into their new understanding
of the totality of the Universe that
God created and is the Omnipotent

Far from sinister, the matrix of
creation is the mystery behind the
mystery. Everything that is sprung
from the mind of God, and who taught

I'll expand this later. I find it
exhilarating that I am blessed to
live in these days when our access
to imagination and information is
extreme to the point of calculating
mystical mysteries and the secrets
that were guarded from the beginning
of time.

Living in such troubled times makes
me appreciate the mystical things
that touch my life. I want to become
the kingdom creature that Christ
promised us. I want to start anew.
This is not done in our own power,
but, by the strength and majesty
of the LORD, alone. I pray I am
not a vessel of destruction, cast
away, and unworthy, even though
I know I don't deserve the bountiful
life that God promises us in Christ
and the kingdom of God.

The Matrix series resonates with many
of us. It's so powerful, in fact, that
it's hard to not consider whether or
not, we are projected and programmed
from the programmer, the mind of God.
It is from HIM that life emerges,
projected from His life, the ruwach
of our existences, HIS existence.
He IS the ultimate "I AM." We are
inanimate without Him.

Never before in history could mankind
understand the programming of this
creation. It was not possible to
discern the nature of chromosomes
and genetics, atomic paradigms,
subatomic schemes, the micro-molecular,
or macro-universe in relation to the
tiniest of substrates. Never before
in history has mankind had the tools
or ability to redefine the this intricate
intelligence with competence. Now, we
can even play God by cloning, and
mutating the smallest genes.

Never before have we been able to
use the information in computer
technology to start understanding
and comprehending the programming of
EVERYTHING! We can only now begin
to understand God as this programmer,
because of our new experiences with
super computers. Only now can our
generation ponder such possibilities,
even step into that danger zone of
speculating how real our current
existences are. Only God is real,
and we are nothing without

In the Book of Daniel, the antichrist
is described as one who controls
the air (waves?) and only our generation
can understand this. That's one of
the clues that tells us we're near
to our destiny in the Messiah whose
coming down fast. Everything is
aligning, and it gets more synchronized
and easier to begin to grasp, at least
it is for me. Then again, I may just
be nuts.

Are we part of the great matrix of
God's own imagination, providence
and design, or is it random, chaotic
and uncharted?

The usurper and destroyer, in
The Matrix, is Agent Smith, the devil,
yet, he is built into the Matrix
as the enforcer. Intriguing.

The Matrix has successfully portrayed
the impossible nuances of such a grand
design, even with the variables depicted
by the Merovingian, Oracle, Agent Smith
and the obvious potentate programmer
who confronts Neo, face to face. Before
he is known, he is the sinister shadow of
our fears. Without knowing God, we are
in fear of everything. Once we behold
him, we start to learn of his complexities,
even his human aspect being achieved,
which the movie characterizes in Neo.

Even though it horrifies us to perceive of
ourselves as really existing in some abstract
gelatinous form, hooked up to some
super-computer, what is life?

In fact, we are coming to terms with
the notion that life is not in the
flesh alone. Most humans have a true
belief in the afterlife, and have
acknowledged some form of mysticism
related to death and continued existence.

There are so many useful metaphors in
the Matrix series, that it's become
useful to look at each one, and although
science-fiction-y, there are extremely
useful parables and comparisons to our
souls, in relation to an omnipotent
and all-powerful God. Even then, God's
programming in The Matrix, have wild
cards, rebels, and free choice. The
Oracle is a great character.

Neo is a fascinating character, in his
science-fiction messianic role, and
even though many Matrix fans were
disappointed with the final movie,
it's pretty perfect in allegory.

Not that the Matrix is the Bible, or
even useful to understand our expanded
selves as relating to our future
existence in the Kingdom, but, it
does provide a bridge for our
imagination to traverse when pondering
how God controls predestination, ultimately,
even with our own free choices, and
limitless destinies... It eventually
is up to God, alone, and i love how
the ending allows God to grant grace
to the will of those who rebelled,
yet, not in Agent Smith's rebellion,
since he was the devil...

Are we part of the matrix of God's
creation? Of course we are. Does
God, whose mind controlled the very
first cellular life, still control
every last blade of grass? The Bible
tells us he does, and by understanding
the Matrix, we can begin to see this
absolute authority in a different way.

So often, it feels like God is the
adversary, especially to those whose
faith is limited or absent. Why does
God allow bad things to happen to
good people, and good things happen
to bad people?

I often think of the latter, and
it's not hard to wonder what's up
with that. I was watching Bill O'Reilly's
meltdown over the billionaire Mark Cuban's
latest venture, which is an act of virtual
treason and disrespect for the troops.
His movie "redacted' depicts the brutal
rape of an Iraqi girl by our soldiers.
It was a despicable project, illuminating
Cuban's hatred of freedom.
Image and video hosting by <span class=
The first time I saw Cuban was this season's
Dancing with the Stars, and I had a
visceral repulsion towards him, the first
time I saw his face. He has a reptilian
aura, and he even has this weird tongue
that rolls around and darts in and out.
If ever there was a shape-shifting reptile,
it was Cuban, not that I literally believe
he is a reptile, but, he exudes an aura
of evil, like a rotten smell. I knew
nothing about him, yet my dad and I
agreed that he was a joke.

This billionaire has the complete
presence of someone who believes themselves
to be a master of the universe, powerful
and unable to be challenged by any
mortal. He is pretty insulated, as well.
When you're a billionaire, you can
rule most people, and buy the rest.
To me, he was the classic Agent Smith,
and his mark of the beast is almost
like a neon sign. Even before I knew
of his traitorous projects and
disgusting boasting against our
troops, I hated him. Not that I'm
justified by hating anyone, as a
Christian, but, I'm just saying...Image and video hosting by <span class=
Image and video hosting by <span class=
It bothered me that I instantly
and viscerally despised this clown
right from the start. But, something
else in me recognized him as a
doppelganger, another Agent Smith
poised to destroy as many souls as
possible, before descending to Hell

I'm not encouraging anyone to start
looking at our reality, or biblical
events, like the movie, The Matrix,
but, on the other hand, there are
some serious debates about how well
The Matrix may have depicted obscure
spiritual things.

I guess I want to say, in the end,
it's all due to God's Plan, not our
rebellion, even though our rebellion
and victories through Neo, are written
by the programming of God, himself.
In the end, the predestined destiny
is immutable and perfect, full of
joy and mercy, with the final triumph
being paradise on Earth, when Christ
is our King.

Maybe I didn't articulate my argument
well, but, this concept has been in
my thoughts. Recently I read some
compelling articles on how the Matrix
relates to predestination and prophecy,
so, I didn't originate this philosophy.
Still, it's nice to have an open mind.

In the Bible, we are told, that the
answer to our existences and destinies,
through Christ, are everywhere, and
if everything were to be known, there
wouldn't be room on Earth for all the
books to explain the phenomena. This is
why I often look for answers in other
religious writings, sometimes occult
sources, (which makes some mad at me)
but, truth is everywhere. So are the
Image and video hosting by <span class=

I don't have to justify my liberties
to seek God's face to anyone, least
of all the the majority of Christians.
I can turn their arguments against
me against them in a millisecond.
Most christians worship God on Sunday,
and have not only not honored the
Sabbath, but, changed it. They celebrate an
abominable holiday like Christmas,
the penultimate pagan ritual of
excess and blasphemy, so, I feel
justified in marching to my own

I am sick of Christians justifying the
orgy of excess and lies in Christmas.
Like God appreciates our making
stuff up.NOT. It's an abomination,
and each year, I get sicker of the
hypocrisy. Yet, many of the same
Christians will judge others for
their choices of worship, study,
beliefs. This is where the log in
the eye is, and why I don't feel
like I need to follow the worldly
church, when my master is in
.Image and video hosting by <span class=

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